HP Spectre X2: A Stylish and High Performance Detachable Laptop Tablet Starting at 79,990 Pesos!

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HP launched the Spectre X2 recently at Okada Manila for the Philippine market to take a piece of the pie for the consumers who use hybrid devices (laptop and tablet). The theme of the launch is having a higher edge and incorporating design and function on a portable device that still packs a punch. Let’s see the specs:

HP Spectre x2: Performance
● Intel 7th Generation Core i processors (Core i5/i7)
● Up to 16G LPDDR3 RAM
● Up to 1TB PCIe SSD
● Intel Iris Plus Graphics (100%)
● 2x USB 3.1 gen 1 Type-C ports

HP Spectre x2: Display
● 3K2K display with 293 PPI
● Real core i performance with Intel Iris graphics
● Windows Ink Certified

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Spectre x2 has an aluminum uni-body build with a stainless steel kickstand that rotates 165 degrees and it has a universal pen perfect for illustrators or creative individual that do more with this laptop. Having a detachable full sized keyboard, you can easily remove the keyboard because it is only magnetically attached. Together with its estimated 8 hour battery performance, this laptop can become your next workhorse with practicality and portability.


Kris Seville, HP Country Business Unit Manager

“With Spectre X2, we are acknowledging these changes that drive how we work and how we consume and create different types of media. Ultimately, we are giving the modern user an ideal companion for work and for play in a world of rapid innovation and constant creativity.”, said Seville during the launch.


Martin Gonzales, HP Consumer Market Development Manager showcased the details of the Spectre x2. "All in all, the Spectre x2 is a hybrid detachable laptop that lets you be secure, productive and it lets you stay connected whether you are at home or at work." added Martin Gonzales.


The event was hosted by the stylish and elegant Tessa Prieto.


Also present in the event Kenneth Cobonpue, world renowned industrial designer from Cebu, shares his inspiration in his designs that won awards internationally. From simple pieces like rattan and bamboo, he transforms them to unique and well crafted furnitures that stands out. He also do unique transportation concepts like the bamboo bicycle and the Phoenix, a sleek rattan car that gained international attention due to its nature inspired design.

Kenneth Cobonpue said that “ The objects of today the cellphone, the laptop, the speaker are the art pieces of the 21st century. The difference between design and art is that design has a function in it, there’s a purpose.”

Here are some of his designed furnitures:



Michael Leyva, fashion designer also spoke on how he conceptualizes designs. “As a designer, it is extremely important to make continuous analysis of economic and social situation. The motivation and identity of the new trends as well as to keep abreast with the latest technological innovation for creating new competitive idea.” added Michael Leyva. His designs were worn by the models during the event.



Social Media Influencers Vernice Enciso, Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom and Fabio Ide were also in attendance at the press launch.




Gerard Ramos won the new Spectre x2 at the event!

My initial impression on the Spectre x2 based on the launch is that it can a flexible laptop that you can use with the freedom of using a pen to do your creative works. It has powerful specs and the slim design of this laptop which is a treat for travelers and digital nomads. It has a starting price of 79,990 pesos.

Coverage by: Aaron Nomo
For Azrael's Merryland Blog