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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Star Cruises' SuperStar Virgo - 3 days high sea trip with my family (walk through and experience)


When the news was out about the Star Cruises offerings for the VISA free trip to Taiwan and Japan via their SuperStar Virgo cruise ship, everyone were excited to book the 5 days trip that set to launch on March 2018. My wife got the interest too, but since they will be in Australia for 4 months, the plan is to book next time, maybe on 2019 for our Manila-Japan-Taiwan trip.

We did some research by reading some past blog post and vlogs and we learned that the SuperStar Virgo have everything you need. I told her that its impossible to get bored while on board for 5 days, because there are lots of things to do while inside the SuperStar Virgo cruise ship.

Then weeks before their departure to Australia, I received an invitation to join in a 3 days high seas trip with SuperStar Virgo.

I told them about it and my wife and kid joined me to experience first hand what's the life inside the cruise ship. I told her that this will be an awesome ocular for our 2019 plan. So we prepared and ready our passport --- yes, Philippines passport is a big requirement, you need it to board the cruise ship, without it you can't pass through immigration counter at the Manila Pier.


March 3, 2018 was the first cruise trip of SuperStar Virgo for 2018, this is a 3 days high seas cruise and on its 3rd day at sea, it will go back to Manila Pier and pick up the next passengers for the 5 days cruise ship trip to Japan and Taiwan.

Me and my family, and joined by the local media and bloggers assembled in H20 Hotel in Manila Ocean Park, its a group trip organized by Star Cruises, for us to experience first hand the luxury of a cruise ship. We board a tourist bus that will transport us to the Manila Pier, I think all passengers are assembled there at Manila Ocean Park, because they have a tourist bus pick up going to the pier.


At the Manila Pier, we got excited when we saw SuperStar Virgo at the dock bay. Its so huge!!! and It looks like a hotel floating or the SM Mall of Asia.  We just can't believe that this cruise ship is here and it came along the way from Hong Kong.

Star Cruises is owned and operated by Genting Hong Kong, a corporation that specializes on global entertainment, leisure and hospitality. They are a pioneer in the Asia Pacific cruise industry and they operated since 1993. They have 6 vessels - SuperStar Virgo, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces and The Taipan.

Star Cruises won several awards - Best Cruise Operator in Asia-Pacific, awarded by Travel Trade Gazette's "Travel Hall of Fame", winning in 10 consecutive years, and also voted as the Asia's Leading Cruise Line at the World Travel Awards, 6 years in the row in 2017.

SuperStar Virgo houses 935 cabins (also includes sea view and balcony suites), 8 restaurants featuring International, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. There's also a spa, library, sports area, resort theme swimming pools, kiddie pools, salon, barbers, souvenir stores, karaoke room, gaming room, kiddie play room, cinema, theater and also gaming room exclusive for adults.

Here in the Philippines, Star Cruises offers three kinds of cruise ship trips
1. The 3 days high seas trip - rate starts at USD 180 for two person (depends on promo)
2. The 5 days trip Manila-Taiwan-Japan - rate starts at USD 700-1000 per person
3. The 5 days trip Manila-Hong Kong-Taiwan - rate starts at USD 400

for more info visit their website-


So here we are ready to board SuperStar Virgo, but 1st let me list down here the things to do and needed for this trip

1. 3 days worth of clothing
2. They only allow 1 piece of luggage per person for check in, but its okay if you hand carry it - as for my case, I have one back pack for my laptop and 1 luggage for my clothes. Extra luggage fee is at HKD 78
3.  Plastic bags and opened bags are not allowed due to security reason
4. Valid Passport
5. Other supporting documents, if you have your child with you, pls bring their birth certificate just incase needed by the immigration officer
6. Dont loose your Cabin Access Card, its your card key to cabin and also ID for purchase
7. Do not remove the sticker tag on your luggage, before check in and disembarkation
8. Bring medicine for motion sickness
9. Bring proper swim wear for the swimming pool
10. Wear resort casual clothing when inside the cruise ship


We went straight to the group tour area where we showed our passport to confirm our names on the list, and then we claimed on the spot our Cabin Access card. This Cabin Access card can be used to enter the the cruise ship, use it to purchase an item or food or service, and open your cabin.

Its like a re-loadable Octopus Card, but once you use it for purchase, you need to settle the bill at the reception area inside the cruise ship a day before the return trip to Manila.


Before boarding the cruise ship, we need to fill up these departure card. We need this to submit at the immigration desk inside the pier.

At the pier, they dressed up the entire building like an airport. There's an x-ray machines, you need to pass through two kinds of x-ray machines, then there's also a heat signature scanner, to check if anyone of the passenger is in high fever, then we need to cross the immigration desk to register and get a stamp in our Philippines passport.

Funny, my renew passport first stamp is Philippines.

DSC_0033 vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h12m13s494

After passing the immigration desk, one of the staff of the SuperStar Virgo collected our passport. He said that the passport will be surrendered before boarding the cruise ship. But the passport will be ready for pick up the next day at the reception area.


Standing near the SuperStar Virgo makes us tiny, the cruise ship....its so huge and its like a hotel that can take you anywhere in the world.  Now I know why people are so excited boarding a cruise ship. Its a way of making travel more fun. And we're glad they arrived here in Manila.

vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h12m45s210 vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h13m11s520

After boarding the ship, we need to pass this another counter. They will scan the Cabin Access card again and they will let you pass through, I think its for their data collection "who" are on board.

vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h13m29s736 vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h14m02s970

Then inside, we got a nice greeting with a monkey mascot of Star Cruises, they took a photo of my family and they let us pass through, Then that evening, I learned that the photo printing will cost you around PHP700. Nope, we didn't bought the printed souvenir photo with frame.

After entering the cruise problem occurred.... we almost got lost inside and we don't know where to go.  But we're glad that some of their pinoy staff are at the elevator area and was guiding all passengers to direct them to ride the elevator and proceed to our respective cabins.


Cabin hall way. We reached the 9th floor and this scene is very familiar. I see this only in movies and its quite the same in real life. The floor is carpeted but the hallway is a bit small.


Here's my room.  Room number 9572.  Actually I don't have any idea what kind of room we are assigned to. But I was dreaming already that room with bath tub.


We used our Cabin Access card to open the cabin room. Just like in our local hotels, just insert the card, and wait for the green light to appear and unlock the door.


Here's my room!


Ocean view Stateroom with Balcony
with 2 single beds and 1 single sofa


Ocean view and balcony area


The mini refrigerator - all items here are labeled with a price


Complimentary water bottles, coffee, and tea


The bathroom - feels like that its a toilet inside the airplane.

DSC_0069 DSC_0068

Shower area and toilet. The toilet flush uses compressed air. It suck all and doesn't have any water to splash. Be careful in using the flush controller. bidet.


Also the bathroom stores all your bathroom and toilet needs -- just ask the room service if you need more shampoo or soap. The room service next room clean up is the next day at around 11am. Clean towels and bath robe are also included.


The set up is a bit old, but that's okay, we know that Star Cruises' SuperStar Virgo are serving a thousands of passengers and but some of the items here are new, but the fixture is a bit old, but that's okay, the most important thing is....passengers are safe and comfy through out the trip.


Okay the funny thing is...our son got his own room!!! hahaha. I remember that they policy here is that the room can accommodate to two person only. I think they thought that my son is an adult. But that's okay, we solved the problem. My wife stays with my son in one room and then I stay in the other room.

One more good thing, the room connects to the other room, so we requested to open the connecting door and tada!!! we have two rooms that looks like a one big room!



Here's one last photo shoot inside my room


Drama-rama! photo op with my wife Lace haha
She's so happy that we got to try the high seas first before trying that 5 days trip to Taiwan and Japan. So we're sure that we are ready for 2019.


After logging in to our cabins, we went to the top of the cruise ship which is at the Sun Deck, for our early dinner at Taverna bar. But upon arriving at the elevator area, I told my wife that we should be familiarize first about the location of each entrance and exit. At the elevator area, we studied the floor map and the 13 floors of the entire SuperStar Virgo. Grabe ang laki pala!



At the Sun Deck we spotted that resort swimming pool area. Hmm Okay! its so very inviting, but we will come back the other day to enjoy the pool.


Here are the Taverna bar, enjoying some yummy food and smoothies. I also learned that when you book a cruise here at SuperStar Virgo, each passenger are entitled to a 6 meals per day. That's breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner and supper (or midnight snacks)

I suggest you read the Star Navigator newspaper to read which restaurant are inclusive of the free meals and also what other restaurants are not included. Resto will offer the free meals, but take note that when they offered something from the other menu, just make sure you ask them if its free and part of the complimentary of the trip.

Some of the restaurant staff are Chinese and Korean,  you may encounter some communication problems, but all of them understand and speak English, but just to make sure tell or ask them directly your question.

There are a lot of Filipino crew and staff in SuperStar Virgo, if you spotted one, ask them right away if you get lost or need an assistance. But pls take note that some of them are assigned in different department, so they are really busy when the cruise ship is at sea. They disappear like a bubble after you talk to them hahaha.

IMG20180303184702 IMG20180303190436

IMG20180303184817 DSC_0104

Here's what we have on our table
- I super love their chowder soup!!
- Their Coca Cola in can is imported!!! whoaa!
- My son ordered a Milo with marshmallows
- and I ordered a Earl Grey Passion Fruit tea  (not on pic)
- on pic, Avocado smoothie with some kind of rice crispies

DSC_0098 DSC_0096 DSC_0094 DSC_0093DSC_0103 DSC_0099

At the Taverna bar buffet features a lot of seafood, roasted beef, noodles, desserts and fruits.
Btw, this is our welcome dinner for us invited media -- the meals are not part of the paid normal trip. But the Taverna bar offers BBQ snacks on regular days, so come here if there's a sched for a complimentary afternoon BBQ ( btw I  missed that BBQ day on our 2nd day of trip)


Here's my plate, I super love their Hawaiian fried rice and the Stir fry noodles, it reminds me of that noodles in Malaysia.

Btw, during our early dinner, we are still at Manila Pier, the cruise ship haven't left  and it was around 6pm that time.  And the schedule trip to the high seas is around 730pm or 8pm that evening.


After our dinner, wow!! Im super stuffed, we went back to our cabin room to take a rest. Then we heard a siren and announcement from the audio box --- all cabins, hallways and corner of the cruise ship has its own audio box, its a communication speaker and we can hear all announcement from the captain from the bridge (bridge is where the captain stays and drive the cruise ship)

We were advise before hand that we may hear this announcement -- all passengers should go to their designated exit area to attend the mandatory safety advisory.



After our short rest in our cabin, we went straight to Exit X, its one of our assigned and designated area for exit just in case of emergency, you'll know you are assigned to Exit X or any other letter, just look at your Cabin Access card. Crew member will help you where to go when you arrive at the elevator lobby.

Each passenger's name are recorded on a list, just to make sure everyone on board are attending the mandatory safety briefing. If you failed to attend, then you need to attend on a separate schedule, I think someone from the crew will come at your cabin to inform your absence.

The crew will teach you on how to use your life jacket, we brought our life jacket from our cabin and we used it during the safety briefing. Just like in a regular safety briefing of an airline, the crew will show you on the spot how to wear the life vest and how to exit properly just in case of emergency.

My son was shocked when he learned about the safety briefing and he thought that we need to jump into to the sea just in case of emergency, I told him not to worry, because there are lots of big life boats and we will be using that incase the ship starts to sink.

I know my son is a bit nervous that night, but we told him to relax and we're here with him always and I will do anything for my family's safety. Me, as a dad and a husband, need to be on focus and relax, and alert whenever Im with my family.


Son shouted "umaandar na tayo!! umaandar na tayo!" then we noticed that SuperStar Virgo started to move away from the Manila Bay, and after our son alerted us, we saw fire works at the far side of our view, we're glad that the Pyromusical 2018 just started in SM Mall of Asia. His attention got diverted by those fireworks


We went back to our cabin room and watched the fireworks by the balcony, the vibration of the movements of the cruise ship is felt around the room and it was just the vibration of the engine of the ship, then we saw lights from the coastguard, they escorted the ship out of the breakwater and then we saw this full moon view over Manila Bay, wow!!! what an awesome and romantic view.

I just wish we have some wine in our room!


At around 9pm, we went to The Zodiac Theater to watch a magic show featuring: Vincent Vignaud, its a thrilling magic show that involves a lot of death defying act, escape act and switching of bodies.
My kid enjoyed the show, but told him its magic and not to try it at home. haha



The stage effects and performance of the artist are awesome! they are really into world class act. It feels like watching those magic events and entertainment in Resorts World Manila, where they bring in professional and international performers on our local stage. But here in SuperStar Virgo, they do the same, inviting world class performers just for this trip.


We really enjoyed the show and can't wait to watch the next show on our day 2 stay here in SuperStar Virgo. Btw, the show here are FREE and comes as a complimentary entertainment showcase for all passengers. Although there are some shows that are for Rated 18 guest, those shows require ticket purchase, I didn't get a chance to watch it for a review, but me and wife were laughing and wondered what are those kind of shows for adults?



After the show, we went around the Grand Piazza to see the golden horse statues and the Duty Free stores. Then we went back to our cabin room to see the GPS map location and we saw that we are almost near Corregidor Island.

The vibration around the ship was lessen and it means that the ship is in slow throttle. I opened the balcony and see what's outside, all I see is darkness and waves of the sea, then I also saw small lights and I believe those are fishermen.

We end our day 1 here and went to bed.


I was sleeping and then my wife woke up at early of 5am, and she told me to go out and film the sunrise for my vlog. Wow!! I was planning for that but my plan is to wake up at around 6am. But then she still insist that I should go up to the sundeck and film the sunrise because I might regret it if I miss it.

So I went out of my bed, grabbed my camera gears and went out of my cabin room without fixing my hair


I went to Deck 12 via elevator and then went up to Deck 13 via stairs, then I saw some of the crew men are cleaning the entire deck, I think they are removing any salt moist on the floor of the ship. I transferred to the Star Deck and then I searched for the best view of the sunrise and here I saw the horizon turned orange..... that's the sun!


We are too far from the Philippines island, and I believe that mountain is Mount Mariveles, dormant volcano of Bataan.

I believe in the 1st place that the high seas will be sailing away from the Philippines Area of Responsibility and it will take more hours in slow throttle to bring the cruise ship to a view of anything we can see is only the sea and no view of islands.


Star Deck and Observation Deck. The front side of SuperStar Virgo.


Here comes the sun....dadadadada....


I went to the main Sun Deck --- located at the end tail of the cruise ship. Because that's the area where it faces the sun rise.

The sun rise is beautiful!!! I still see another golden hour in the morning. There are only few people who came here to see the sun rise -- I think we are only 4 people / passenger who woke up early to see the mighty sun rise.

So I used my Nikon D5300 DSLR to record a video of the sun rise event.


Im glad that the 4G mobile internet is still strong when using Globe network, so after my photo shoot of the sun rise, I took some selfie photos and took a 360 degrees photo of myself doing the iconic TITANIC pose -- Im the king of the world!!!

Here's the 360 degrees photo

That's me doing the Titanic thing! hahahah.


For our breakfast, we went to Mediterranean restaurant to eat some international breakfast meal.
Before your enter, you need to show your Cabin Access card, the staff will swipe it to the machine to mark your attendance, and then she will give you an assigned table with number.

All passengers are given a unique table number designation. If you come in as a group, then the staff can give you one table for 4 or 6 people. If you dine in alone, then you get one table for you.

DSC_0237 DSC_0238

There's a bottled drink at the mini ref -- Im not sure if this is FREE, but I love their coffee machine!!!

DSC_0241 DSC_0243DSC_0244 DSC_0245DSC_0246 DSC_0247

The breakfast style here is like a cafeteria. You go to the this cafeteria style buffet and grab the food you want to eat. If you aren't comfortable with this setting, then you have the option to dine in other restaurants,but the thing is...they don't offer complimentary breakfast meals.

After reading the Star Navigator newspaper, (available in all cabins), I learned that the Mediterranean restaurant is the only resto that offers complimentary breakfast to all crews. Im not sure if in other trips, other resto might be open to serve everyone.


For me, this is one of the best resto for breakfast ---because of the big glass window view of the sea.


Their bacons are so huge!!!
And my fave stir fried noodles are also present!
There are no sunny side up eggs but I enjoyed eating a hard boild egg and some scrambled eggs, all are available at the buffet area.



After our breakfast, we went back to our room. Here I opened the balcony door and saw the beautiful view of the ocean, all blue and crystal clear waters. We can actually see the light blue under us and also the wave coming from the crossing of the ship.

Perfect weather and there's nothing to worry.


I took a shower and prepared to dress up for our tour around the ship. Theres' a scheduled tour and you can book yourself by following the schedule listed on the Star Navigator. Everyone are invited to join the ship tour. As for our media and bloggers, we got a strict schedule to follow, bawal ang late.


Here's our location that morning. From my interview the captain, he said that the vessel is going around circle and never leave the Philippines, at first I thought that we are in Japan waters already. Because the GPS location on our Facebook marked us in Osaka, Japan. Earlier we thought that we are on our way to Japan waters. But the real thing is that we never left the Philippines border, we just go on circle infront of Bataan and Zambales.


Here's our son Ashton, so excited for the tour around the ship and also visit to the captain's bridge.
Just in time to see a real captain's bridge... me and my family just finished watching the Netflix series - Star Trek Discovery, and I just told my son that the bridge of the ship and the bridge at Star Trek Discovery has the same function -- there's a captain chair and also controllers to drive the ship.



We're here at the Galaxy of the Stars, its a resto and bar located at Deck 12. The view here is amazing. Its one of the best place to relax and enjoy the view


Here are the seats at Galaxy of the Stars



Im not sure if the area is kid friendly, maybe this area is busy at night, full of alcohol drinkers.


We assembled here and listed our names again for the tour.


There are two batches for the tour, we are supposed to be part of batch 1, but then we arrived a minute late, so we are automatically added to batch 2, I got reminded that the schedule is a bit strict because there's a time to follow for the bridge tour every day.


We use a small spiral staircase at the Galaxy of the Stars, and it brought us to Deck 11, and then we walked more til the end and entered a room where we can go inside the Captain's Bridge.

Here we saw some of the Captain's crew on the job, monitoring and making sure the SuperStar Virgo is in the right course.


Then we met the Swedish Captain Joakim Vonasek, great to meet the captain of the ship and he allowed us to pose with him in photo raising the Vulcan hand sign -- live, long and prosper, popularized by Star Trek. I believe that the captain is a trekkie!

All officers, crew and members of the ship follows the command of the captain.


The controller of the ship, we're not allowed to touch it, its one of the most fragile thing inside the bridge. But the captain said that the ship is in auto pilot, but still, the manual controller is very important.


Ashton finally inside the real captain's bridge!
Wow! this experience is the best for us!


The tour continues..... here we found a gaming room for the family. Everyone can rent a PS4 games, there's also a gaming and play room toddlers.  To use the gaming room and play room, you are required to pay for the rental per hour.


Zodiac theater at day time -- grand show at around 9pm and there's also a movie screening right after, featuring international movies and Chinese movies --all are with Eng Sub.


The Panthenon Pool


Also they have a continuous lap pool. I haven't tried this and I will visit this in our next trip.


Port O' Call souvenir store


Salon and barber shop. There's also a gym nearby,  I dont have a photo of it.


Duty Free stores


You can also use your Resorts World Manila membership card here. I think you can use the points to purchase or use the earnings from the game to buy anything.


Here's a quick glimpse of the other gaming room or e-games for adults , you know what I mean.


Tour around the Grand Piazza and appreciate the beauty of its interiors. Everything in here glitters.


The ceiling area


The three running golden horse , its one of the feng shui practices. It means energy, fame, success and always bring good luck as the horses charges forward.


Tour at the captain's viewing deck and mini museum


Sports area at Sun Deck -- they have badminton, basketball court and mini golf.


I took my family here at the sun deck and I told them about the sun rise. Hahahaha.
Its one of the best photo op venue and we did some photo shoots here


Here's our group photo after the tour.. weee!! that means..its time for swimming!


One of the best experience here while on board SuperStar Virgo is to enjoy their resort swimming pool. We prepared for it and we don't want to leave the ship without dipping into their pools.


Its scorching hot that day, it means that the weather is perfect for a an hour swim at the pool area.
Take note that proper swimming attire are required.


Here we tried the Panthenon pool. The water is cooler and the colors of the tiles emits a sky blue color of the water, just like the ocean. But the problem is that kids are having a hard time swimming on it. The water is deep for them, from 4 feet up to 7 feet.


Ashton got a hard time to swim on it, but I told them we should transfer to the kiddie pool area.



Before we transfer, let me finish one lap and then take a selfie for my blog.


On the same deck, there's the kiddie pool. Its located at the other side of the ship, but we need to climb up a stair going here. Its a pool for clubbing, but the water is fit for kids.


Also, There's this 2 feet pool available for toddlers, located at the side.



So we saw our kid so happy to swim around this kiddie pool. Btw, we brought our own life vest for our son. He always wear it during our outings and and we bring it whenever we travel for swimming at the beach.


Play time! ahhaha
We never check the time, and we almost got late for our lunch
But its okay, the important thing here is that we enjoyed the high seas ride with SuperStar Virgo.



After an hour of swim....its time to leave and visit another restaurant for our lunch.
We went back to our cabin room to take a shower and dress up for lunch. My wife told me not to wear my normal clothing, and she's right, its better to wear those resort casual clothes when you visit the resto theater and stores inside the cruise ship.


Lunch time here at the Pavilion restaurant.

IMG20180304131617 IMG20180304131630

 IMG20180304131858 IMG20180304131902

IMG20180304131905 IMG20180304131906

Its a set meal per table. And take note these are for our group lunch. Not included in the complimentary meals.

Food that I like
- The refreshing pink soda
- jellyfish
- fried chicken fillet
- mushroom and veggies
- warm almond jelly dessert (not on pic)

They also served that cube pig's blood that taste like a szechuan, we're a bit full that day, so didn't finish that dish.


You can see on our table that the fried chicken fillet is the first to go!
Sold out! ahhaha, my son loves the fried chicken.


In the middle of the afternoon, there's nothing to do. All we do is rest and take a nap. I watched some shows on the cable TV,  Im glad that the French channel got a Eng Sub. There are also some channel with movies, but most channels are in Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

I used my laptop to back up my images and videos, and also try my luck to send some FB messages. Btw the internet wifi is available, you get a 1 hour complimentary of WIFI internet. But then you need to pay extra if you want internet good for 3 days.

The cost for a 3 days worth of WIFI internet is around - 54 HKD, I think that's around PHP 1,200


After capturing the sun rise on day 2, and then it means that we need to capture the sunset for day 2.
Me and my family went to the Observation deck to capture and observe the beautiful golden sunset.
Its so rare to see the sunset while in the middle of the ocean.  No islands around us, and its just us on board the cruise ship.

IMG20180304175614 IMG20180304175748

I placed all my camera gears at the front and let it capture on video and also in time lapse mode.
While we wait for the end of the sunset, me and my family enjoyed the loud music coming from the Parthenon pool. I think there's a mini concert going on there.


Group pic again while enjoying the view of the mighty sunset.



Last view of the sunset while on board SuperStar Virgo. This will be our final evening, the next day, the cruise ship will travel back to Manila.


During the sunset, we missed the afternoon barbecue at the Taverna Bar, its my fault actually for not reading the Star Navigator newspaper, all schedule of complimentary meals are posted there. Since we missed the afternoon snacks, we went straight to Genting Palace for our group dinner.



Its one of the most beautiful restaurant here at SuperStar Virgo. The complimentary dinner is also hosted here, so we pick up the menu of the day and ordered a 4 course meal for our dinner.

IMG20180304185249 IMG20180304191104

IMG20180304191222 IMG20180304192335

IMG20180304194355 IMG20180304194455

Here's our food on the table. One of biggest regret that night...I should have ordered that salmon!
I heard that the salmon is good! sayang!


Happy eating!!! all we do here in this cruise ship is to eat, sleep, swim, watch the shows and shop around. I can imagine now that if we travel for 5 days, it will be the same routine in every free time hahahaha. Then reserve one full day for the trip for one country destination.

For high seas, you just roam around the sea near the Philippines island.


The restaurant staff offered us this menu. At first we thought that they are offering us a set meal, but when my wife told her if its part of the complimentary, then the resto staff mentioned that its not free.

So ingat ingat lang, wag turo ng turo ha. Baka di mo alam na charge ka na. Dont forget to ask questions if its free or complimentary.


Up next, the last thing we need to do is to shop for souvenirs.

DSC_0380 DSC_0379

DSC_0378 vlcsnap-2018-04-07-19h31m06s895

All items here are priced in HKD or USD, they accept only n HKD or USD dollars, but if you don't have cash with you, you can use your debit or credit card to pay for the items. Some stores accept straight credit card, while others will require you to swipe your Cabin Access card to purchase --- for a buy now and then pay later at the reception desk.

It is advise that you settle all bills from your Cabin Access card, just to avoid delays. Each cards will be scanned before you exit and to check if you have some un-settled bills.


My wife Lace is in panic buying mode, because we heard on the speaker announcement that all items are in 40-70% off!!!!!

Wow that's a super big discount and its a way of thanking their guest for traveling with SuperStar Virgo.


Here's my little date at the Grand Piaza, we waited mommy Lace here, she;s busy at the Duty Free area, checking out some items with big discounts.


For our 2nd night here in SuperStar Virgo, we went again to the Zodiac Theater to watch the Enchanted Forest show.


The Enchanted Forest show is a kid friendly show, its about a dwarf felling inlove to a fairy and along the journey the dwarf encountered a lot of creatures -- good and evil. His journey is about to save the enchanted forest and also enter the grand doorway to his world.

IMG20180304211308 IMG20180304215055DSC_0420 DSC_0411

Its one of the best shows!! because its like watching the Lion King meets Peter Pan.  Lots of stunts and acrobatic performance in every segment.


For the show's grand finale. The announcer told us that all audience should go to the Grand Piazza, from there we saw all staff, crew, managers and big bosses of SuperStar Virgo performed a grand flash dance mob. Its a way on how they thank their visitors for joining the trip.

Wow! it was a fun night at around 10:30pm!!! everyone are dancing and singing! also we joined the dancing too!


Before I go to bed, I went to the Mediterranean restaurant to check what's the menu for supper. Its the 6th meal of the day and I should not miss  this.


With my blogger friends, Karina, Jeman and Myrns.  I learned about the 6th meal session when I saw a FB post by Myrns the other night that she ate her here at around 11pm. hahahahah. So we followed her advice to use the 6th meal for our last night stay here at SuperStar Virgo.


Bed time...and see you for the last 3rd day in high sea.
We are advised that the disembarkation of all guest media and VIP so early, at around 730am, Their plan is to start the disembarkation process to us first before the other guest.

Btw, we got our passport back that night during our dinner, and then we are reminded to settle our bills before the end of the night. So we did and we slept around midnight.

The only thing is that the travel back to Manila is bit...bumpy!!!  I think the waves are hitting us the opposite way. The entire ship is bumpy. But that's okay, we feel safe and we slept over it the entire night.


I  woke up at around 5am and I saw that we are back in Manila Bay!!! wow that journey is so fast and we start to miss the adventures here already even that we are still on board.

The sunrise also glows behind the shadow of the city building. I think its a welcome signal for our return back to Manila.

IMG20180305054834 IMG20180305060125

I sip my coffee at the balcony and then I invited my son to join me and watch the small ships of the Philippine coast guard escorting the SuperStar Virgo through the Manila Bay.

What an awesome experience it is to see lots of ships scrambling around Manila Bay.


Then we ate our breakfast again at Mediterranean restaurant, it will be our last meal, and we have 1 hour left to say bye bye to SuperStar Virgo.



During our breakfast meal, the cruise ship ended its journey and dock safely at Manila Pier, then at the right side of our window view, we saw Manila Ocean Park again.

We finish our breakfast meals and join the group for the disembarkation process.  We lined up and also carried all our luggage all the way from the cabin room up to the exit of the cruise ship.

Yes, you read that..we carried it haahaha. that's the problem if we didn't use the luggage check in. So next time, use the one luggage check in.

We didn't use the luggage check in because the luggage will be pick up during the night and it will be stored in the luggage area through the night. We plan to let our luggage come with us because we might need some things or clothing the last minute before disembarkation.

IMG20180305070545 IMG20180305070547

IMG20180305070550 IMG20180305070555

IMG20180305070552 IMG20180305070557

Before leaving SuperStar Virgo, we saw these posters on the wall. OMG!! its the tour for Japan and Taiwan.

OK OK. We will do this on 2019! I just hope that SuperStar Virgo service us back in 2019.


This is it... .bye bye SuperStar Virgo!!!



Outside the cruise ship, the entire crew prepared a farewell party for all guest!!
Wow!! we felt so important that day!! hahahaha. Thanks so much for taking care of us and also doing a great service to all passengers.

We will join the next trip. Promise!!  To our Korean momshie who tour us around the SuperStar Virgo, thank you and hope to see you soon!


And this is the end of my blog story about our trip with SuperStar Virgo!
Thank you for reading.

Feel free to ask me any questions related to our trip and to Star Cruises.

Thanks again and see you at the next Azrael's Merryland Blog adventure!

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