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Monday, April 23, 2018

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast - 24/7 breakfast resto in Manila


Is there anyone who doesn’t love breakfasts? The most important meal and a great way to start the day is through a hearty breakfast, which Kanto Freestyle Breakfast have been serving Filipinos since 2011.

I’ve been a fan of the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast joint since my childhood friend introduced me their Mandaluyong branch around 3 or 4 years ago.Fast forward to today I still love their food especially their famous Honey Garlic Chicken and pancakes.

Going back to their roots
The original founders of the Kanto Group have La Salle roots, so their new branch in the area is like going back to their roots and giving back to the community they are familiar with and a part of.

The new “Kanto” is located at 2466 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila. They are currently open from 8am to 12mn as they are actually still adjusting to the new location but will soon follow other branches and have a 24hr operating time.

When we got there at around 7pm, it was jampacked. Lines are even forming outside and people are waiting to be seated. Oh and it’s just the 2nd day of their opening!

The place looks rustic and pays tribute to the architecture of Old Manila houses which the owners have intended to give that homey feeling while having some slight modern accents here and there.


The new Kanto Freestyle Breakfast branch have 2 floors available for diners. The 2nd floor have these amazing photographs of their first ever branch and also photos of their founders. They also have a mural made on one of their walls that features their best sellers and food items that made them one of the best all day breakfast places in the metro.


All Day Breakfast Treats
Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is one of those places that offer all day breakfast treats that would satisfy the cravings and hunger of anyone looking to eat delicious breakfast items any time of the day.


There are a few reasons why I am here by the way. First is to shoot a feature and review video for Kanto Freestyle Breakfast for my food channel on Youtube(Feast Your Eyes PH), Second to check out if there are new additions to the menu and lastly to feast on their amazing best sellers.



One of their best sellers is this New Zealand Beef Tapa, it has very meaty taste and have that signature Kanto tapa taste that is sweet, salty, and garlicky at the same time. I really love this dish and I almost always order this or recommend it to my friends that needs a “Tapa” fix.


Another best seller is their Honey Garlic Chicken. It’s a big fried quarter chicken with the honey garlic glaze all over. I swear this one is a MUST TRY for anyone who is going to check out Kanto Freestyle.

It’s really tasty, the chicken is well cooked. Juicy on the inside while having a crunchy and flavorful chicken skin. I still remember how my childhood friend introduced me to Kanto. It was through this exact dish that I tried that time and it didn’t disappoint thus making me a fan of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.


So of course, after the sumptuous meal we decided to get some desserts. There are a lot of choices on their menu but we ordered the Deep Fried Oreos and one of the latest addition to their dessert menu, the Taho Panna Cotta.



The deep fried oreos are pancake batter covered oreos with chocolate syrup. This is one of my favourite items on their dessert menu. It’s really simple as well as delicious! I highly recommend dipping the oreos in the syrup for added amazingness lol.

The Taho Panna Cotta piqued my interest so we decided to order it. This one is really pretty presentation-wise. The taste? It’s weird. But a good kind of weird. It’s like eating taho but in a loose jello form and the granola mix adds crunchy texture and flavors that would otherwise make this dish a bland one. It’s good for me. I guess you have to try it out and see for yourself if you’ll like it or not.
For drinks, we had Iced Mocha, and the taste is what you’d expect from an Iced Mocha.


Thoughts about Kanto
Here are the list of our orders and their prices for your reference(You can also check out the picture of the menu above for full pricelist):

• New Zealand Beef Tapa – PHP 150
• Honey Garlic Chicken - PHP 138
• Deep Fried Oreos – PHP 84
• Taho Panna Cotta – PHP 95
• Iced Mocha – PHP 70

What I really like about what the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is doing is that they maintain the quality of service and most especially the food across all of their branches and that should really tell you something about this resto.

Their food is amazing and definitely more affordable for its quality and serving size. Do expect to have long waiting time for orders and also long lines as again they are still in the adjustment period but rest assured by the owners that they will have improved serving time soon enough.

I am really happy with Kanto Freestyle and since I’ve been a fan way back, I’d definitely come back on any of their branches.

Special thanks to sir RG Gonzales for inviting us!
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Coverage and Review by Kevin Gab Jornacion
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