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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Globe Partners with Mineski, Riot and Garena to Boost Gaming and Esports in the Philippines!

Globe announced that they will be launching Globe Gaming and will partner up with Mineski, Riot Games and Garena. Globe Gaming is program to help gamers and esports enthusiast to have access to the latest game titles, competitive game tournaments and exclusive online content on different platforms.

Playing online games has been gaining momentum over the past years. The need for stable connectivity determines the playability and adoption of an online game. This is where Globe comes in to provide the infrastructure for optimized internet connectivity. They will also be bringing Esports leagues and tournaments with the help of gaming platforms and brands.

“You know as Globe, we always look for what our consumers preference are. We look and examine how their habits are shifting, how their usage is going and there’s no doubt that Esports is one of the things they want to do.’ said Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe. ‘Together with our new partners, we want to accelerate the gaming industry in the country by bringing gaming and esports into homes, mobile devices, malls and competition venues.’

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecoms Inc.

Enter The Gaming Partners

Mineski and MET (Mineski Events Team) have been in the Esports scene for a while now and their founder Rhom Robins which is a former Esports player himself is a veteran when it comes to building Esports team, organizing game tournaments and leagues and expanding his Mineski Internet cafes. This is an exciting time for Esports in the Philippines as Globe and Mineski partners up to form an Esports team that will compete on regional and international gaming events. There will also be a Globe Philippine Pro Gaming League with multi-title competition for teams who will battle it out to be the Top Team in the Philippines and will advanced to elite tournaments. Also Globe and Mineski will do another Manila Masters event in 2019.

“Moving forward, I see partnering with Globe, Garena, Riot and a lot more companies. It brings more synergy, resources together that could really make things happen. Esports is undeniably growing and it’s gonna get there, the question is when and how we are gonna get there. We can only do so much so we have to do a lot more because its not only for us but this is for the whole gaming community.’ said Ronald ‘Rhom’ Robins, CEO of Mineski Corporations.

Ronald ‘Rhom’ Robins, CEO of Mineski Corporation

Garena, a digital entertainment platform and game publisher in Southeast Asia also partnered up with Globe to market, produce content and hold competition for the leading mobile game, Arena of Valor (AoV). They will have a ‘Valor Cup’ esports tournament giving Filipino teams a chance to enter into the Arena of Valor World Championships in Los Angeles in July for a whopping $500,000 prize money.

Globe Bren Esports AOV Team

‘So we at Garena are very happy, very excited and thankful to our friends and partners in Globe, Riot and Mineski for willing to put together the energy, the time, the resources to help grow gaming and Esports here in the Philippines. Without them, gaming and Esports could not be where they are today and we still wouldn't bring forth all these new and exciting initiatives.’ stated Jason Ng, Vice President for Group Game Operations in Garena.

Jason Ng, VP for Group Game Operations in Garena

Riot Games owns League of Legends which is the most played PC game with 100 million active monthly users around the globe. As part of the partnership, Garena and Riot will have a SEA tournament here at Mall of Asia on August 2018 called the Globe Conquerors Manila. It is a regional championship that includes team from Southeast Asia to compete for the direct spot into the world stage at the League of Legends World Championships.

Johnson Yeh, Managing Director for Greater China and Southeast Asia in Riot commented that, ‘We already have a great foundation here and with partners like Globe to work together with us in cultivating the audience, in making the players excited about esports.. That’s what it really takes to the next stage. I’m really excited about the partnership, I feel like an innovative partner like Globe will really take us forward. For the gamers in the world, for everyone who loves Asian participation in a sport, for all the dreamers in the world lets shape this together. Let’s make Esports the most legitimize sport, let work together on this.’

Johnson Yeh, Managing Director for Greater China and Southeast Asia in Riot

Globe has more in store in the coming months and years to uplift the gaming and esports industry in the Philippines. This is a chance for the Filipinos to show the world that they are top caliber when it comes to Esports as it becomes one of included games in the upcoming SEA Games. The landscape of sports is changing and together with support from top company like Globe and gaming and brand partners, the future of Esports is bright and ready for the taking.

Coverage by: Aaron Nomo
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