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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Cebu's best lechon - Rico's Lechon opens new branch in Manila

When you go to Cebu, its hard to miss that eat a Cebu lechon or roasted pig. Its a kind of Filipino food that is loved by many people and even foreigners. Cebu lechon became a big hit because of its different kind of recipe and roasting style, their version is much more tasty, less fatty and you can also choose if you want the original recipe lechon or the spicy chili lechon.

I first tasted Cebu lechon during my first trip to Cebu back in 2010 and I just can’t believe that during that year I traveled to Cebu for 3x times in one year and its the only way to taste the Cebu lechon, and then after my series of trip, a family friend brings home a pasalubong -- Cebu lechon, so every time she’s coming here in Manila, we make sure we always ask for a Cebu Lechon.

Back then, there are lots of kind or brand of Cebu Lechon, so its hard to know which or who is better, we patronize a long time fave in Cebu, but then when I visit back Cebu in 2016, I asked the netizens and Cebuano friends which is the best lechon in Cebu. Majority of the answer in my online survey on Facebook - they always tell me that we should try and taste Rico’s Lechon, why?? Because the spicy chili Cebu lechon is the best ever and we should try it and never leave Cebu if we haven’t try tasting it yet.

My first taste of Rico’s Lechon spicy chili lechon was in one of their branch in Cabahug st, It was a two thumbs up and whenever we go to Cebu, we make sure we always eat our lunch there. So when Cebu comes into our mind when we are in Manila, we no longer think of just a Cebu Lechon, our mind set was in focus and we always think of Rico’s Lechon.

Fast forward to August 2018, our wish comes true because Rico’s Lechon has finally arrived here in Manila under a new management -- Meat Concepts Corporation, the new management is big fan of Rico’s Lechon and also a close friend of Enrico Dionsion - Mr. Rico’s Lechon. I did some research and I learned that Mr. Dionsion already pass the management to Meat Concepts Corp., a food and resto company that owns international resto brands like KPub BBQ, Thai BBQ, Tony Romas, Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant and Modern China. Info found here at

Today, we are no longer required to fly to Cebu just to taste the best of Cebu Lechon by Rico’s Lechon, what they did is that they got a new management to bring Rico’s Lechon here in our city and we are so happy that their spicy chili Lechon is now close to our hearts

Rico’s Lechon is now open in The Fort, BGC in Taguig City, and soon they will open branches in Tiendesitas in Pasig, Top of the Glo in Glorietta Makati, and Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and U.P. Town Center in Quezon City.

Inside Rico’s Lechon in The Fort, BGC

Info about their branch in Manila
- resto offers a 180 seat capacity
- Lechon is cooked in indoors via the Roasting Pit
- People can view the Roasting Pit from outside to see how the lechon are prepared
- Lots of Filipino food are added in the menu

Inside the resto, lots of photos of Mr. Rico’s Lechon himself are framed and on display at the wall of the resto. It shows a quick view of the popularity of Rico’s Lechon in Cebu.

I was there during their grand opening last August 3, 2018, and we get to try for the 1st time their version here in Manila. The menu they gave to us might not be final, its not the actual menu, but its a preview of food that they can offer any time this month of August.

Their spicy chili Cebu Lechon is selling like pancakes that day! Ahhaha.
But the lechon arrived after we enjoyed these Filipino fave food -- I super love their monggo, bam-i noodles and gising gising. Its good! And I love the taste.

Here are the food we tried at Rico’s Lechon

Fried Rice Trio
PHP 90 solo
PHP 260 platter

PHP 190

Gising Gising
PHP 280

Sinigang na baboy at baka
PHP 390

PHP 220

Bam-I pancit
PHP 280

 I didn't expected that their pancit taste great!!!  The noodles are not over cooked and I like the chewy kind of noodles and taste of a pinoy pancit

Lechon Humba
PHP 360

Sizzling Lechon Sisig
PHP 320

Their sisig lechon is good!  oily but I like the crunchy lechon skin and tasty meat

Spicy Chili Lechon
PHP 250 for 250gm

The version here in Manila taste is not the same as the one in Cebu, because the spicy chili taste is much lesser here in Manila and while in Cebu there’s a hot kick, I super enjoyed more the spicy lechon in Cebu version, the hot and spice stayed in my mouth and I get to recover only when I drink a lot of water and softdrinks, the chili factor level in Cebu can be around 6/10, while in their Manila version it will be around 4/10.

Maybe because the resto is in soft launch that day and not yet in full blast, But Im going back there again during their regular operation to have another take of their famous spicy lechon.

I just can’t say no to a Rico’s Lechon!
Its my ever fave since I tasted them in Cebu back in 2016.

Welcome to Manila, Rico’s Lechon!!!
Finally! You are here!!!!

Me and the #EATgetaway team and some media friends at the grand opening of Rico’s Lechon in The Fort, BGC.
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