Owl spotted infront of our house last night - PART 2 (after 2012 sighting)

Finally we spotted the wild owl living in our village --- it was a big snowy white owl!!! its so beautiful and I thought it was a cat hiding from the bushes, and then it flew away when I used the flash light to check out the grassy front lot when my wife saw the big bird for the 2nd time.  (joke ko pa, naku baka aswang!)

The snowy white owl flew and it circle the area and it landed on the top of an electric post and then it flew down to the bushes and its gone.... I think this was the same owl that our neighbors spotted last 2012.
check my old post about it.

and now...here's what I think the  breed of the owl...
its a snowy white owl.

I think this is a pet that flew away and its still alive after 6 years since last spotted.
Last night, we spotted this white owl at around 10:30pm. I think Im going to do some observation the next night to capture it on photo of video.

the lot infront of our home is like a mini jungle, with a big tree and lots of green. There are lots of frogs, rats, also street cats and snakes around the area. I think the white owl is in hunting mode. And Im not sure if there are two owls, because when it flew, there's a 2nd flying bird that is following her.

I think I should name her.. Owlivia the Owl hahaha.

Im documenting this to record my sightings.
This is the 2nd time I saw a wild owl in my life this year... my 1st was last summer in Baguio, we saw two brown owls being chased by a black crow in the hiking trail of camp john hay.