Octoberfresh: A World Chicken and Egg Day Celebration - aftermath

I think this will be an annual thing now, celebrating the World Chicken and Egg Day and this might be the next holiday in our calendar -- well I hope this can be included in our holiday calendar, but if not, we can still celebrate it with Bounty Fresh, because at this event celebration, they are selling eggs and chicken in super low prices!!! ---- like that PHP20 per whole chicken, where do you think you can buy a PHP20 chicken in the market ??  it can only happen only here at the World Chicken and Egg Day 2018.

The first celebration took place here in Trinoma Activity Center,  and was attended by moms who love to cook, dads who loved fresh eggs, kids who love chicken nuggets, celeb chefs who love to share homegrown recipes and almost everyone who love to eat all products that came from chickens.

The most exciting part at the event is the grand raffle of PHP100,000!!!! It was announced that morning that Bounty Fresh will give it away to one lucky event patron the cash prize, so you have to do is visit all booth, submit the event passport and wait til the end of the event for the raffle.

Bounty Fresh gave a teaser 2 weeks before the event, when their giant chicken billboard lays a giant egg and then later on the egg went missing for days. The missing egg was found here at the event and it has a sign that anyone at the event will have a chance to win this cash prize.

It was a fun filled event, I traveled all the way from the south just to attend this and it was fun because I get to hang out with my blogger and celeb friends during the chicken and egg day.

Here are some photos I took during the event:

Opening the gate of the event

The star of the day-- chickens!

Bounty Fresh are selling fresh eggs in low prizes. Here I didn’t know that there are lots of varation of eggs that are available for purchase.

Kids and adults can play games and win some prizes

Egg swim for kids??

Trampoline play park for kids

Photo op area

Photo op with the princess model

My fave game booth at the event ---- UFO catcher!

I won a chicken doll in one try!!!

Cooking booth by Masflex

At some booth you can learn how to cook an okonomiyaki

Celeb Chef Sharwin Tee an Bettina Carlos

Chef Sharwin’s Oyako don -- he cooked it during the cooking demo -- oks sya! Reminds me of Sumo Sam!

Uy..si Princess Sarah aka Camille Pratts

GMA Celebs -- promoting their new series

Bloggers won in a pan cake design contest

Snapping a shot of bloggers

The big reveal!

Event ground.

Wow!!! The event is blast..if ever there will be another celebration next year..
Then see you at the World Chicken and Egg 2019!