Real Ube Halaya in Red Ribbon’s Cake Creation and Ensaimada

This is a perfect cake for the holiday season, Red Ribbon launched their Ube Bloom Cake, a kind of cake from their Cake Creations line and they added real ube to add more smooth, rich, and flavor taste. They didn’t used an ube flavor syrup or powder, they used real ube to add a very authentic ube flavor.

I’m not a fan of food with ube, but i like the ube as itself and not mix with other food, because when ube is mixed with other food, sometimes it tastes too sweet -- in ice cream, cakes or bread.

But with real ube on a cake, wow! This is an exception, I tried and tasted it and yeah, its sweet, but not too sweet, I like the real ube flavor and it blends perfectly with the chiffon cake.

Ube Bloom Cake is cute and its a good material for Instagram hahaa. At first I thought that it was a real orchid that’s on the cake, but it was a candy sculpted flower that looks like a real orchid flower. Maybe that’s why they call it Ube Bloom Cake, because the flower blooms on top and felt like that it grew from the real ube on the cake.

Our favorite ensaimada is now filled with real ube halaya. OMG! This is the bomb! I like the ensaimada served cold, because I like the butter, cheese and ube not melted, because if you heated this on your oven, the main fillings might melt. But its up to your preference if you want it served cold or warm.

The Ube Ensaidmada is filled with lots of real ube halaya, check out a close up look on the photo above, I took a small portion and I saw that everything inside the ensaimada is filled with real ube halaya.

My son Ashton now enjoying the Ube Ensaimada. While here at home, we felt that Christmas eve came early, because the cake arrived at night time and we can’t stop our selves from eating the ube cake and ensaimada.

Ube Bloom Cake and Ube Ensaimada are now available for order and over the counter purchase to any Red Ribbon branches nationwide.

If you have the cake at home, take a pic and share it on social media and dont forget to add the hashtag #UbeBloom #RedRibbonPH and for the ensaimada, add the hashtag #RealUbeHalaya