Marketplace by Rustan’s now in honestbee app

Honestbee provided us another category from their Grocery section, starting today, shoppers and users of honestbee app can now shop for grocery products and including exclusive international brand from the premium grocery shopping center - Marketplace by Rustan’s

At the Marketplace category of honestbee, shoppers can buy Christmas baskets with world-class, high quality and fresh products, with  different packages and product inclusions that are based on the shopper’s budget and need. If you want to have everything on your table, just grab your honestbee app, proceed to the Marketplace category and search for the best gift basket that contains what you want for your Christmas dinner or Noche Buena.

The gift basket from Marketplace can also be a gift to someone, you can share the joy of Christmas by ordering some gift basket from the grocery category and use the online concierge and delivery service of honestbee.

The photo above with table set and food styling was from a group effort of my wife, her friends and me. We used the products from Marketplace by Rustans and was delivered by honestbee, here we did a grazing table, this set up can be replicated for our Christmas dinner at home. Its our first time to try the group activity provided by honestbee, and we learned the how-tos of food styling shared by an expert.

Here’s a preview of the Marketplace by Rustan’s on the grocery category of honestbee, here I show you the most expensive gift basket with a price of PHP9.999. It contains everything you need -- wine, cheese, bread, meat and other food that you can serve this coming Christmas eve.

The most lower price found Marketplace by Rustan’s on the grocery category of honestbee is around PHP 1,200.

So go check out and you might be need some hard to find products that are available only at Marketplace.

Download the honestbee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an account now. For more info, go visit

1. How we make a finger food
Designed by Lace, Ruth, Erica, Kaye and me

2. A dessert meringue with peaches -- food style by the 2 group

Keepin’ Christmas Classy they say, The Marketplace by Rustan’s is now on honestbee.