Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds to launch this 2019

Sun Life’s recently concluded Market Outlook shows that the prediction from months ago are starting to happen, and then prediction for 2019 will be going to the right path, as they say, PH pesos will go stronger this 2019, this is because the effect of the government’s investment for building structures are already giving us good results, more foreign company are starting to investment in our country and also there’s the upcoming election which more expense will be put out in provincial areas.

There’s a bright start for 2019 and it is still okay to do investment, we no longer worry about inflation, because sooner the pesos value will be stable.

For the coming 2019, Sun Life just announced that they will be launching the Sun Life Prosperity Achievers Fund, a first in the industry, the Achievers Funds are suite of target-date mutual funds,  which seek to grow assets over a specific period of time, functioning as simple investment solutions to help finance life goals. The target-date funds address a capital need slated for a future date, such as retirement.

The Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds is good if you are:
1. You prepare for investment for retirement, education plan for kids, buy a new house or car
2. For long term investment
3. You want to enjoy the benefit of a systematic rebalancing of your investments, from equities to fixed income, as the target dates of the Funds approach.

The Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds offers 3 kinds
1. Achiever Funds 2028 - good for a 10 year investment horizon, good for investing a new car or a small business
2. Achiever Funds 2038 - 20 year investment horizon, perfect for ages 30-40 year old, who are preparing for cost of their kids education
3. Achiever Funds 2048 - 30 year investment horizon, perfect for ages 20-30 who want to invest more for their retirement.

So if you are looking for investing this 2019, then check out the offerings of Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds. As low as PHP1,000, you can let it grow based on your target age to achieve your goals on time.

For Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds, investment returns do make happen based on your prefered investment horizon.

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