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Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Sunday and egg hunting at Sofitel Manila

Easter Sunday is one of the most exciting holidays and also date to remember if you are a kid. Because everything is about fun and family, joining the Easter egg hunt and celebrating for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Me and my family went to Sofitel Manila to join in their Easter Egg hunt party and also for the Easter Brunch at Spiral Manila.

Our 8 year old kid Ashton is so excited because this will be one of his memorable Easter Sunday ever as a kid because we attended some Easter parties before but Ash is a toddler that time and he can’t even remember his experience.

Arriving at Sofitel Manila at around 9am, and we are welcomed by lots of guest at the hotel who are enjoying their breakfast at Spiral Manila.

I spotted this family of Bricks and Blocks displayed at Spiral Manila.  Ashton is bit unhappy when he see these because we told him not to play Minecraft and this bricks and blocks are inspired from Minecraft, but we told him that we’re not playing the game, its just a characters that are inspired from the designs of Minecraft

** Minecraft games are banned at our home

Ash now got our tickets to the Bricks and Block party at the Harbor Garden Tent of Sofitel Manila.

Easter egg hunt and party tickets is priced at PHP 1,195/pax  inclusive of snacks and goodies for kids and parents

The venue is jampacked and wow! I heard that this year got a 700+ guest for the Easter egg hunt and party. Last year,it was around 500+ guest.

Wow again! Congrats Sofitel Manila

The set up of the Easter party is so grand! Every walls and ceiling are filled with colorful balloons. There are also food booths giving away free snacks, mini booths for games and activities and some booth for merchandise and a buffet table for our snacks.

My wife Lace is the one excited haha, so she told me we should have a nice selfie together while the balloons are still visible behind us

At the buffet table - we spotted some mini cakes with bunny figure made from chocolates
We enjoyed some mini cakes, fruits, sandwiches, hotdogs, hams, juice, coffee, 3 kinds of pasta, and many more at the buffet area.

Cute mascots from their sponsors appeared on stage

Our favorite is the Cherifer mascot haahah
I told Ashton that he look liked that mascot.
Both of them have the chubby cheeks.

Kids enjoyed the stage games and also magic show
Ashton tried to volunteer as a magician assistant, but he didnt got the slot, I think that was the reason why become so inspired in doing magic tricks at home, he tried some but we just laugh when we see his failed tricks.

And here’s the moment that they are waiting for the egg hunt challenge!
Kids line up and waited for their turn according to age level. Small kids and toddlers went into the egg hunting zone first, and then 200+ kids joined the 2nd round of the hunt.

We learned that there are 10 golden Easter egg hidden around the area, and each of it are labeled with a special prize. Kids go hyper and went into Easter egg hunting mode.

After the hunt -- I spotted Ashton holding the golden Easter Egg hahah
I asked him where was the loot bag, he told me that he dropped the loot bag containing some eggs, and forgot to pick it up when he found the golden egg hidden at the grassy set up.  

Ashton hug the egg because he is afraid that a big kid might grab it away from him

Wow! Ashton is so happy that he won that day, also we’re happy to see him that he found one of the grand prize.

And here’s a group photo of winners of the day!
Congrats kiddies!

At the end of the program, we saw some LEGO and DC superheroes teaching the kids some karate and dance moves, I think this was inspired from LEGO the movie.

Cheers to us mom and dad!
We’re tried because the venue is jam packed… we’re glad that there’s more coffee available to us

After the Easter party, we went to Spiral Manila for our Brunch buffet
Lunch rate is at PHP 4,500 nett/ per person

And wow!! We are surprised to see a reserved table for my family
Thank you Sofitel Manila

I really like to dine in at this side of Spiral Manila. I love the high ceiling and the bright lighting of the dining area.

At the Spiral staircase, I spotted this gigantic Easter Egg. That’s the biggest Easter Egg here in the Philippines, the entire egg is made from chocolate and inside is filled with lots of candies and sweet. The giant Easter egg was created by the artistic Spiral Manila chefs.

And here’s my I walk in the middle of Spiral Manila.
Food...more food around me
Im so happy!

When in Spiral Manila.
My first visit is the French atelier

Here I got some 3 food from the French Atelier
Ox tail, beef and some creamy buttered shrimps

Chinese atelier
Always smokey!

Near the Indian atelier is the roasted beef carving section
Ohhh I super love the beef here

Japanese atelier

Easter rabbit design on a rice maki thing

Dining time!!  

A street magician did some close up magic tricks with Ashton

There was a program at the Spiral Manila, i went there at the staircase area to watch the grand cracking of the giant Easter Egg

Celebrity guest Karla Estrada and kid Jordan Lim cracks the giant Easter Egg.
Candies and sweets were given away to kids who are present at Spiral Manila.
Ashton got some candies and lollipops.

I went back to the buffet area because Lace wants a bowl of Laksa soup filled with cheesy cheese balls

Ohhhh the aroma of laksa makes me hungry!

After the Laksa, I went to the dessert area to make some halo halo

And here’s my DIY halo halo
Ohh and sarap grabe!!!

We’re not yet done!
Coffee with Lace is next again at Sofitel hahaha

Our stamp mark from Sofitel
We got this from the Easter party

Easter merchandise at the lobby of Sofitel Manila

Cute bunny!
Wow! We super enjoyed our Easter Sunday here at Sofitel Manila. Its our first time to celebrate it and we are so happy that our son enjoyed the egg hunting and party.

Thanks Sofitel Manila!
See you at the next holiday!

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