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Monday, April 15, 2019

The new cat food “Temptations” now in the Philippines, exclusively available now at Shopee

The new cat food “Temptations” now in the Philippines, exclusively available now at Shopee

Its great to hear that pet care items and food are now ready to be purchased online at Shopee, and you can receive the pet care and food right in front of your doorstep. I know there’s a time that local pet store don’t have stocks of our reliable pet care items and pet food, as for our case there are times that the cat food and cat litter are sold out. We waited for some days for the pet store to restock and much worse is that we buy the other brand that are not usually the brand we are using. So sometimes our pet cat are confused and start to be a picky eater.

Thanks to Shopee and Mars Petcare for the announcement that the pet care and pet food can now be bought online, and they introduce the new cat food -- Temptations, a popular cat food in the USA is now here and exclusively available only at Shopee.

Mars Petcare is a global distributing company and they are the responsible for bringing here the popular pet brands - Pedigree and Whiskas, and then they now have Temptations.

“We are very excited to be partnering Mars Petcare, a global name known for pet care products that are household names around the world, for the launch of their new cat treat brand, Temptations. We are excited to be partnering with one of the world’s leaders in pet care so that we can better cater to the needs of all Filipinos, especially cat lovers. We look forward to more collaborations with Mars Petcare that will benefit not just cat owners and pet owners but also the animals they love.”
-  Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing, Shopee Philippines

"We see Temptations™ as the perfect fit for cat owners. We believe that the treats spark fun and entertaining moments between cats and their owners. We are happy to give those moments to cat owners more conveniently thanks to our partnership with Shopee. We know we have found a good partner in Shopee for providing Filipinos quality pet care and pet nutrition products."
- Phua Fui Ching, Mars Petcare Southeast Asia Pet Nutrition D-Commerce Director

TEMPTATIONS™ is available in three irresistible flavors with exclusive discounts on Shopee:
  TEMPTATIONS™ Tasty Chicken Flavour 85gm
  TEMPTATIONS™ Tempting Tuna Flavour 85gm
  TEMPTATIONS™ Savoury Salmon Flavour 85gm
For only PHP 89 each!

Visit the Pedigree official store at
Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

At the event we learned that the celebrity and Youtuber Donnalyn Bartolome has a pet cat and she said that her pet cat loves Temptations cat food, at first she shook the product package to emit a shaking sound to call her pet and then the pet starts to taste Temptations cat food and now her pet cat loves it.

Here are the 3 easy steps to unleash the fun with your feline

1. Simply shake Temptations bag to let your car know its treat time

2. Place a few Temptations treats in your hand for your cat to enjoy

3. The more you repeat the pattern of "shake then treat" the more your cat will come running!

Temptations cat food has a crunchy bit shell and inside its soft and there’s the tuna, chicken or salmon meat.

The brand said that their product has a shelf life of 18 months.

Temptations has a lot of nutrients and protein that are good for the cat.
Its advisable that you can turn Temptations as a treat or as a regular cat food daily, with small amounts only.

Here at the event, me and Ces enjoyed the fun games with Temptations cat food
And ohhh we won the quiz bee hahaha
More cat food and toys to take home

So here are our two pet cats at home
Pls meet Benny the Siamese cat and Jackson the hybrid Siamese and Tabby cat

At our other house, we have the Lucky the king cat, the guardian of the 2nd home hahahah
I can say that Lucky is the most adorable.

But over all, our fave is Jackson, because he was born here at home

And Benny is his mother cat, for his human mother cat --- that will be my wife Lace

Here’s Pocket, the brand mascot of Temptations, if you are looking for a new pet cat food, also an affordable one, go check out Temptations at Shopee.

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