Caltex and MVP Rewards card to offer more loyalty rewards!

My wallet is filled with lots of plastic cards and some of it are my debit cards, discount cards, membership cards, and cards for my digital money.  Really hate storing them in my wallet, because its hard to find a kind of card when a 10 plus of cards are all inside my wallet. I already removed some cards that I rarely use and then I keep the one that are important and I heavily use when Im traveling.

But here I am again, with a new plastic card, but this one is an exception, its my 1st time to get this MVP Rewards Card, a card that was launched last year and I heard so many good things that it can offer to card holders - you get cash rebates to exclusive members or users of PLDT, SMART, SUN, TNT and CIGNAL all combined to one card + this is linked to a Paymaya account - new or existing account.

But this new MVP Rewards Card aka Most Valuable Partner, is now in partner with another big company -- CALTEX!

MVP Rewards Card + CALTEX
What does it mean?

It means that MVP Rewards members can earn cash back when they fuel up at Caltex stations nationwide. Customers can get Php1 cash back equivalent for every 5 liters of Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron or Diesel with TechronD of fuel purchase. All they need to do is to present their MVP Rewards card powered by PayMaya when they pay, to earn their cash back.

Is is good ?
For me its a yes… a single 1 PHP is a big thing already and earning this via buying fuel in CALTEX is a big benefit to MVP Rewards Card holders, you earn more by buying more -- where can you get that awesome deal ?? they pay you back in a small amount by buying products. That’s the awesome deal!

I just learned this announcement after attending the CALTEX event last April 15th.
You can apply for your own MVP Rewards Card account by visiting the website -

And then after a successful registration and KYC - know your customer session, by submitting valid ID and information, a CSR agent will do a video call with you to confirm the person behind the phone and the valid ID.

Once you get a confirmation and KYC approval, then you can start claiming your MVP Rewards Card -- physical card by visiting the nearest PLDT and Smart Store or Bayad Center

“We have designed the MVP Rewards program with one audience in mind – our customers. We have taken what’s best across industries and put it in one powerful program leveraging on the PLDT group that has the unique ability to provide this level of convergence owing to the breadth of our combined services”
- Juan Victor Hernandez, Director of MVP Rewards and Loyalty Solutions Inc. and SVP, Head of Enterprise Business for PLDT and Smart.

“Caltex is always aiming to be the best value fuel in the market and coming up with different and exciting ways to give back to our loyal customers is one of the many ways we achieve this goal, We take a very holistic approach when it comes to our rewards program too, covering food, groceries and with the addition of MVP Rewards cash back.”
-  Louie Zhang, CPI Country Chairman.

If you are looking for some ways how to earn, even if its a cash back, then I suggest you get your MVP Rewards Card account, and then use your existing account in PLDT, SUN, TNT, Cignal and SMART -- link your Paymaya account and then start earning via cash back from MVP Rewards Card