GCash PowerPay+ a big solution for the MSMEs and Gov’t institutions

During the community quarantine, the use of cashless transaction and funding are seems to be the new normal of this time. Many people still uses GCash and many new people or users are starting to explore Gcash and its cashless system of transaction. That is good!

When the Makatizen program was launched, they used GCash to send financial assistance to its citizens where each resident in Makati receives PHP5,000.

This we learned that GCash launched a new service called GCash PowerPay+ , a business solutions suite for MSMEs, and even larger institutions such as conglomerates and gov’t institutions.

What is GCash PowerPay+
GCash PowerPay+ features a safe and secure online dashboard that users can navigate for disbursements – GCash users at the other end receive their money within seconds. In fact, this was the implementation of choice by Makati’s on its Makatizen program, letting its citizens receive its Social Amelioration Funds through GCash.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is using GCash to deliver much needed aid, while the Department of Transporation (DOTr), and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) are using GCash to develop a digital payment scheme.

Here are the features of GCash PowerPay+
- it has a safe and secured online dashboard that provides for digital salary disbursements accessible anytime, anywhere

- Salaries go to the employee’s GCash wallet and funds are withdrawable by availing the optional “GCash Mastercard”

- Theres no required average daily balance & maintaining balance for both company and employees

- Scheduled or recurring payout feature; customizable platform including multi-level approvals

- All disbursement transactions are digitally documented and are stored in secure servers

- Support from GCash with dedicated account managers


How GCash is being used today during the ECQ 
GCash now is being used to distribute funds, but the common system is used for individuals only thats why they created a new cashless system for bigger distribution of funds used for salary, financial relief aid and many more, that is secured, fast, safe and convenient. 

Today, GCash PowerPay+ is being used by 1000 businesses nationwide that includes the small businesses, BPOS, LGU and a good example is that Makati used GCash to distribute cash assistance to Makati citizens via the Makatizen program. 

In other region, DSWD using GCash for their ReliefAgad program, their beneficiaries received the cash subsidy via the GCash app, for the upcoming GCQ in Manila, The DOTr and LTFRB announced that bus, taxis, and TNVS will go cashless transaction only and the cashless system that are being offered to pay fare is GCash.

GCash user benefit when they go cashless transaction
Today, when employees or an ordinary household can't go outside just to shop or pay bills. They should not worry, because with the GCash app, they can receive their monthly salary for employees enrolled on their company's program with GCash, and for household, they can use GCash to shop items, it means that they can pay items that they can buy online like groceries in Lazada Mart and other online community market and pasabuy. All can be paid online with the GCash app. 

GCash users can also send money to another GCash user, if they need to transfer funds for donation or financial assistance. If users need more digital cash they can link their GCash account to any of their Debit card account for a fast and secured cash-in to their GCash.

For those who are shopping over the counter, they can use their GCash for QR code scan to pay or just swipe the GCash card or the GCash code on the phone for fast, smooth and cashless transaction.

With the use of GCash, you wont needed to go out to buy or pay bills, no need to travel or carry a load of money with you. Today, cashless transaction with GCash strengthen the trust of many users because it is the most convenient service in this time of pandemic. 

For more info about GCash and GCash PowerPay+