Wow!! OPPO PH sent a snack for their Thanksgiving party!!!


Wow! thanks OPPO PH for this, after you sent some items that bring joy here in our home, and now you sent some food that will bring joy to our tummy.

Check out the photos below  and see what's inside the crate. 

Ohh I see milktea!

Whoa!!! panna cotta milktea!! ang cute ng bottle!

Thank you OPPO!!! 
Christmas Party pala mamaya 2pm 

Hmm... mukha may BINGO later

Ok that vanilla goes to Ashton and the espresso one is for me or for Lace.

I see a bannaa cake, meat pie, croissant and a soft cake

Actually, we already ate this last night ahaha

See you later at 2PM OPPO PH!

Thank you for having me this 2020!!! I super miss you and Im glad we collab again!