Dear blog reader


Thanks for reading my blog, I just decided to separate my blog in two parts, the 1st part is this old blog via blogspot, this is the main blog where it started all -- me becoming as a blogger and content creator, it is a journal or a diary back in 2003, but it transformed into something else. 

For the 2nd part, which is the brand blogging content, I set up a separate blog site - the dotcom version, so store and post all branded and PR content, everything under the sun...all are posted their for brand awareness. 

Im trying to reformat this main blog for good, so that I can still post and store all memories of my life. But still expect some reviews and experiences from my lifestyle in travel, food and tech, I will still use this main blog as my platform to share experiences, opinions, reviews and thoughts.

So pls sit back and relax, and come back here again when I started posting real words from my mind

So kita kits uli tayo