Image hosting test for Blogspot -- due to Globe network connection hiccups

This is my blog test page for the image hosting test because all images hosted in Blogspot or Google Photos or even Flickr are not loading properly when you are using the internet networks of Globe at Home or the Globe mobile. But the blogs are loading perfect if you are using PLDT or SMART in your phones or laptop

This test can serve as a guide to fellow bloggers who are experiencing the same problem


Blogspot upload
- normal upload via blogspot or blogger 

Wordpress upload
|- normal upload via WP and then copy image hot link and paste to your blog 


Flickr upload
- normal upload via Flickr site 

Google Photos via Google Docs - copy paste
- upload photos via google photos, then open the photo, copy image and paste it in a google docs and then copy it again from docs and paste it to your blog

Twitter via hot linking (not working) 

Plurk via img src code 
- upload photo on plurk, and then open photo, copy url and use the <img src="url"> to load the pics in your blog


Blogspot upload - photo not loading

Wordpress upload - photo loading okay

Flickr upload - photo not loading

Google Docs and Google Photos - photo loading okay

Twitter upload - not working

Plurk upload - photo loading okay