My January 2022 is rough, but Im glad Berocca is here to help me #sparkthenergy


The start of 2022 for me is a blast and also one of the hardest part. I felt weakened after taking the booster vaccine shot and it was not a good result due to the after effect or side effect of a stronger vaccine brand. I felt sick and weak almost two weeks and all the things that I want to do on those weeks is impossible for me, because Im in bed and in resting mode, because my body can't perform well during those recovery times.

But I made sure that I recharge myself and continue taking my vitamins to keep my body immune system in safe mode. It means that I dont want to get sick or weak again, and I should move forward to recovery and get the energy that was lost. 

Im a Berocca user since 2012, and this is a must have and well stock item here at home. I did take Berocca in a regular basis - sometimes everyday, there are times I take it every other day, or I take it whenever I'm going to have a series of video shoot and editing til late night. Because Berocca is good for the brain, and it helps for mental sharpness. I dont get tired so easily and my mental sharpness is activated during my creative workflow at my home studio.

Here's what's going on during my 1st month of 2022. It was a bit hard and I did not like it, I dont want to blame the booster shot, but thats the only way that we need to be protected against the deadly virus. But since my body got a wild blow of the side effects, I just stayed home, go slowly in some of my activities and get a nice sunlight, just like Superman, we need to recharge by eating the right food, eat some fruits, take vitamins and also natural vitamins from the sun. 

Im happy that I got this care package gift filled with fruits, face mask and also wow! Im surprised that they added Berocca inside the crate. It was in the right time to arrive because my Berocca supply went low. In order for me to get the energy back, I continue to take Berocca and also continue to recharge my body.


During my recovery times, I just stayed at home and watch some Netflix series and also continue my work in vlogging and also streaming, but I can't sit longer infront of the computer, thats why if ever I am fully charged up, I use all my energy to work faster, but then take a rest after 2 hours, because my body can't perform well because Im still in weak mode after recovering from the booster side effects. 

When the energy is back! I got a chance to walk around the village, just to let my legs go awake, because walking is one of my fave activities whenever I go travel and hiking. 

And yes, I still take Berocca every morning or afternoon 

Since my energy is back after some weeks during the month of January 2022. I decided to shoot some vlogs in our backyard farm and garden, I resurrected back this old monopod tripod for my shoot and I can say that --- why didnt I use this before? it was the best monopod ever for vlogging haha. Good to know that my work flow is coming back to normal, so during my recovery times, my brains process a lot of ideas that I should materialize after the week long rest. 

thanks to Berocca, my mental sharpness is active always! 

Art stuff - I decided to do some fabric painting and design. On pic is my fave cap that was badly damaged by a bleach wash ( I did not bleach that cap!) so during my resting hours at home, I did some research and watch some Youtube videos on how to paint and repair those color damage caps. 

After learning some tips, I went to the mall to buy some materials, this might be my next hobby, I plan now to restore some old caps, jeans, or shoes, and re paint or draw on it and use it again.  

Im not art person, but wow! nagka confidence agad ako to do it. 

Back to my home studio, I just finished some tech vlogging and some deadlines for content creation. Im glad that I fully recovered from the side effects, I guess the mid part of January is a comeback for me to do more content creation. And did you know that whenever I have a sched vlog shoot, I make sure that I have a glass of Berocca with me -- did you know also that during this blog writing, I just finished one glass already. 

Every afternoon my son Ashton always invites me to go out and play with him some badminton. The play time is so funny because we just hit the shuttle cock in different styles, its just for fun. Then Ashton's friend Kyle join with us in an afternoon 2 vs 1 badminton game.  My energy is not that well enough for physical activities, but I learned my limit that day and on the next day, I can stay up to an hour of arm and leg bending during our badminton activity.  

Since we wont be able to travel yet, I decided to do some outdoor breakfast picnic in our backyard farm and garden, Those camping stuff arrived on time after my body resting week (I ordered those from an online site) , so my 1st camping gear arrived!! - the mini camping foldable table. 

Ashton was excited to see the set up and he joined with me in doing the picnic activity. We now do this every weekend and check out the activity next..

Instead of traveling out of town, we're still on alert level 2, my newly bought pop tent arrived and I used it right away to test it and learn how to unfold it. The unfolding is the hard part here.

2 people can fit inside, so I let my kid and wife use the tent for their relaxing time and then I did the task for preparing our dinner. 

I cooked some hotdogs and corned beef that evening.  I experienced a mega fail on using a fire wood that night, so I decided to use the portable stove for my cooking and it was less hassle! I should have used it in the first place, lots of time was lost during the cook out haha.


January was a month of ups and down, but thats life, we need to stand up again and recover, and Im glad that Berocca did help for some vitamins boost in my body, I can still go charge up and continue those activities and fill the missing gap in my week when I was recovering.  

Bawi kung bawi, and buti nakabawi talaga ako. Salamat Berocca!

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