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Friday, January 11, 2013

Masuki in SM MOA and also me in photo posted on the wall

Masuki resto SM MOA
After my busy day for work and also shopping, I ate my dinner here in Masuki in SM MOA, it’s a noodle and dimsum fast food that is present since 1932, they have 3 branches, in Binondo, in SM Megamall and now here in SM MOA. I’ve been waiting for this to open since I saw the Masuki signage last year and I didn’t know that they are already open.

I ate and ordered their yummy beef noodle special. Its my first time to eat their kind of noodle, I ate last time in SM Megamall during its Food Sale event, I was with our food blogger friends and we got a nice cheek to cheek talk with the owner of Masuki, Ms. Willen Ma, she’s very accommodating and she always talk to the customers. My tummy was full that time and I didn’t got a chance to try their noodles, but Ms. Willen prepared a take-out food for me and I brought it home, my wife and son ate it the next day.

Masuki resto SM MOA
Okay back to Masuki SM Mall of Asia, sorry that this photo is blurry, I used my iPhone4s in taking pics and I need to take a quick pic before the guard sees me.

Masuki resto SM MOA
Here’s the Beef noodle special
I admit that the noodle special is bit pricey (if I remember this is around P170) but I just don’t care about the price, all I want is good and yummy noodles. Here’s how they prepare the beef noodle special. Its up to you if you want to add the onion leaves and….

Masuki resto SM MOA
you can add the beef sauce and mix it according to your flavor. I’m not familiar with this kind of style, because other fast food offer the noodle as is and you don’t have to mix it by yourself. I asked the waiter what should I do with that beef sauce, if ever I’ll dip it or mix it with the noodle soup. Its weird that I ask someone on how to prepare the noodle, but the adventure starts from here.

So I pour the beef in one scoop, two scoop,and then I added them all til my soup is gone. I found a nice tip here, don’t pour all the beef sauce, savour the taste scoop after scoop, then on the last scoop, pour it on the small remaining noodle soup, sip it bottoms up and feel the taste of the Old Manila. yummy grabe!

Masuki resto SM MOA
Here’s what it looks like when I mix the beef sauce. Not too sweet or salty, its just right for the beefy taste.

Masuki resto SM MOA
the most impressive here is that Masuki has a simple interior and still stick to the old Manila style of their branch in Binondo, its Chinoy style in origin but I love to sit in an old fashioned style table and chair of a diner.

Also, I like to warm you that once you enter Masuki, you’ll inhale a soury beefy odor, smells like armpit, but that’s what I want to absorb, truly an authentic chinoy food ..beefy..noodle..soup, feels like the old age. I still remember that old noodle house that we usually cross in Cubao, it’s a short cut going to Araneta to Ali Mall.

Masuki resto SM MOA
Here I ordered 3 bola bola siopao, the paper bag is such a classic!

Masuki resto SM MOA
I also like this wooden signage inside Masuki, the word “antigua” is a Spanish word for “old” or “antique”

Masuki resto SM MOA
Here’s how you eat the noodle, and also its funny that the style are really old when you see the order slip hanging at the rear of the table.

Masuki resto SM MOA
When I order food, they gave me this giant cardboard with a list of their menu, it was big and it can cover the entire table hahahaha. But there’s a bigger menu posted on the wall. Oh wow!! this style is also a classic.

Masuki resto SM MOA
Here’s a funny incident.
After paying my bills, I took a pic of myself here with the background of photos in Masuki
Then when I stand up and grabbed my things, I got the idea to view the photos and see who’s in it.

Masuki resto SM MOA
while viewing the photo, there’s something familiar on the upper right of the corner.

Masuki resto SM MOA
and boom!!! it was a group of photo with Ms. Ma, our blogger friends and there’s me hahahahahh
I was surprised when I saw the photo, and told the waiters that the photo is me, then the waiter told me that they are shy to ask me if I was the one on the photo, then I confirmed that it is me hahahaha. Its nice to see our photo being displayed here in SM MOA, we are part of Masuki’s history, its weird to see myself being part of a wall decal of a fastfood., but its okay, I love Masuki and I’m happy to see this piece posted on their wall. Thanks Masuki!

Masuki SM MOA is located in the side entrance of SM MOA facing SM Hypermarket and Mcdonalds

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