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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Re: Supermomsinglemom email spam to 400+ pinoy bloggers

To everyone re: that email spam or hate email, i like to inform you that my blog link is included in that email and want you to know that im not part/responsible of that email spammish

She just included my blog post link as reference of an incident

She got the guts to email 400+ people and it includes me, she emailed about her issues with a person and plus 6 of his friends, the email serves as a warning but emailing everyone and try to involve us will not resolve the problems of both party

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As of now, I have no longer access to read back that spam email, maybe Gmail blocks it for good, I just can't open it again, because some email recipients emailed a reply using the CC:

To those who are involved....pls WAG NYO NA KAMI IDAMAY

I need to blog this because my blog link is mentioned and some person thought that I sent that spammy email.

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