Why Azrael's Merryland ?
My name is Azrael Coladilla, also called Az or Azi, sometimes Rael. i have lot of pen names and aliases...
this is a simple history why it is called Azrael's Merryland.

Azrael's Merryland was formed by group of girls during the days of our anime film screenings in Powerbooks Makati.
they say it was my fan club...geez..wow...
the idea came from the anime show called Kare-Kano (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo) or His -Her Circumstances, and one of the character named Asaba Hideaki.

heres the info of the character

Asaba Hideaki The good looking Asaba Hideaki is the first person to get in the way of Miyazawa and Arima's love. He's out to separate the couple and claim one of them as his own, and it's not in the way you expect. Asaba loves girls and always has. He wants to fulfill his dream of "Asaba's Merryland", a magical place where he and his "sheep" (read: girls) can live happily. But too bad for Asaba that Arima is stealing the attention of the girls at school. He propositions Arima to join forces with him. With Asaba as the suave playboy type and Arima as the bright clean-cut type, the two will corner the market in girls. But, Arima's got to be unattached so Asaba is determined to oust Miyazawa from the picture, which results in a weird but entertaining showdown.

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