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The Last Full show anniversary
before i went to Millenia Cafe. i meet up with Ava Ricci in their computer shop in UP Bahay ng Alumni, i stormed my way to the heavy rains and i forgot to bring an umbrella, so i used my heavy duty rain jacket.after arrival the cartoon series 'Justice League' was on and i cant resist my self in watching the series, even the Ragnarok players take a peak on the TV set. then Ava Ricci decided to go on to the Cafe without me..I told her that ok i will not watch the series ..and lets go on to the venue.

we went to Millenia Cafe with some members of the New Worlds Alliance and Matrix Phil to attend for the 1st year anniversary of the production The Last Full Show, its a musical band experience merge with Indie Film showings. the event was great! and got a chance to listen to all new music of Squidd9, band composed by Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala (formerly from Eraserheads) they have this Electronica rock music, Silent Sanctuary, a band with cello and 3 violnist, man...they have a great music combonation, Matilda..nice to watch them again, they already launc their 1st EP cd, Fish Trio,..ultimo jazz band made the 1st act, and our buddy Joon the bassist IDOL ko !!!!, Itchyworms..still rock the hauz with their new single "Buwan, Sandwich music still sandwich still rocks...and the Purplechickens which surprise me again with another new arrangement of their music...astig !!!

The Darkness
during the event we talked about that new band called "The Darkness" its a kinda a glam rock band .seems that they are spoofing the Glam rock era..with their new single "i believe in a thing called love", its the modern age..and still they wear this classic style rock outfits.they also dubbed as "the greatest rock'n'roll band of the last twenty years"

Photo by Commander Gabe

me and Ava

me and the hamster girl Rej

my face after the point blank camera flash

If Neo can stop bullets, Joon here can stop the flow of beer
and Gabe looking on the cam

Millenia Cafe

Silent Sanctuary, rock and symphonic violins

Meeting all the way
first i'l attend to the film show of the Lord of the Rings DVD of the group Phil. Tolkien Society in Mo Zee 'the film maker' pad in Kamias and after that my meeting with the SWP and saber training. after that we will watch REvolutions again. and might get a chance to visit our director's post production of our indie film at midnight.

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