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Friday, December 12, 2003

volunteers needed for Star Wars Convention

hello there

Be part of the most inter-galactic convention
this Christmas week.

we are in need of 30 volunteers for the upcoming
Star Wars Convention on dec 18-21 in Alabang Town
Center, Cinema Lobby

we are in need of Booth and Activity Booth
attendant and volunteers.

Booth volunteers - will stay at the booth and man
the booth for all visitors and fans

activity booth volunteers - will stay and man the
activity booth for activity particiapants

there are time set for the booth run

we are in need of 30 person to volunteer for the

FREE food and drinks will be given to all
volunteers per day

ID pass will be given to the volunteers

the volunteer will be given a free membership to
Star Wars Philippines.
being a member to a group entitles lots of

present volunteers will be chosen to take part
for the next ANIME CONVENTION on January 2004 in
Alabang Town Center

and also to any event and convention for the
coming year 2004

no fee.
this is for the love of the fandom only


and may the force be with you!

-Azrael Coladilla
Omake Omake News Philippines
Star Wars Philippines

*to join
email me at

*info about the event and the group

St. Benedict College Campus Tour
pics !!!!

Students around the booth..

Me and Jac.................booth photo

our signage..
syeri - indie comics selling
jac - caricatures
azrael - Kissing booth.... yup! thats right! a kissing booth..
lucky me..someone drag me to the female volleyball practice aeheeheh

Jaclyn Lim caricature hour

Jac and syeri.........busy ...busy...busy...

thanks to Ms. Sherry Baet for the pics
aeehaeeahah......she's happy to celebrate Xmas with her BF..

fast break
im on a rush now for the organizing of the Star wars convention next week.
i was late yesterday for the meeting with DreamTV and Star Movies and Star Wars phil. but i got all the loads after the meeting.we have to arrange something for the SWP website. also.that time. we are interviewed by Star Movies' Press for release in some broadsheets.

i forgot to txt jaclyn about my meeting. coz i didnt saw the time that it was 5pm, and i just found out the Jaclyn went alone to the St. Benedict Tour, im glad that Anino Entertainment was there at the booth.

just received some art submissions online for the Star Wars Con.

Im a winner!! got the Anime convention next year !!!
yipeee..this will be my new baby project for next year.
for the launching of ANIMAX 24 hour TV anime channel.
also this is a dream come true...all of my planned projects will be
put on for this big anime convention next year.

i watched a movie with my friend-sister-to-be, Nancy, i saw her at Starbucks podium sitting after me and Meann finished our meeting and the no show of indyanerong Mr. Adrian Arcega, which bring me super head ache after his no show up for the meeting with Meann at Podium.

we watched Ju-on (The Grudge) i was freaking out when i entered the cinema. but after watching the movie....the hell ! it doesnt scare me!
i dont think if i can recommend this movie...but ...hmm..they used a different way
of story telling. i think the writer has a right to do his style.
if you like THE HULK....i think you will like The Grudge aheaeheheae

it wa 12 midnight that time when we arrived at Ariel's Studio..aheaeh.yan na tatawag ko dyan..maybe we can convert it to a Artists' Den office ahehheaah.
we went there after we finished our dinner at Nancy's place, and got to take some medicine for the splitting head ache. got a chance to check mail, do some work. while im out far from glad that Ariel is open to use his studio.thanks man! your da best!...sarap ng pasta dito aehhaehaeaeh

then i sleep at Nancy's place with her sister Peach. gulo gulo nga namin e hahhhahaeh..also i was waiting for her dad to arrive, but he didnt shows up. san na naman kaya naglaro ng Diablo yun. BTW. friend ko kasi Dad nya.also he will be doing some talk next year in the New Worlds Convention about the Jedi mind Trick.

then im here again at Ariel's Studio..doing some on the spot deadline.
also my sister inform me to validate my ID for the Voting ek SM Megamall
she already validated her ID coz the baranggay requires us to get it. its a very strict rules but its ok... im glad that our baranggay are doing some actions for non registered voters like us..ahaheaehaeh

more info

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Blood in the mud
as my day passes on. i encounter lots of self confessed stories that shock my self and after that i began to despise that person for threating my little girl bad and unfair. and to another one,. its great to be a shock absorber..,

my eyes are now targeting on two people i know. my eyes are like tiger eyes. you know who you are. one falls move and your dead.
i dont know what will i do if that guy shows up in my face.
is this will destroy the circle? yes it will. but it wont stop me to kill him.

its ok little girl. dont cry. im always by your side.
i will not leave moon rises and shines...and until the end.

same to the other little girl...

Tama na ang drama!
tama na ang drama!
Azrael's Merryland now updating !!!
sorry to all my readers for having a small update on my site.
just recharged my batteries for the next event.

Comic Art fest in San Pablo Laguna
one of the greatest event i attended. all heavy hitters of pinoy comic artist band together in one unforgettable event of the year!

day 0
i went to San Pablo Laguna after i woke up in the morning. actually that was already afternoon (late risings), i prepare my trusty ol' back pack with all the stuff i need for the 2 days tour in Laguna, i really like to travel ya know. and i enjoy riding a bus..especially when im alone. i love to sleep in an aircon bus.

then arrive in laguna, sir Gerry txted me to proceed to the venue. then i arrive at i think 4pm. i grab some burgers in Big Mak to refreshen up a little. the Sampalok lake is beautiful especially at night i can see the full moon and the moonshine reflection on the lake...totally awesome..a stress remover....i love to be in nature.

we stayed at sir Gerry's pad , just sleep for only 3 hours. finished all the stuff needed for the festival, Eugenge, their pet dalmatian is so fat!
fatter than ever...aehhhae..cute dog..loves to play around.

day 1

me and sir Gerry went to the venue at 4:30am(i think), it was cold and lots of stars...we are praying that the rain go away. luckily it didn't.
then we are welcomed by the Komikero boys already wake and starting to assemble the festival. we gather around and started to place all the stuff needed for the festival.

when the sun started to shine. i feel asleep inside the guest room, and then i woke up they already finished setting up and i hear the sounds system working..i got up, fix myself and started the festival! with a warm welcome to San Pablo Comics Art Festival.

lots of people coming one by one, and then we started the art contest.then some appearance of our comic artist. we have trivia contest. one of the favorite event of the crowd. then got meet 4 nice girls, joana and gretel, aileen and mylene.. also i met and hang out with the Komikero boys, fooling around sometimes...laugh and joke ...nice team up people!!

Jaclyn's mom cooking is great! i love that pasta! and the Lechon paksiw.the macaroons that sits forever its sweetness in my teeth (means that isa pa! isa pa macaroons), i like your moms cooking..geez..i miss my mom......huhuhuhuhuhuhu

day 2
we stayed at sir Gerry's pad again with Kris, Ilyn's friend and Ryan the carbonara monster..we watch Lord of the Rings DVD..FOTR and TT, with the making and saw the magic behind the movie...

then we went home together,then i went to the Meeting of SWP and Artists den. and there. i bring Jaclyn to her home, and then...i went home at 1am...all tired and enjoyed the whole weekend.

Pics mo! Pics ko!

me in my new hair cut....oi di ko ginagaya si vanness wu!
sya ang gaya gaya

its morning !!!! check out the clouds! looks like CGI effect
me imitating Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden

sir Gerry interview hour
actually kakatapos ko din ma interview. damn..the reporter advertise
my singleness in their local tv news. sana may kumagat.

The comic festival grounds !
also we have a second level of the festival

Face painter Jaclyn.
and Joana !!!!!!!!

edgar tadeo, amie, ryan orosco, gilbert monsanto and me!

festival top view on second level.
check out the lake!

Yay and Leinil Yu
tagging them as Yesha and Dao ming si ahhhahaha

Bossing Gerry! Trivia contest na!
me hosting the festival !

more pics at
just dont look at the pic number 40 you might get cursed ahehaehhaehh

Reality check
enough flash backs...
look at me!
im sick today!
im super tired..
i miss lot of dates
i havent picked up some items at Ariel's place
got lot of meeting.
Jaclyn is right. i need a secretary
Jaclyn is right. i need a GF !
i might get lost and end up being single forever for being busy.
maybe she's right...

today is a great day to die.
-klingon rules

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

day 1 St. Benedict Campus tour
i was super tired na...and i went to our campus tour in St Benedict Alabang.
it was me, syeri and jac went for day 1 of our event......the tour is great but a little slow in the market but i expect a large crowd to buy stuff on the 2nd day. The people was attract by Jac's caricature skills...she will make caricature art for only P50 , and then lots of students open their wallet and showed their pictures and Jac do the job for the caricatures.

syete..ganun ba tlaga sa skul na yun..halos lahat ata ng college gilrs dun ay may asawa...kung di asawa..may anak na..
astig !!!!

now im Jaclyn's Office in high rise building in Makati...using high speed internet aehahhehaehehehhe of my email account has been bombarded by 2839 spam emails..
my personal email has been hacked..again..but i got total control after i disable his/her spy prog in my pc

Monday, December 08, 2003

its super windy here in San Pablo City, by the lake of Sampaloc Lake , and the event is a total success
il narrate my whole story as soon as i get back home., im still here in Laguna, in Gerry's haus. using his super speed internet access..wohoohh..also the carbonara monster is still sleeping.

il go to my meeting in Podium this afternoon, for the 3rd meeting for the Star Wars Convention. im glad that there is a PC and net access here. astig !

we have some Lord of the Rings DVD marathons here. Fellowship of the Ring and Two last i saw the extended version wohoho..

more updates later..

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