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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Star Wars con day 3
its day 3 of the Star Wars con, and we will expect more crowd for this day. coz we will be presenting to the public the Star Wars Phil. Jedi Academy. a training system that will make you a Jedi. we have acitivity games for kids like Jedi Temple Maze, Starfighter Challenge, Light Saber construction, Force throw challenge and the last.....Light Saber Training with the use of a Light Saber and must try to hit droid Training Remote..

ok.thats all for super update later ,,,

thanks to Pao D. for the photo coverage of our event and for the lift to Alabang.

nyayy!!!! R2D2 will join us in our event yey!!!

Meann, Gary, me , baby Jac, Beejay (napaso sa light saber)

Gary (Anakin Malfoy) and Lord of the Sith Jac

Friday, December 19, 2003

Star Wars con

day 0
i met all artist who contributed their work and talent for the exhibit of their very own created Star Wars fan art for the convention.

we crawled our way to Alabang town center to set up the con.
we went home 3am

day 1
we woke up late and we are 2 hours late for the grand opening. but its ok
its better to be late than never.

the people around the con was amazed and they didnt know that theres a Star Wars con this december,

on the first day, we exhibit the artworks, play some DVD docu of Ep2, Gary Mayoralgo poses for photo op with Yoda and Jar Jar Binks lifesize figure.

baby Jaclyn Lim, and Gary do some live art demo. creating some characters of STar Wars.

then we went home a little early..something happened..really serious and funny..

-il miss you little girl.!


1st Philippine Star Wars Convention
Alabang Town Center Mall
December 18-21, 2003


join the Jedi Academy
Star Wars cosplay contest and parade
Create your own Jedi-Sith art contest
trivia contest
collectibles auction
Light Saber demo
Fan film..and more.....



Venue: Cinema Lobby
2:00-7:00pm - Video and Fanfilm Screenings
4:00-5:00pm - Trivia Games
6:00-7:00pm - Merchandise and Collectibles Auction
Whole Day - Merchandising and SWP Membership Sign-ups and Mini Games;
Photo Op



Venue: Cinema Lobby
10:00am-8:00pm - Video and Fanfilm Screenings
11:00am - 12:00NN - Jedi Academy
2:00-3:00pm - Jedi Academy
5:00-6:00pm - Jedi Academy
Whole Day - Merchandising and SWP Membership Sign-ups and Mini Games;
Photo Op; Fan Art Exhibit

Venue: San Mig Pub and Restaurant Function Room
1:00-2:00pm - "Bounty Hunting: A Talk On Star Wars Collecting"
2:00-3:00pm - "The Power of Pixels: On Digital Filmmaking"



Venue: Cinema Lobby
10:00am-7:00pm - Video and Fanfilm Screenings
11:00am - 12:00NN - Jedi Academy
2:00-3:00pm - Jedi Academy
5:00pm - Star Wars Costume Parade (Contest)
5:30pm - Lightsaber Fight Demonstration
Whole Day - Merchandising and SWP Membership Sign-ups and Mini Games;
Photo Op; Fan Art Exhibit

Venue: San Mig Pub and Restaurant Function Room
1:00-2:30pm - "Create Your Own Jedi" On-the-spot Art Contest
2:30-3:00pm - "Masters Visions: A Star Wars Art Demonstration"


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Hot Trip
i failed to go to Gary Mayoralgo's place in Tatooine, Novaliches, (kidding on the title Tatooine) and i just stayed home all day and rest and recharged my body for the next body work out a day before the Star Wars convention.

il be meeting all artists later for their contributed submission of Star Wars fan arts.

me and sis went to Shoppesville midnight a tiangee addict. too bad the carbonara monster cant join us..but hey lookie.he bought new action figures, Archer of Enterprise in Space suit for only P250, but mine will grab that Trip of Enterprise for P150 in ATC tonight.

Shoppesville midnight shopping has only limited space and few stuff to buy. im looking on those animated characters printed in boxer shorts.
I bought a green Lacoste bag and my sis some gift items for our er..cousin ba natin si Lara???

im making my sked for a general cleaning aehaeh..someone will be coming over from the USA and might stay for a while in our house.

my sis already bought 2 tickets for the F4 ultimate comback concert at the Fort on Dec 26.

here's a clip of the 1st place C3 con best short film
(no audio)

TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE="">

viva Matrix Philippines !!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

C3con pics mo

Jio and Taga ilog

me, ariel and vic yap

Matrix Revolution's Armored Personnel UNIT (APU)

Glasshouse people! Eugene, Wilson, Carlo

C3 con site!

me and the FFX girls!

thanks to all for posting the pics
more pics on

Press conference
i attended our presscon for the Star Wars Convention, it was held inside SanMig restaurant in Alabang Town Center. It looks fun. it was like that we are selling something to these press people. They enjoyed our talked about Toy collecting, run by Vic Yap and Lou Garcia of Collectibles Unlimited. Gary Mayoralgo on Comic Art talk, and Meann Ortiz on talk about Star Wars Phil. I didnt talk to the press anything but i help the group explaining about fan films. coz we showed some star wars fan film via Laptop and Projector.

After the lunch we proceed to the venue to map around the exact location of our stuff. Gary designed a new layout for the Jedi Academy, 3 more days to go for Star Wars con.

Horror in Makati
I was in ARiel's studio doing some net stuff for the con. JAclyn invited me to a dinner. i went to her office, that was 11pm. I was freaking out when I rode that elevator. i was paranoid a little bit. thinking that or i feel that someone is with inside the elevator. damn...thats the result of watching too much ASian Horror flicks.

Dine Time
its fun to be with Jaclyn again. thanks !
miss ya so much. i think our last dine out was last last year.

Pics mo!

Azrael making pa-cute to Barbie of Dream TV aehehehheha

Vic Yap giving tips on toy collecting

Toy Showcase of Lou Garcia

Wilbur of Dream TV

Monday, December 15, 2003

Day 2 C3 convention

we won 1st place at the C3 convention Short Film Competition
Matrix Philippines' "THE JUAN"

Robert Wong won 1st place Cosplay Contest
wearing Matrix Revolutions "APU"(Armored Personnel Unit)

7thursday won 1st place Jmusic Battle of the Bands

Nardong Tae won 1st place best Indie Comics Contest

it was a great event !
i nearly fainted when we won the best short film !

i feel like god when i stepped up on stage with my members of Matrix Phil.
and shouted "Zion Hear me !!, Zion is Free!!" then after that a loud cheer covered the area.

Matrix Phil. we did it !!!!!!!

to all winners ! congratulations !

may new tsismis ako !!
il post it later after my presscon in Alabang Town Center Sanmig Bar for the Star Wars Convention.

man...i finally met some of my fans ! feels good when someone wants to take pictures with me.
and get my autographs...
ganon na pala ako kasikat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

si Jacyln Lim naka cosplay Princess of Battle of the Planets

Sirensinister! na meet na din kita at last ! tnx for attending the con.

tnx sa Glasshouse Graphics ! aeahe.ginawa ko homebase yung booth nyo

my Artists Den, fan group Family ! astig natin !


Matrix Philipppines fan Film Testimonials

The Juan is the one !
-Pol Medina Jr., Pugad Baboy

D'Juan Lives! Matrix Phil mabuhay Kayo
-Cholo, star wars phil.

Mehtreeksh! eheheh too cool!

Too Cool
-Taga ilog, Culture Crash Comics

ASTEEEEG ! Galing!

Cool Ending!
-Joana Tinio, point zero comics

-Vic Yap, Collectibles UNlimited

Oh My God! Good Stuff! need another fx sequel
-Mitch, fan girl

Dodge This ! mwahah...whooho Juan Rulz!
-Ariel Atienza, cartoonist

juan !! got milk?

Yeah too cool!

Az, hope to see sure it rocks
-Derrick Lim, Artists den

Awesome the juan rules!

There can only be "juan" astig !
Elmer Damaso, Culture Crash Comics

Ang Galing gusto ko maging The Juan
David, Blitzworx

Good job! see ya next year
-jay, fan

Ganda ng spoon, where can i buy? i mean SUPER GANDA NG FILM!!
in 6months dapat may reloaded na!
-christoper, fan

Astig yung Film!
-Dennis Crisostomo, He-man, Emma Frost comic inker

Astig! there is no spoon, free your mind
-Jonz, Culture Crash Comics, Artists den

AStig ng pinoy agent smith naka barong!
-Jaclyn Lim, Artists den

Ang galing!, next year uli
Eugene Perez, Glasshouse Graphics Asia CEO

Ok ah az
-James Palabay, Culture Crash Comics Publisher

Ang Saya
Carbonara Monster, Artists den, Culture crash comics, Mango comics

Az-tig! sequel and prequel!
-Jason, comic artists

Astig! galing talga
-Henry, fanboy

Galing dude, keep it up

Cool! High expectations na ako dyan
-Lyndon Gregorio, Beerkada

WAhoo! ganda! isa pa!
-joana, fan

Mr Azrael, we miss you!
-kai, fan girl

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Day 1 C3 convention
its C3 comics-anime convention in megamall.i got up late and was there
in megamall at 1pm. there are lot of people and cosplayers in the con.
thanks to my ticket sponsor for day 1 and day 2 aehahaehehe.
got a free entrance again to this convention.

i visit lots of booths and the people i met there gave me a warm welcome
to their booth and start selling their stuff to me. they got a kick ass style in comics. also i stayed for a moment at the Ground Zero comics booth, then i roamed around just to shake hands. and meet some people i know in this world. im glad that some of them take pictures of me and offered pic contributions for the omake news phil.

then i saw the Glasshouse graphics booth. then i transfered at their booth and made it my homebase haehehe...i accompany wilson, eugene, dennis and the others to their booth. they were selling comics and do comic character sketches for only P50 and sell prints for P100.

cute cosplayers
my eye got caught on those Final Fantasy X are a real beauty. they look like life size action figures. Yuna and Riku are the crowd favorite that day.

cosplayers i know like Hazel, has their Dir en Grey costumes with guitars and Jaclyn's friend Cathy got her baring costumes ever !!
all of them are finalist for the cosplay contest

for me..every event and conventions i attended, looks like a reunion for me. seeing again long lost buddies, friends, enemies, got a chance to meet once more my film maker friends Omi chan, she's the one directed the One night in purgatory comics by Carlo Vergara, and got a warm thanks from Jio Beltran, former artist of Solstice Butterfly under Culture Crash, now a head animator for GMA 7 TXT TUBE, for keeping him informed in events, news, conventions, via Omake Omake News Phil. thats more points for me.
thanks din !!

music end!
Rivermaya made a music live performance bringing the crowd go wild.
also im observing to the Jap-anime band contest. saw lots of newbies in the jmusic world.
they also kick to recruit these people for the club. also Xley, drummer of Do'Ahou,
formed his new band..and they played some serious kick ass SIAM SHADE music..also Neil, vocalist of Do'Ahou made a band project covering Dir en Grey, all of them will perform in this yada yada contest turn out to be their live act for the crowd with my babies..7thursday and New Fallen Snow..
go there kids ! show what you have!........these kids deliver cool music to all fans.
good luck to everyone for the battle of the bands! my former kids Neotaku will be there.
and then.deadmahan still continues from my former kids.

oh my god !!
we are included as one of the finalist for the short film contest.
'The Juan' a matrix fan film,. kick major ass in the convention.
its a crowd favorite and lot of positive response from the audience.
i was with my fellow Matrix Phil group, Ariel, Oneal, Rej,Hec, Ricky, RG, Aids, Victor, Rej's mom, and Carl, we were there sitting on the floor at the middle of the convention when they showed the The fanfilm finalist.

and after that..the crowd goes wild after they saw the digital effects we used for th joon, luna, mikers and all the fan film crew made a really good team up and job.

and i feel that we will be a winner for the short film contest
judging is at 12nn day 2 c3 con

Happy Bday Maxie
treat us at Yellow Cab, and i was stuffed lots of pizza and drinks.
Lico, Tin, Wilson, Dennis, Eugene, iyan pol. and the staff of Asong Makulit prod. and Glasshouse comics dine in at the bday treat of Maxie.
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