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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Tummy Full

DarnAZ !!!! (pic in C3con)
photo by : Oneal Rosero

Last night me and my sister went out with my uncle and cousin for a dinner in Eastwood city, its a kinda a sudden invitation for us. that time i have to cancel my attendance to the Artists den Meeting.

sorry guys. i cant let this one pass, my uncle might get mad at since its his 1st time in Manila after so many years he lives in the USA.

we went home tummy packed and its my first of the year that my tummy is full, geez i need a serious work out for this. my tummy is getting bigger..i think

Last night i was talking to my precious and we got hooked on this conversation about drag racing, and we both experienced the thrill of racing wow...astig. im talking to a drag racer princess aehhehehe.
we got to talk even codenames and nicknames,
i remember that during my elementary days i got one nickname i used.
"Collie", dammit! its kind a girlie name..but when i reached highschool a new name surfaced, "Cool", yup a name for being a computer geek and expert during that time.heehe...i remember the movie "Hackers" ,Zero Cool....ohh...astig! then i got new names like "Wax", skaters named me this for my fave on putting some wax on the railings, and lots of codes surfaced during my period..

as Jose Rizal said , "Pagmarami kang Alias, sikat ka"

as for my precious, her nickname was "Burn", during her drag racing days.

oh....what a match !! "COOL and BURN"

Start of a new beginning
time to start my engine coz its my first day of meeting for this year
and time to work these muscles out. we are going to start for a meeting for the New Worlds 2. i was thinking to back out for the anime convention that was assigned to me. i need to concentrate more on this..

coz some goof ball asked me a question
"Az, committed ka ba sa Matrix Phil?"

damn ..right....yes i am!

I started this group and i will die as a member of my group.

my sister got her new layout again for her blog

feel free to visit it...and find out how geeky my baby sis. :)

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happeee year 2004 !
yohoooo 2004 na!
maraming salamat dun sa mga bumati at nagtxt sa akin nitong new year astig talga.

sensya na at im a bit lazy in updating my blog...basta! ahehhehhae

tnx dun sa mga tao na nakasama ko sa taong 2003.
at na meet ko na ang baby ko...finally!!!
i love u baby!!

jan 1
new ito im just need more energy to recharge for the coming days...and start na ng puro meetings for the next event.

ito na muna...and il update my my new year reso..aehahhaehhae
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