Full Metal Eventologist

im drowning of events and convention, and i think i will not rest until the end of the 1st quarter of 2005. holy smokeys.. events that im handling are turning super big time. and my baby event will be 5 years old next year and it will be resurrected for the biggest Anime con in the Philippines...

wow...i nearly cried for the success of making this a pop culture following in our country, but few people knew that i started all these craps...and its fun to be the father of cons ahhaha..

now i understand why they call me the eventologist... and soon il conquer Tim Yap's throne ahaahhaa...

Assumption Antipolo Trip gone bad

i went to Assumption Antipolo to take a test and inspection of items for our tour next week Nov 19-20, but the bad thing is... i got super late on the meeting.. problem is..my other important pay day meeting has a conflict, and i failed to come on time..and my student contact in Assumption already left and I entered the school 2 hours late.

inside the campus. i didnt know where will i begin and i didnt know who will i talk to. while walking, i met these highschool students and a parent who helped me find the Multi purpose building. and then a student named "Regime", guided me inside the campus to look for the teacher in charge of the school fair. but unfortunately she already left the school, so i got a contact number to call her again and do the follow for out campus tour activity in ASsumption Antipolo.

for me...this will be my 2nd tour in Assumption, as my first tour was last 4 years ago...and im glad that some students remembered that tour.

1st collegiate Anime fair

me and UP AME are talking and having this good relationship for their event next month. and im glad that they are open on some of my suggestions and request for their own anime con.

It was a big training for them in organizing and maybe soon they will host the biggest National Collegiate Anime event, whoa....thats big.

now..other school organization are building up their own community and will tie up with each other soon with other school orgs.

G2 con

It will be biggest event for the entry of January 2005.
me and RG Guanzon of We Are Anime contacted me for this event and will fuse our skills and talents making this event big...and exciting.

here are some teaser for the event.

visit event website

presented by : MMOG Phil. Corp.
co-organized by : We Are Anime and Omake Omake News Philippines

updates and info coming soon !
watch out for the post and press release this coming week.

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