Grocery Adventures

Me and my honey Lace Xmas day out in SM Bacoor and it was fun again to be together yesterday and we are both happy that we got a chance to watch Wong Kar Wai's film "2046", and then after the movie coz that time it was so early, only less than 10 people who are watching the movie at that time.

It was fun Christmas day out for the two of us, and we miss each other coz its vacation time. and the only way to see her is that I have to go to Bacoor, Cavite and meet her.

Bacoor is big, well I haven't map yet the whole area but its pretty fast to commute going there, and I like it there coz its fast, less traffic and my love lives there....

This is the only thing I do every vacation, maybe I have to stop my work in organizing events and some stuff and stay relax and enjoy the Xmas season. and im glad that i can feel the xmas spirit, coz Lace is with me...and we found a way on how to be together during the countdown to Dec 25.

thanks again honey for the cookies, this is the first food you cooked for me and i like it! wow...i cant forget this cookie of yours..may free joke cookie pa! one cookie with a weird taste...kinda salty but mentholish in the like theres a toothpaste on that joke cookie hahaahhaha.....thanks my love...

SM Bacoor is not that big and its like SM Centerpoint, but Lace didnt like there coz she said the place is small and not that complete, but the grocery area is bigger, but she said that some people in Cavite still do their groceries in Megamall.

look at the pic..Lace in search of that Sour n' Cream stuff for her salad.

It was fun being with her in the grocery coz its my first time going in a grocery with a girl (well except for my Mom and sis). and we call it our Grocery Adventures

"On the 2nd day of Xmas my true love sent to me, a trip to SM Cavite and 2046 movie"

ahhhaaha...weird smile at the counter of Mcdonalds in Greenbelt
i was with RG and Mark after our meeting/office work in Malate for the G2 Games and Gadget Show. we took a quick dinner snack and then we watched RG's collection of Morning Musume clips in his laptop just to ease our soul coz of the hard time of work.

2046 takes

2046's story picks up right by the end of In The Mood For Love: after Su Lizhen (Maggie Cheung) leaves, Zhou Muyun (Leung Chiu-Wai) becomes a very lonely writer. He meets a prostitute (Zhang Ziyi) and spends a night with her at room 2046, the very same room he had an affair with Su Lizhen. Then he starts writing a novel called 2046, in which he reunites with Su Lizhen. Chang Chen and Lau Kar-Ling play a couple of lovers; Wong Yaye and Kimura Takuya plays a pair of robot lovers. They are all characters in the book, and they are all from the future. It is sort of a sequel to In the Mood For Love.

Im in the middle of a fan boy rush!!! all i can say is Zhang Ziyi is hotter than ever....i really like her in that character as Bai Ling a girl who lives in a hotel who have no direction in life still searches for what will be her life when she meet this writer-journalist guy and then their life started from flirting,dating and...SEX !...woho...

man i cant believe that she's into that sex scene..and all i can say is..i almost melted in my seat with Lace while staring at those Zhang Ziyi moans and screams starting to scare all my readers..hahaha.dont worry..

watch 2046..although..the title fooled me for thinking how futuristic the story but the 2046 title is a hotel room which people stay in where they like to search for their answers in life and to leave all their memories in one place.

I like the scores of the film, and the main 2046 theme has many versions, the blend of the musical scores really gives catch of the classic and futuristic style of each scenes.

(while typing this..I'm receiving an image transfer from RG, FHM cover of Zhang Ziyi)...

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