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Friday, April 02, 2004

Maalala mo Kaya
The Artists' Den and the Jomike Tejido Story

click the image to view the full comic strip


congrats to Jomike Tejido
he's now the new TV main host for ART IS KOOL
airing on April 12 in ABC 5

comic strp by: Lyndon Gregorio
after our discussion last night in the meeting of Samahang Kartoonista ng Pilipinas
inside Ton Ton Young's Pupung Restaurant (pics soon)

Thursday, April 01, 2004

iwent to the doctor and im expecting on the other day for the result of my check up.. not pregnant or something ahahah!!! .... but im scared on something for the result...

my prayers are on full volume.....

hope im okay..and healthy

-Azrael Coladilla

Its April! Bikini Summer Time
its April! its bikini month. and here in Azrael's Merryland will try to focus on the hottest and sexiest bikini clad chicks. i dunno how to do it, but il just insert some of my side line jobs.

hm..i heard one of my readers here will be wearing her bikini on some group outing, my camera are ready to flash at her. and i know she's open in posing for a ala FHM photo of the week here in my site hahahaha!

photo ouch!
here are some photos from the comic seminar

Azrael with the models Michelle and Jinky Coronado
last year it was lunch time,
now 2004 it was dinner time.
photo by Marc Cerbo

Camy and Azrael
2004 Comic Seminar Tag Team Host/Emcee by demand

Azrael and Rain Beredo
comic colorist for HULK and Star Wars: Republic

Is this for the believe it or not?
my friend, Camy got wounded on that staple wire
showing her blood in the tissue paper

Azrael's Merryland the video game

a friend got crazy over my site and soon will develop a video game
based for the web only, and maybe soon a cd-rom game.
I can't believe he got the idea on making Azrael's Merryland the video game. the game is all about saving all those sheeps and putting them back to the Merryland. lots of characters to interact with and the main hero of the game is ME !!!!!'ll see me with my photo face in a animated body. WOW !!! maybe this will break all indie game developers and maybe will beat Anito game to space dust hahhah...just kidding.

inside Az's mind
i dunno if im going to open this but im taking care of some things that might end my story with my SHE-Hulk, i named her SHE-hulk coz she always in angry mode, day and night in phone, she's always mad and pissed off on something. cant even watch out her own temper. im glad that i can take all of these, thanks to Incubus !!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Azmeister alert
at last the 2day comic seminar last sat is finished and will wait again for the 3rd seminar next year.. tnx to Glasshouse Graphics for inviting me and Camy for being the host/emcee by demand, (i saw it in your program booklet), its fun to see fresh new artists who likes to enter the comic world.

its another hibernation period for me..for im on a research and study for another big convention this year. now i already started reading and gathering lots of data and studying for a new event,

also i got lots of outing this April, already marking my sked for that.. and i want to have a happy summer day and trying to forget all of those freaky nightmares that happened to me.

April 3, we wil be having our Komikero Field Trip for we will be having a Manila Tour, and im excited to join the gand inside the rented Komikero Happy Van.
also that day is the Animax festival, so i think i cant attend that event. its so anime..and im trying to do some things that is not-anime related..something new

Azmusician expecting a new career this month not yet sure for the outcome of this career..maybe il get serious on this coz..its no joke for being a serious musician. im gearing up for the next level, my band are already having some lots of bookings and still we are not yet prepare to accept that..
still..the word practice is on our heads.

Azmeister name? whaatt!!!
yup a new tag name i given to myself after watching that American Pie 3 movie in Jaclyn Ting Lim's house. and i like to grab that title like the Stiffler and Finch character they hold hehheh......the real Stiffmeister.. i want to be more than that ahhaa.still i can see my little character on the Stiffler !!!

where's Mr. Azderson?
for the moment..he died...but he wil be back soon....
but his Trinity is lost ..i think she is dying...i dunno.. just grab that Revolutions video and watch it.... what d hell am i saying .!!!

Blog lovers and courtships
i didnt know that blog is being used now for getting your love one to be attracted to you (hahahah...joke lang ha) far as i am observing it is very effective...and i think its a cool gimik
than courting your love tru txting or in a phone. hehhe..a brand new start for the new generations of lovers. goodluck to you all

well...last time im using my blog to get chicks..but now.i stopped and they say its sexy for them...oh..i didnt know that..just dont read my past entries..coz they are so for Over 18 years old.. (i said dont read my past entries!!!!)

Passion of the Christ
all right! all right! im going to watch it !!
as for people who already watch it last premiere they recommend it
and they got these weird reactions after watching and while watching the movie. still i got curious if what will be my reaction when i watch it. hmm..
is it that im normal for reacting and have the same feelings like the people who saw the movie. hmm...maybe the Azmeister will get this test.

its a good time to watch it...especially that something revealing will happen this week's blog entry..its all about my happiness and love life...
eer....too dramatic noh?

Pics attack!
photos by Ariel Atienza

i got some photos too, but il upload it after i burn them all into my cd

me trying to draw using the Corel Draw Painter 8 and WACOM
inside the comic seminar

Artists' Den meet up
Me and Lyndon fools around and trying to imitate the two girls in a cover mag

Azrael in drawing comic strip action. one of our activity that night

Artists' Den gang....inside Starbucks Shangri La

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