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Friday, July 02, 2004

Online Bday Party
thanks for everyone who was online and joined in my Online bday Party.
this is the biggest and happiest online party~
thanks to all who waited me go home after the MTV PILIPINAS awards night
now i can walk, the swollen part of my foot has already gone, but still
a little injured. im still having a hard time using the stairs.

my first bday adventure starts here inside Ed and Amie's place

20 Questions
thanks to all my online friends who made it to my online party.
for those who didnt make it..its okay..there will be a next online party
it will be a Matrix Rave Online Party.

here are the people who went to my party

Jaclyn Lim - tnx jac, i know you got turn off about the Vin Diesel thing!
Tobie Abad - tnx man!, great emcee, my first time to have an online emcee
TJ - tnx man! your my guest at home! hehe..still reading those FHM's
Neil - tnx for the music and live guitar during the online party!
Marvin - tnx man! makigulo ka minsan saw im a super geek!
ikesulat - astig! you made it...heeh.lets talk about toys next time
Fluxx - hhahaha.tnx man! lets party tonight in megastrip! whoho Giggers!
RG - tnx man! my gravyard shift online buddy!
Neci - hello baby! nice to chat you! and be nice to my guitar! im drunk!
Edgar Tadeo - whooho..tnx man! i know you got drunk last night ! ahhah
Amie - heya tnx ! and pervy Ed made the laughs last night!
Tin Tin Noda- heya my bestfriend girl! tnx and hope i see ya again!
Ryan Orosco - ahha..your late !!!! tnx man! pa Chonam ka naman dyan!
Lalie Flores - hahha..your late too, tnx again! more party to come!

last night on my 2nd wave of the online party i got drunk and then already slept and i forgot that there are some who are still online.
i snooze down just to take out the kicking of the beer! geez..i love beer!

also..tnx to Tobie who hosted the party..and nice idea for giving that
20 questions..all of it are below the belt ahhahah

hope all my answers didnt reach the outside world ! thats a secret ok !

next time Matrix Rave Party Online!
wear your matrix outfit and join with us Online!

pics ! pics !
my online screen caps of the Online Bday Party

thanks to my friend Therese for the ticket
and congrats to The Late Isabel for winning the Best Indie Group

Bamboo swept all the awards!
Jolina Magdangal looks hot on her backless gown
Cindy Kurleto hot girl of the event, almost slipped on stage
Sarah Meier on her boldy gown
Tata Young sexy, naughty and bitchy, I want You !

whhoho..pinoy na pinoy tayo !

Thursday, July 01, 2004

its my Birthday
oh man..another year comes..and my age has been added by another number. its July 1, its my day! its my bday! the age of a new geekdom has started hahahaa!

about my injury
i just went to a doctor near our house and i contacted my auntie to help me go there and then the doctor or ambularyo or manghihilot take a look on my foot, and he said that its still swollen and massage heal is very risky, so he recommend that i put some leaves of Anonang in the foot area,

now i feel more relax and the pain is going away

Maximum Spider!

its a bang !
Spiderman 2 : Rampage of Doc Ock!
it will be one of my coolest comic movie
and i almost cried again in watching the spidey movie.
me and my sis watched the movie on its 1st showing, and i take my chances to watch it in a good theater, sitting down, coz last time i watched the movie..i stand at the back during the whole movie. and i dont want that to happened again.

me...i tried to walk just to see that movie..
and even i crawled the whole day..its ok for me
and i already watched the movie ! bwahahahaha!!

si doc ock buhay wahahahaa!!!! gumagalaw pa yung tentacles sa huli.
(me bad!)

my brother's movie stub in Chicago

online bday party

im gonna have my online bday party at 1am july 2
those who want to get in touch of me..just buzz me in my Yahoo Messenger
theres a link of my yahoo messenger located below my site.
check it out if it is online.

webcam will be opened!

and just like last year, the online party lasted for 4 hours
and got a visitor fresh from laguna who joined the online party that time.

see ya later online!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Poging Pilay na Walang Saklay
yup..thats badly injured and now im at home recovering after i suffered a serious injury last toycon, and hurts , later this morning il go to a doctor to see and check it up if ever i will put in Orthopedic, owwww!

Badly Size Donut
here's a picture of my foot! you can still see the swolen part
and now my foot's colored changed into violet and black. from side up to the finger..geez...this is serious!

Now im stuck here at home. crawling and lying on my bed..surfing the net and watching tv, i just want to get out and have some fun, and i really miss my adventures. oh damn..lots of coming activities and convention this july...and il make it my own month!

coz this july month is my month! its my bday this coming July 1, and i want it to be special.hmm...never celebrated my bday with a girl friend. but perhaps i might celebrate it with my friends and some girlie friends. much better than the last 2 years of experience of celebrating my bday alone.. is that important..

just the usual way..go to the mall, buy the stuff i like, hang around, date my self until i get tired and enjoy the whole day that im still young forever

Toycon Scavenge
here are some stuff that i got for free at the toycon, i like to thank my friends who have booth there and some exhibitors, i dont have time to buy stuff at the con, coz i was so super busy hosting the event and im so concern about the production of activities. thanks so much to Mark Cerbo and Ronald Guanzon for helping me.

TransFormers Philippines shirt
yup and its for sale at P250

Toycon Opener
we made this short Toycon video opener, I used it ala Star Wars style, thanks to Rg for the hand in helping me dubbing, and Adrian Arcega for the Star Wars opener crawl.
heheheh.its Star Wars with Toycon logo and in tagalog dub, just a spoof to make fans laugh.

click here to download and watch

Leia:"Darth Vader, alam ko ikaw ang may gawa nito, hindi matutuwa ang Collectibles Unlimited pag nalaman nila, magagalit sila".

Darth Vader: "Princess Leia, alam ko sinosyota mo kapatid mo, gusto ko lang malaman kung san mo tinago ang mga plans na papunta sa venue ng Toyconvention para makabili ako ng Doctor Octopus".

Leia: "Wala ako alam sa mga sinasabi mo, myembro ako ng isang toy club sa internet at..".

Darth Vader: 'You are a member of the jerry yan fan club and you are traitor, taker her away!"

hehe..funny noh?

**thanks to sis Padmeann for the materials, and happy 2nd monthsary sainyo ni Anakin Gary

Im going to watch Spiderman 2 !!!
hope i can walk straight

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Toy convention 2004
its a successful event!

now i got a broken ankle! after i fell at the backstage during the end of event. hurts

here are my write up
Collectibles Unlimited is a non-profit organization of hobbyist and toy collectors. On its 3rd year, the group has launched the 3rd Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2004, it happened last June 27, 2004 in SM Megamall, Megatradehall 3.

They got more than 50 Booth Exhibitors, and also various clubs and groups join this annual big event. People already dubbed the event as "Toycon PH", a short term for the Toy Convention, but also a universal term. The Convention Revolution here in the Philippines has started. And many fans and hobbyists are amazed at how the event turned out.

Vic Yap, head organizer of the event said, "This will be the biggest and the most different of all fan conventions in the Philippines". Albert Lee, one of the organizers said, “ The Cosplay event is great, people enjoyed it and I loved it”. Cholo Mallillin, host and part of Collectibles Unlimited said, “People were trying to get in and we saw lots of people occupying the whole venue”.

Jojo Dy of CU said “ we got lots of Customized figure entries, I see that people now enjoy making their own toys”, Lou part of CU noted “This is the biggest convention compare to the last 2 years’ Toycon. Also Azrael Coladilla, who formulated the program, said, “The program was very different from all conventions here in the Philippines. I formulated the program, a taste of Filipino style mixed with Modern Pop Culture Style”

Customized Action Figure contest and some model kit contests are one of the.highlights of the event. Toycon launched the Live Action Figure Cosplay Contest, where the fans will wear the costumes of their respective favorite characters from comic, movie, anime, and videogame characters. Also various games and contest were held on the stage hosted by Level Up and Scholastic, there were games for both kids and adults, Globe lines was the presenter for this cosplay contest. Art contest was one of the new contest line up of Toycon, and there was also a coloring contest for kids. Summit Media Publishing and PSI COM Publishing headed the art and coloring contests.

The event opened by a ribbon cutting of two famous band members of Parokya ni Edgar, and after the opening the event, there was an introductory Video presentation of Toycon, in Star Wars style. The event got hot when they started the Auction, people formed their own crowd infront of the stage and place their bids for that hot toy, and everyone was impressed by that real time auction. Also raffle contests were conducted every hour to all ticket holders, various premium items were donated by some exhibitors for the raffle prizes.

At the middle of the event various performers entertained the tireless toy hunters and fans, Mini Moni Philippines is one of the first performers. Cute little girls dance and sing imitating their favorite Japanese pop girl band, Mini Moni. Then it was followed by Rotshreck, a japanese inspired rock band performing cover songs of Luna Sea and Dire en grey, and so, the Jmusic revolution started there at the Toycon.

Toycon also recognize Indie musicians. Original Filipino artists performed, as well as Indie or Independent groups, Drip was the first to play at the Toycon, an electronica genre, 3 man band, and CLONE a two man band, who played live music while the Cosplay Catwalk was taking place.

Group and Club participants prepared their own presentations like Matrix Philippines, who performed a sword demo fight as seen in the movie Animatrix, Last Flight of the Osiris. TransFormers Philippines don their transforming demo at their booth and showcasing Filipino art concept of Filipino versions of TransFormers. Mecha pinoy displays their Gundam collection and conducted their own table demo, and Star Wars Philippines gave way again for their 2nd year act at the Toycon, featuring the Stormballs, spoof of Storm Troopers dancing while not wearing their body armor. Neutral Grounds placed a card rpg game demo near their booth.

The event featured some Star Wars Fan Films, like George Lucas in Love , Star Wars Spoof films. Some of it are Video Game trailers like Tekken 5, Death by Degrees, and some new anime movie trailers just to let the fans know whats new. Also they showed Matrix Philippines award winning fan film “The Juan”.

Filipino comic talents are also featured at the event, well the event is not only about toys but also about comics. Superman:Birthright inker Gerry Alanguilan's Komikero booth exhibited their indie comics and also Gerry showed some pieces of classic comic art for his upcoming Komikero Comi c Art Museum. Wilson Tortosa penciler of Battle of the Planets and Tomb raider joins and wears a Keyop costume. Marvel's Emma Frost comic duo , penciler Carlo Pagulayan and inker Dennis Crisostomo made an appearance too, signing autographs, sketching and dong some portfolio reviews.

The event highlight is also for giving a Posthumous Award to the Father of Filipino Comics, Tony Velasquez, for his immortal work, Kenkoy. The award was given by Toycon organizer Vic Yap to Tony Velasquez' Wife. Dennis Villegas, Publisher of the new compilation of Kenkoy, also launched the new format of the immortal comic strip series "Album ng Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy". Kenkoy started 1929, so the Comic revolution began 75 years ago.

Fresh and Local indie comic creators participated in the event, Culture Crash Comics, premiere comic-anime in the Philippines gave award to their essay contest “Paano nabago ng Kikiam ang Buhay mo”?, Artists' Den a local support group of indie comic creators and also Komikero a provincial based comic group headed by Mr.Gerry Alanguilan.

Level Up one of the main sponsor of the event, showcased their online game, Ragnarok Online, showing some new clips of their new map patch. Games Master Magazine has their own booth giving away some free demo of the latest Video game in their Xbox. Richwell Trading, features the HotWheels racing, lining their booth with a huge Hotwheels racing track. Bankee Trading show their licensed toys, Duncan Yoyo and Gundam. A Duncan Yoyo Exhibition was held and people were amazed at the young Yoyo Exhibitionist, Duncan Crew Philippines and Flipspin Kids.

Toycon also featured a new product launch and gave a chance to some local groups to show and launch their new items, one of them is Siklab Magazine, a premiere comic magazine composed of sequential comic art. F4 International Fan Club Philippines released their very own fan made item, the F4 photo book. CAST, a comic soap opera, was also launched.

Various collectors crowded the event, armed with the Toy-hunting madness; anime and comic fans strolled around and visit the various exhibitors. Henna Tattoos, Face Painting and Airbrush art took place at the activity area where fans could decorate themselves while at the event. Star Wars Philippines exhibited their own stuff like Diorama, Master Replicas, and the life size figure Yoda.

Upon entering the venue, you'll see the Superman Life size figure welcoming the fans when entering the gate, but at the back of the gate they see a life size Spider-man crawling below the gate. Two war Robots of Ragnarok was displayed at the middle of the Level Up booth. There was also a life size Warrior Alien standing at the rear side of the Activity Stage.

The event lasted for 11 hours and yet the people were not finished with their toy-hunting. The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention opened the gates to new toy merchants and soon to be hobby shops. Because of Toycon, the number of Hobby shops in Manila has started to grow and now they are going nationwide. The Toycon is not just about toys. But it is also about how the Filipino enjoy their hobbies and the fun of collecting.

Visit their Website -

The event is presented by Main Sponsors: Pepsi, Globe lines and Level Up
Sponsored by: Bankee Trading, Richwell Trading, Filbar’s, Scholastic Book Fairs and Culture Crash Comics
Media Partners by Magic 89.9, Seeker Magazine, Kzone, W.I.T.C.H., PSICOM Publishing, Games Masters Magazine, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Studio 23 and MYX

Here are the Contest Winners:
Live Action Figure Cosplay Contest
1st place - Orc costume by a guy who named himself only as Monkey
2nd place - Sauron, from the Lord of the Rings, worn by Raymond Wong
3rd place - Chii of Chobits anime-manga, worn by Alodia Gosiengfiao

9 inch Customized Action Figure Contest
1st place - Frederick Congmon
2nd place - Jonathan Montalbo
3rd place - Glenmarc Antonio

9-12 inch Customized Action Figure Contest
1st place - Cyrus Mesarcia

Diorama Contest
1st place - Jake De Guzman

Best in Show
1st place - A guy named Snake, featuring his custom-made diorama Predator Flesh and Meat Diorama.

Sci Fi category
1/35 M51 Super Sherman by Simon Peter Palma
FAMO (1/35th armor) bt Karlo Pocholo Malla

1st place - 1/144 Mobile Ginn Gundam
2nd place - 1/70 Triceratops Madthunder Zoids
all entries by Rommel Ramos

Scale Model Contest
1st place Figure - Special Forces with Hat
1st place Vehicle - M113 ACAV
2nd place Diorama - Downed Bird
all entries by Greogory Yan

Custom Made Figures
1st place - Jeepers Creepers, by Erwin Lumanlan

Original Super Hero Character Art Contest
1st place - Erik Chang
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