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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Full Metal Eventologist

im drowning of events and convention, and i think i will not rest until the end of the 1st quarter of 2005. holy smokeys.. events that im handling are turning super big time. and my baby event will be 5 years old next year and it will be resurrected for the biggest Anime con in the Philippines...

wow...i nearly cried for the success of making this a pop culture following in our country, but few people knew that i started all these craps...and its fun to be the father of cons ahhaha..

now i understand why they call me the eventologist... and soon il conquer Tim Yap's throne ahaahhaa...

Assumption Antipolo Trip gone bad

i went to Assumption Antipolo to take a test and inspection of items for our tour next week Nov 19-20, but the bad thing is... i got super late on the meeting.. problem other important pay day meeting has a conflict, and i failed to come on time..and my student contact in Assumption already left and I entered the school 2 hours late.

inside the campus. i didnt know where will i begin and i didnt know who will i talk to. while walking, i met these highschool students and a parent who helped me find the Multi purpose building. and then a student named "Regime", guided me inside the campus to look for the teacher in charge of the school fair. but unfortunately she already left the school, so i got a contact number to call her again and do the follow for out campus tour activity in ASsumption Antipolo.

for me...this will be my 2nd tour in Assumption, as my first tour was last 4 years ago...and im glad that some students remembered that tour.

1st collegiate Anime fair

me and UP AME are talking and having this good relationship for their event next month. and im glad that they are open on some of my suggestions and request for their own anime con.

It was a big training for them in organizing and maybe soon they will host the biggest National Collegiate Anime event, whoa....thats big.

now..other school organization are building up their own community and will tie up with each other soon with other school orgs.

G2 con

It will be biggest event for the entry of January 2005.
me and RG Guanzon of We Are Anime contacted me for this event and will fuse our skills and talents making this event big...and exciting.

here are some teaser for the event.

visit event website

presented by : MMOG Phil. Corp.
co-organized by : We Are Anime and Omake Omake News Philippines

updates and info coming soon !
watch out for the post and press release this coming week.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Filipino cosplayers inspires USA

TOYCON 2004 showed the USA and other countries what we have in our convention.

The Americans are really impressed in our cosplay or costume play, and they liked how we managed our events here.

TOYCON 2004 was featured in the magazine October 2004 issue. It was a blast after the San Diego Comic Convention feature.

Because of that.. Lee Toys and Review Magazine of USA will publish and include cosplay topics and photos of Filipino Cosplayer every month in their magazine

Azrael Coladilla and Vic Yap, two of the organizers of the TOYCON 2004 will promote the event and the cosplay. by that, the best cosplayers of the Philippines will be featured every month in the magazine.

TOYCON 2004 is the first convention event that has received a positive response globally.

watch out for TOYCON will be the best of all con in the Philippines. This fan event supports not only toys, it also give a big support on anime, comic, movies, games, indie scene, music, cosplay and its a pop culture convention with a Filipino twist.

coming soon!
4th Philippine Toys, hobbies and collectibles convention

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pinoy Komiks Gallery Shop

opening of the Pinoy Komik Gallery shop

i went to the opening of the Pinoy Komiks Gallery in Cubao, and i was stunned to see all these original vintage pages of pinoy komiks.

I interviewed Dennis Villegas, the owner of the shop, he says that he will make the shop be open to all indie comic creators, the shop will specialize only in Filipino made comics, and all kinds of indie comics are accepted to be consigned in their shop,

also they will be the distributor of all indie comics in the Philippines and they will market it globally tru online and

since there's no all-pinoy comic shop in our country,
this will be the first pinoy comic shop in the world.

advance click here to view the photo album

from left : Romeo Aquino (painter), Hal Santiago (comic artist of Aliwan, Pinay, Liwayway) Tita Santiago (wife of Hal),
Dennis Villegas, Don de Guzman (musician), Tony Surreal (thrift shop businessman), Azrael (Artists' Den), and Ice Vanessa (ARtists' Den), and Mr. Don's son.

cool gallery !
that's Freddie Dy, the online moderator of Ebay for Pinoy Komiks Gallery shop
he says that Fil-am collectors and grandparents type are all costumers and avid buyers of these artworks.
top sellers are works of Fred Carillo, Francisco Conching, and Alex Nino.

my grandparents reads this !

event coverage by ABS CBN

awww...Matt Groening book !

visit the shop
@ Marikina Shoe Expo (behind Rustans Cubao)
Gallery #16

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ride on Shooting Stars

its my week off, and no signs of events until nov 19, its our campus tour in Assumption Antipolo next week, so now im recharging my solar cells for the long way tour.

the force is strong in me, i just felt that someone is stabbing me from behind, and i just can't believe that she's a girl!,. its hard to believe and i just can't let it happen..but already happened. i hate people like that..stabbing me behind my back, reason is only about another girl. i hope she stops...

sorry to all for the late update of my site. i just got lazy sometimes..

Surfing in the Land of Mu

me, my honey Lace and my I ROBOT hahhahhahah

it was a successful event for the Mu Online Battle Soccer Tournament and Mini Convention last saturday. I like the venue Market Market, although that its already accessible to consumers, the mall with the size of Megamall and an ambiance of Ayala Malls,. cool place and a new hang out for all of us.

I was with the team of We Are Anime in the production of the activity and event for Mobius Philippines, who locally distributes the game MU. We managed the cosplay event and the booths.

Artists' Den made a successful appearance again in public, and the only comic booth around that time, and our new friend got the chance to participate in a videogame event.

thanks to my honey,Lace who volunteered to help us at the event. thanks to Mama Fatima for the bossy preggy effect hahaahha, she's 8 months pregnant and thanks for choosing me as one of the God father of your 1st baby..that was sweet.

Judging the cosplay is very simple, but judging a beauty pageant hits me hard time, Miss Mu 2004 contest really bugs me during the judging, and im glad that one of our own friend Syeri Baet won the 2nd place for Miss Mu, and Mica "Delurianne" of Deviant Art won 1st place and Marga the cosplayer in 3rd place. Reagan dons his self a Robot costume, from the videogame Armored Core, who won the 1st place in cosplay.

after the event,,,we were informed that the big event for MU will be on December.

click here to view the photo coverage

Land of crazy fans

me and F4 international Philippine Chapter

me and Marc "the stuntman" Cerbo was invited by my die hard F4 fan sister to take coverage for their group the event and press conference of F4's Jerry Yan last Friday at the NBC tent. for us it was riot. young and old hungry Jerry Yan fans trooped down, camp out, fight out for the line of the event.

Marc got cultured shock when he saw all these girls screaming their lungs out for Jerry Yan. and i was nearly pinned down by girls when the actor/singer came out at the stage. It was a hell of a fun event, it was like a large group of girls in a rally and 2 guys poses as a riot police.

After the event, i suffered a pain in my arm and some stiff neck.
these girls are crazy for this guy Jerry Yan.

well..its okay..i met some nice girls and friends at the event

(message to nyo na lang yung pic mo dito)

Meann and Joyce with their big sisters, i met them at the 6 hours long line outside NBC tent.

Kai Weasley..i always meet everywhere,from mega to mcdonalds to nbc

Jasmine..a long time friend..i was surprised to see her pala sya

its all his fault !!! ahahahaha....

Opening of the Vintage Comic Shop

Dennis Villegas, publisher of Kenkoy Comics (reprint 2004) will open his shop "Vintage Comic Shop" today , Nov 9, 2004 at 3pm
in Gallery #16 Marikina Expo Bldg. Cubao near the bus terminal.

you are all invited to come at the opening of the shop.
those who like to join us..we can meet all in Jolibee Ali Mall at 2pm

txt me if your coming...
my mobile partner number is 09275340309

the name of the shop is no need to explain what is available in that store :0)

see you all this afternoon.
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