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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Assumption tour update day 1

astig talaga dun

sobra pala hyper ng taga Anime Booth sa anime and jrock..
astig din yung mga nag cosplay eeheh..parang napunta ako sa mundo ni Kenshin Himura.

astig din yung mga taga Cartooning club..
ang ang gagaling din mag drawing.
invited tayo mag lecture dun sa kanila next year.

astig yung ang dame tao !

day 2 na namin ito na din yung last day namin..sana makabalik uli kame next year.

maraming salamat sa group ko Artists' Den sa pagorganize ng event na ito.

birth of the AD fighters hahahaha (Artists' Den Fighters)
Lico, Patrick, Syeri, Lyndon, Azrael, RG

si Lyndon Gregorio nag wall climbing! at kumakanta ng 214 ng Rivermaya
si syeri baet may clone (syeri baet 2)
si lico..nag storytelling at nag magic.
si pedz...sikat pala sa assumption
si Ryan....nag octopus
si RG napagkamalan 20 yrs old
si Azrael hyper always...forever cute
si Patrick ..late dumating.kasi pauwi na kame
si Marc Cerbo..indyanero
si Ice..hmm..sayang di natuloy sumama

kita kits later sa day 2 !

maraming salamat sa Anime Booth at Cartooning Club ng Assumption Antipolo

Friday, November 19, 2004

short notice to the public

From: Omake Omake News Philippines
Date: Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:24 am
Subject: short notice about the Campus Tour @ Assumption Antipolo

short notice for the cosplay activity

there's some slight misunderstanding on the activity for the cosplay in the school fair, and we like to explain that this is not a main event nor a official activity of their school fair,

the activity is only for the group Anime booth, and only an activity for fun during the duration of the school fair

Omake Omake News Philippines will still push through in giving gift prizes for the best cosplayer for that day, only open to the members of the Anime Booth.

hope this will clear up some issues..

and also...please put a valid email address to those who will send messages to my Email Processor in my blog site.


good day to all and happy cosplaying !

-Azrael Coladilla
Omake Omake News Philippines.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Let's Go to Antipolo

At last...after 4 back again in Assumption Antipolo, and this will be my second tour in their school.
The Anime Booth has a new batch of members, and some of them remembered me when I showed anime films of Fushigi Yuugi in their AVR theater.

now...I have a new batch of team, Artists' Den will be there to conduct some art workshop and promote original pinoy comic works, and there will be 1st ever Cosplay event in a School Fair, anime fans of Assumption Antipolo will be in their best cosplay get up during the 1st day of the school fair.

Nice to meet all these cute kids, who really into Anime, and I didnt expect that they will make fun of me when I stayed in their High school ground area, thanks to Chinny for bringing me there, even its my 2nd time around...but its my 1st time to be in their High school grounds,.

I love nature, and this school really shows the beauty of nature. More trees and green fields, even their building are down on the other side of the hill. such a nice school.

Assumption Antipolo
Nov 19-20

8am-6pm School Fair (and time for our campus tour activities)
4pm-10pm Variety Show
Artists' Den will be there and a short Art Workshop will be hosted by the group, with topics on Anime, Comics, Cartooning and Comic Strips.

Here are some people from the Artists' Den who will attend the campus tour. their works will be sold in the ANIME BOOTH.
Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada
Ariel Atienza of CLASS and West Side
Ryan Orosco of Culture Crash Comics and DARNA
Jon Zamar of Culture Crash Comics and Minsan May Isang Panaginip
Sherry Baet of Car Pool and Myths Legends
Lico Reloj of Rumination, Great Teacher Lico and the only MAGICIAN of Artists' Den
Azrael Coladilla of Omake Omake News Philippines
RG Guanzon of We Are Anime
Marc Cerbo of TransFormers Philippines
and some surprise appearance of members.

Omake Omake News Philippines and We Are Anime will host the ANIME-JROCK cosplay contest and exhibition for all students. And this will be the 1st ever Cosplay event in a School Fair. Best Cosplay of the Day of Nov 19 will win gift prizes from sponsors. rules are simple...just come in cosplay (cat walks are not required)

Lico Reloj, will perform a street magic in the school fair. expect the big guy roaming around and doing some magic tricks.
Artists' Den will demo some drawing stuff, and if you buy their items they will give you free caricature of your desired design.

The campus tour is in cooperation with THE ANIME BOOTH of Assumption Antipolo.

thanks to Chinny and new batch of The Anime Booth for inviting us once again.
these students are real hard core Jrock FANS.

photo year 2000, Anime booth, Azrael and Sidney Ang of Telesuccess (Anime-Club)
check out the large audience who likes to watch the Fushigi Yuugi OAV

also..thanks to the Patty Marquez and alumni members of the Anime Booth for giving me a chance 4 years ago to be there in their school fair. For we hosted an Anime Film showing for 2 days, anime films like Fushigi Yuugi, Kare-Kano and Samurai X.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Holiday Day out and Ghost in your pocket

I hang out with honey Lace and the Pinoyanime,net gang yesterday, and it was a holiday, tnx to Lace for inviting me to go out and its nice to go malling and watching movie. We watched "The Ghost", a Korean horror film, and my review of this film is 6 out of 10 stars.

After going to the movies we hang out in Glico's, lucky me that they failed to convinced me to do that karaoke thing hehhehe, so on the stop we played videogames and then hop off to Powerbooks checking out some stuff and again me..listening to Kitchie Nadal's Album. and some window anime shopping in Comic Alley.

its nice to jam again to fellow anime fans, and these people are real anime fanatics...geeez...i think my anime blood is back again.

The Ghost
For me it was like one of those Sadako clones, invading the cinemas, and Sadako is already a horror icon in Asian Movies, long hair, crawling, creepy fingers, that scary eyes and that funny movements. But the story of the film is good, and its my first time to appreaciate Korean horror film, i began to give respect on this film, at first i thought that its like a low budget movie. The actress really moves my seat when ever she screams and act, hmm..just thinking always that she's a look a like of Utada Hikaru.

if you wanna watch this movie..better bring your Girlfriend or your closest friend, im sure they will scream and grab you whenever they saw the suspense side of the film.

my honey Lace was sacred to sleep last night, coz i told her some of my ghost stories...sorry for that, i promised next time no more ghost stories..

for those who like to share their stories or seek advice on what to do if you have some ghost disturbance dont hesitate to email me.

Music Day Tuesday

its music day for me today, and no internet for me this Tuesday Afternoon as I grab my guitar once again and finish this music and song composition that will be due for the December live act of my new band.

Got 2 composition fitted for the community here, all about cosplaying and anime, hmm.its a Filipino song inspired from cosplaying and the japanese pop culture here in Manila. and I hope fans will like it. maybe this will be the new start of our jpop culture version.

Practice mode for the whole day, so this will be my activity until Dec 1.
and it will eat up all my sked and i have to warm up my hands and fingers striking my guitar strings tomorrow tuesday. and this internet is the only one that tempts me no to do my music thingie.

im glad that i have no TV Cable

40,000 HITS

thanks to all !!!!

i just received my 40,000 hits !!!!!!

thanks to all my readers and haters for their continued support for my site, me, and my events.

my website is doing good...updating the site is now on process.

im getting famous....but not getting rich.

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine

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Kitchie will sing four songs from her debut CD, including her current radio smash "Wag na Wag Mo Nang Sabihin" and Christian original "You Are Worthy" as well as sign CDs and magazine covers. Buy a copy of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine at only P85, and get a chance to win books from Shepherd's Staff, a copy of Kitchie's new CD, "Kitchie Nadal," and a gift certificate for Avia performance footwear worth P3,000!

Don't miss this unique two-in-one opportunity to get the collector's edition first issue of LIVEtheLIFE, the first Christian glossy magazine and have it signed by Kitchie herself! The place seats 20 on the floor comfortably, but if we spill out into Mr. Donut, Tokyo Tokyo, and Filbar's, so be it!

Also on November 27: Listen to Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3 as LIVEtheLIFE brings you some of the coolest, life-affirming music from Kitchie Nadal and others!

Check out as LIVEtheLIFE's Realm of Thought goes online with thought-provoking discussion! Check out Ariel Atienza's one whole page full color comic inside the magazine too!

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine. Relevant reading for the lifestyle with purpose.

# posted by Heffer Wolfe

Monday, November 15, 2004

Online Merryland

YOU of featured this website in their article section called "Blog Addicts". thanks to Joey Alarilla for featuring my blog site.

CAN your blog be a Merryland? Azrael, our Friday YOU Blog Addict, did just that.

read full story here

i think this is the right time to re-do my layout.

Ongaku Festy

it was a japanese music night last saturday at THX Premiere, and my friends went there to celebrate as they say the 4th year of japanese music culture in our country, which they officially announced the 4th year anniversary for themselves. and it was accepted by the japanese music lovers. which the turn out of the event was very successful.

It was a big blast pain my ass for waiting all my time to see some bands i know but problem is i didnt saw their live performance, i do saw some ..and especially the fresh japanese cover bands.

I was welcomed by these cute girls in their pink outfits, i feel like im inside a Candy magazine event, ahhaa.these girls love to take pictures and make fun of me. awww..all of them are so cute.

I was with Lico,RG and Cheska (on pic), hanging out with girlie friends into their own goth outfits, we are laughing at some of our friends for wearing all black that night, coz we told them that they are fashion victims of the said j-culture that makes it so common and not fitted for their style.

but some of them got the visual these people competed for the Jrock Fashion show. after the heavy rocking music inside the bar we transfered to the THX Premiere Theater to continue the rock music and Fashion show.

end of the event..that's me sleeping with Garfield book in my face, and RG in his own beauty sleep mode.
and after that..Mark, RG and me taking our lunch in a secret hideout somwhere in Pasay city.

OOngaku Festival 2004 photo coverage

Goin back and Tong song

im going back to Assumption Antipolo to finalize again our Campus Tour in their school fair. me and the Artists' Den are hoping that all requests will be granted.

tong tong pakitong kitong..... it was a success for us creating a noise for our upcoming Jan 2005. event.
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