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Friday, November 26, 2004

Super Seloso

not your average superhero or villain, just a plain ol' civilian
who just being jealous on something..

I just can't believe that i have felt this again after so many long months? well...i guess this is it...the real thing...

but im glad that everything has cleared up.
me, the cry baby boy. never wants to be loser in the field of baseball.

i am the super hero who never wear mask !
Super Seloso.......ehhehheeheheehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


meeting marathon for me the whole day, and i enjoyed the day with my honey Lace, we just strolled down the mall, and decided not to watch a movie, hmm,.im just thinking what movie it will be, have to take note that no horror films for her, until now i absorbed her fears coz she have some trouble sleeping at night and scared on something, and for that i encounter again some unseen friends everynight.

"inserts E-heads song...magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay malay. na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay...."

Ignite the monkeys

ignition n. 1 mechanism for, or the action of, starting combustion in an internal-combustion engine. 2 igniting or being ignited.

comic n. sequence of drawings telling a story.

Ignition Comix n. a local comic created by crazy Atomic Monkeys

im doing a review soon for the comics of Ingnition Comix, I met them last night in Starbucks DLSU for a meeting about the UP AME Anime FAir, we discuss some event concern and instructions for their appearance and participation of the event on Dec 4.

thanks to Mark Santilian and David Serador for the copies of your Comix.
i just read the 2 stories of your comic, and it was great!
i really like science fiction,,and one that surprise me is the MULAWIN comic prelude of the Tv

Ignition Comix is under the comic production of Atomic Monkey aka Atomic Underground, the group who won 1st place in C3con 2002 and 2nd place in C3con 2003 Indie comic contest.

Meeting Marathon

for this 3 meetings
im off to the press conference of an event which im involved,but less work here, coz im busy in some event.
.Mov International Digital Film Festival will release the 10 finalist of the Digital independent short film contest. today at 11am in Alliance Francaise Manille.

i was part of the production of the 1st Mov, and it was organized by Filmless Film Inc, the nation's Leader in the digital film revolution. and the event will be held next year March 2-8, 2005 in Cebu City. and then will be transfered to Megamall on March 9-15, 2005. for more info on their event visit the website .MOV International Digital Film Festival

whew..more meetings,,,for this week.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Black Boxes and Centipede

2 more events to go.....and time to go back to my natural habitat.
and im in a Meeting marathon this week, have to meet Lace's groupmate, people from the Atomic Underground for the UP anime fair, Melch of GMA to talk about some gaming developing, Silvana editor of Philippine Hobbyist MAgazine, which will be revive and needed my assstance for the idea of the magazine,,.geez..this will be one big bang for the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005.

expect me..reformating a Hobby Magazine..imagine what will be the do more of Wizard, Newtype, Toyfare , Pulp and a little bit of Filipino twist.

Our Campus tour in Assumption Antipolo has ended, and now im into this new event for December. I just love to see the developements of all our events. and It seems that every event we organize even that it is still the same, new adventures and learning experiences come in our way. I know it is hard and exhausting but the fun never leaves. ..and ...we enjoy it.

i really missed those kids in Assumption, they are really a hard core fanatic of everything, from anime, comics to jmusic, and they treated us good, not as teacher or seniors, but friends.

here's a funny comicstrip by Lyndon Gregorio.on what will be our comic story during our campus tour in Assumption.

Animo Rockathon

I'm helping my honey Lace and her groupmates Maan, Lala for their school project in marketing, they are told to make a prodcution event as a submission for their exam in the subject Social Marketing. They got the idea in organizing a Band music entertainment, so my honey asked for my assistance..and there you go.

Lucky me, I got the Gasoline Alley for the pecfect venue. located in Robinson's Galleria. I've been crawling all day and pretending to be the ultimo League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen, and also I do this for the love and passion in events organizing.

and also..for my honey. (inserts music by MeatLoaf "I will do anything for Love") hahhaha...well. everytime we're together more laughs and funny things we encounter, i almost forgot what to do when we're together in Greenbelt, staring at the fireworks display that night, it was a perfect romantic moment..and damn...i forgot something important to tell her..oh..well..maybe there's a next time.

for the are some i invited bands to perform tentative Dec 11, 2004. >> The Purplechickens, Late Isabel, Do ahou, 7Thursday, Drip and some 5 bands from other university.

we were talking to the booker of the venue which was also the band manager of Sandwich and 6Cyclemind, and he proposes to invite their band also, but we cant guarantee to pay them the talent fee..coz..its so a rockstar is cool.

Agent Smith

behold...the new band im currently managing...
that will explosive on Dec 4 in UP, Bahay ng Alumni

visit website at

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Great AUCTION Heroes

Name: The Great AUCTION HEREOES: An event to slaughter all other events!

Date: November 26-28, 2004

Battle Site: South Court (in front of Fully Booked), The Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Bounty: Extreme figurines, rare comics and graphic novel editions of the most notorious villains, noblest heroes and the
deadliest femme fatales of the universe

Options: Choose to participate in a Silent or a Live Auction or BOTH!

Viewing and Pre-registration on November 26-27
Friday-Saturday, 12nn-8pm

Silent and Live Bidding on November 28 (sunday) 2pm-8pm

*For more information, contact the Fully Booked Marketing Department at 751-0381 to 83.

this info is also posted at the Toycon PH website
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