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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Wanna be a Dreammaker

I got lazy in updating my last entry, and been busy for a while helping my honey Lace in her project, making a commercial advertisement is fun, although that i encounter some software problems i can still do it using the low tech to the high tech software. hohoho..

photo taken by Lace, during my voice over recording in University Mall near DLSU.

The whole part of Luzon is facing a major crisis, battling the anger of the typhoon, and all level of classes are suspended, and for that all my plans are ruined. oh man.but its okay..i have to re manage my schedule.

you see, we only took pictures by ourselves
ehehee.. as Lace said we can fill up one whole photo album full of our pictures.

Now i am stuck here at home, but im glad that theres an online communication for everyone, been talking to Lace the whole day discussing about the commercial ad and some hearty talkies. ehhe
geez...i really love this girl!

anime LACE
(thanks to Ms. Camille Francisco for the sketch ehehee)

Buzz me out

I created a teaser website for the New Worlds 3 : The 3rd Philippine Science fiction and Fantasy Convention.

visit the link :

its the unofficial website and only a teaser and info website for the community. the site will focus on cosplay, program, activities and updates of the event.

visit the official website

the convention is for next year May 2005

Photo hosting
im looking for a new photo hosting for my blog and it seems that Photobucket and XPPhotoalbum has stopped offering free services of photo hosting, im on a scout on every website for the best services in photo hosting for free.

here are some of the sites im using
i like the uploading style of this site, can store and sell photos online
its a photo sharing website for the Filipino Community, i haven't uploaded something, got some problem in uploading coz im in dial up connection
one of the best photo hosting and sharing, but problem is linking the pictures takes time to download, i think it runs like those Linux ek ek style..nah...maybe im wrong. im not too techie to describe that.

Gloria Jeans Coffees Araneta Shopwise
we were invited by Camy's auntie and mom for the opening of Gloria Jeans Coffees located at the Araneta Shopwise in Cubao.

they offered the cafe as a venue for all artist, The Artists'Den are invited to do a series of exhibit of artwork in their cafe.
the venue has a place where you can set up and display your artworks and there's this small platform stage for some live acoustic performance.

Me, Mark "The stuntman" Cerbo and Camille "Camy" Francisco enjoyed the whole evening last monday and drowned our selves some bottomless FREE drinks courtesy of Gloria Jeans Coffee.

photo album here for the coverage
Azrael's photo coverage

Mark Cerbo's photo coverage

Camy "Got Gloria Jeans Coffees!"

check out their blogs
Camy's Origami Dreams
Mark's YO! MC

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Cream PUF

busy mode again, and preparing for the UP AME anime fair this saturday and im focusing on the band and Artists' Den for their participation at the event.

I've been lazy for awhile for not updating, hehhehe..thanks to everyone for supporting my website Azrael's Merryland, I was thinking of making a new version of the Merryland, But I have'nt got a nice name for it, maybe next year.

Meeting and Date

whooppps....time to update the good side
last saturday is one exciting day for me, for i got a chance to meet and watch a movie with my honey Lace,and we attended the Filcosplay meeting for their xmas party. but before that i went to the UP AME meeting for the event briefing of the event

>>insert song>> 'parang atin ang gabi...para bang wala tayo tayo'y parang di na tayo bibitaw.."

----i'l update this entry later.....
i dont want to be late for our meet with my honey...eheeeeeh

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Killer Melodies

Im very busy this past days for the preparation of the next event. UP AME's Anime Fair, UNA KAME! the 1st Collegiate Anime Fair in the Philippines, happening on Dec 4, 2004 in UP Diliman, Bahay ng Alumni.

now im on the role of managing the whole group of Artists' Den in participating in the event as the exhibitor for the indie comic booths, im thankful to the full cooperation of my group, and to those fresh comic creators...congratulations for making more new comics.

and also for the coming G2con next year
check out the exhibitor list of this event
take a look on number 2, 14, 20
it's our group of companies hahhahahahahhah

click on the photo for a better viewing

Editor ek ek

im facing a career change,,,and a career lift eheheeh
last thursday at my other meeting, I was appointed as the new editor in chief of an upcoming magazine to be release next year, expect a magazine that has a content in the likes of Wizard, Toyfare, Newtype, Animage, Animerica, EGM, and etc.

its a big challenge for me to handle this kind of stuff, playing as an Editor for Omake Omake News Philippines for 7 years, maybe its time to change now...I guess its time to reformat my blog and practice more in writing ..

garrfff.f..f.. i hate prooofff readinghsss !!!!!

for now im looking for 2 layout artist, writers and probably some artist who can be part of my new team.

go ! go !!!


i was invited to be the host of this new event and new japanese organization called Juijiro Org. me and honey Lace will be there and we will bring hot/cold sake for everyone. more curious on how the guys can cook hahah.. i counted ??? yikes....calls..camy's mom !!
i think i need her japanese rice recipe.

Juujiro J-Culture Organization
cordially invites you to

Tabemono Fest: A Festivitiy of Japanese Cuisine
Saturday, 11 December 2004
at Crisanta Towers, Pasig City

program starts at 12:00 pm

there will be cooking demos, on-the-spot cooking contest,
extreme ramen eating contest, free food taste and recipes.

for pre-registration and inquiries, email us at

click the photo for a better view

Az the nun

because of thinking of making a as the nun
and making it into a indie film.

ICA students made me to miss them all.
this fan art is created by Angela Lim.

Az the ICA nun, in full color

Merryland will close soon

yup..its true, i might close the doors now and no more sheeps
hmmm....but dont worry, the blog site will be active.
for im only opening the only door to my honey..

as i said last time...last year...
"this is it!"

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