Mission 2: Comic interview again

tomorrow i'll be accompanying Lace and her groupmates for an interview with PSICOM Publishing editor in chief Reginald Ting and also an interview to their publisher, I haven't met them yet, but me and Reg are active talking online by email. and I didnt know that their office is near in my place.

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PSICOM now holds the rights to republish all DC comics titles, like JLA, Batman, Superman, Teen Titans, and a lot more. Its great to have this, because kids now can have their own comics, instead of buying those original first printing of DC, you can buy the reprint version and have it to fill up your missed comic issue collection.

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They also have this new magazine called OTAKUZINE, hobbyist and anime collectos banded together to form this anime magazine for all fans, I have talked to the main guys of this magazine and I mistaken that this stuff is from the makers of Questors, but Bryan Uy said, one of the guys of OTAKUZINE, that the magazine has no relation to the Questors (now folded), and it was made and contributed by friends and hobbyist who are true anime fans.

Also they will release the reprint of Batman Begins movie adaptation, they buzz us that they will have a different cover, but they will still retain the original USA version cover, as DC comics has requested to make the cover universal to Batman Begins movie adaptation. and I know this comic version is a good read.

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But before PSICOM, we are on sched to interview the man behind SIKLAB Publishing, editor in chief Lawrence Mijares,to interview him about the Comic industry, market and short history. SIKLAB is now available for free. The comic news print (former comic magazine) is now distributed nationwide for free. And this comic newsprint has contirbuted a lot more to the local industry. Lico Reloj debuts here as a professional cartoonist after the success publish appearance of his original title "CAPTAIN SCAM". hoping that we can see more of his work on the 2nd issue.

and also I loved to read that Demonic CAR, which was revived again here in the SIKLAB For Free comics news print. its a nostalgia tripping time.

and then if we get lucky..we might as weel interview Vin Simbulan of Comic Quest Megamall.hoping that we can finish this field work in one hit. Also hoping too to get a email reply from Elbert Or for our next interview about Nautilus Comics.

And this Friday..The Artists' Den will be the next target for the interview. Hope the interview marathon is finished before the weekends. Coz Im going to have a bday party alone with my suzaku no miko. Also then Licofest 3 on sunday..its party to all whoohho..

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Gohlico said…
Oo nga pala Az, FPN will make his debut in Siklab issue 2. NINJAAAAAH!
wow...congrats man!