Pinoy Harry Potter Promotes "HP&GOF"
at Edsa Shangrila Mall

from Mistress Farrah Mistress Farrah

photo from

Members of Pinoy Harry Potter will be at the Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Mall this weekend, November
19-20. We'll be in our costumes and we'll help promote "Goblet of Fire" at the Shang Cineplex.
We'll set-up a recruitment table at the Cineplex level, but you'll most likely see costumed members
roaming around the mall.

Newbies and lurkers are invited to come and mingle with us and meet your local fellow Potterfans!
See you there! :)

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Lily Grace said…
hahha...that's from moi!!! hhaaaha....I LOVE GOF!!!! GRABE!!! GALENG!!! whooohoooo!! second round! second round! second round!
Lily Grace said…
oh btw... GO HUFFLEPUFF!!!! We shined!!!