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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hairy Story
tomorrow will be my hair cut day and I waited for this since Sunday and at last I will have my hair cut. Lace also has her own new hair cut style. And she cut her hair awhile ago and she went to the salon coz she got lots of time to waste, so she went there to kill time. so sad that we agreed to go to the salon together..
and Im shocked when she told me her hair result.


so I guess this pic below will be the last long hair of my lady love.
Image hosted by

Liquid TV

another blog site for all those who likes to watch anything...

the link is

view and download the latest photos and videos

coming up soon!
il be trying to upload some of my short films, news, and other naughty graphic material that will keep you entertained.

pay per view coming up soon also..
im still thinking what to upload for the pay for download section


FHM September 2005

Image hosted by
Her reign's upon us!

In this issue, the queen of our Bikini Heaven special, Bianca King, is holding court!

Get a chance to chat with her live on our FHM Web Chat tomorrow, August 31, 2005. Just log on to at 5PM. See you guys online!

Plus! Don't miss her autograph signing this coming Friday, 8PM, September 2, 2005 at Eastwood, Libis.

//* yes! yes! I'm going to grab my copy! wahahhah!!!
and ohhh...and I will try to go to her autograph signing!

I'll buy one copy tomorrow!

but wait!! there's an online chat with her tomorrow!! oh my! *//

Monday, August 29, 2005

First Trip

Image hosted by
its Syeri Baet's CarPool First Trip booksigning in Gloria Jeans Coffee and also an extension of her birthday celebration. Friends and fans of her book enjoyed th 3 day event inside the cafe.

Image hosted by
I went there at the last day of the event to support my fellow Artists' Den-mate, and also to see my friends who hangs out at the venue, its funny coz I started to play some Simpsons animation episodes in my laptop and then after some minutes Gloria Jeans was infested by laughing and giggling Simpson viewers ahaahhah.

Image hosted by
thanks to the Beerkadets for supporting the book event, they supported not only Beerkada but also Carpool, I saw some of them bought Lico's Fifty Peso Ninja comics.

The starving Artists Den, fed generously by Beerkadet Jinky and Kai (thanks!)
photos from :

Also thanks to Jinky and the Beerkadets for treating us KFC bucket meals! and whoa...during that night we ate the chicken, rice, mashed potatoes with our hands ahhahaa. we massacred the chicken infront of GJ.

During the book event every 8pm-11pm there's a live band performance and the venue was filled with artist, musician, and fans of the comic book. Also some new readers tries out the comicbook compilation Carpool.

thanks to GJ for the venue and Artists' Den for organizing the event. maybe soon my FAN's day will be held in Merryland Fan's Day ahhahaha.

check out the photo event album here
click click click -->

and Syeri Baet's website

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hooola !!!!
I'm going now to Syeri Baet's Carpool comic event in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta Center. and I'll be expecting some artist friends to be there and now I'm a little short of money and poor me I have to save my money til monday, coz I used my money to pay my tuition fee last friday because of that exams, school is getting very strict.

here i share my photo album of some of the event i attended couple of weeks ago.

3G Gizmo, Gears and Gadget Technology Party 2005.
The Fort

cllick the link to view album here

The event was televised while ago and Lace's friend Shandale txted me that she saw me on TV, I was there taking pictures and the camera paneled to my front, and I didn't even know it ahhahah.

for some articles, check out Mark's take on 3G event
his blog link here

Go Beerkada @ Gloria Jeans Coffee
complete album link -->

on the other side of the coffee shop, me and the others are reading the adult magazine for geeks ahhahah, take a closer look on the main cover of the magazine. thanks to mark for sharing his collection.


The UST - Commerce Journal
(The Official Student Publication of the College of Commerce and Accountancy)
Opus: The Literary and Art Seminar, Workshop and Contest

Opus 2005 presents Dibuho

will be on August 28, 2005 (Sunday), 7am - 5pm
at the Commerce AVR (5th flr) & Mezzanine Hall (1st flr),
St. Raymund's Bldg (Commerce Bldg),
University of Santo Tomas


Paulo Melendez (fiction) -- fiction
Jose Torres (Historian/Essayist) -- essay writing
Teofila Sinco (poetry) --poetry

Wilson Tortosa (Battle of the Planets) -- figurative drawing

as speakers for the event.

Contest Winners will receive cash, framed certificates
and have their works published in
The Hub (The Literary and Art Portfolio of the Commerce Journal).

Registration fee
60php for UST Commerce & Accountancy students
100php for other UST students and outside UST participants
* the fee includes snack, lunch and workshop kit

Take your forms from The Commerce Journal Office
at room 500, 5th floor St. Raymund's Bldg (Commerce Bldg)
or on the day of workshop.

Don't miss this chance of meeting the great people
in the literary and art industry.

Tell your friends and anyone who might be interested.

See you in the event!!!

for inquiries, please contact
the Commerce Journal Office at 7313101 loc. 8393
or Kai (09279291231)
Marian (09274539733)

//** Last year we hosted the event with the org and Ryan Orosco and Wilson Tortosa lead the lecture about Comic and Basic Drawing, and also a one week exhibit for the Artists' Den members. too bad that i wasn't notified about this event and they changed the event set up and no more exhibit to hold for their Opus. *//

Thursday, August 25, 2005

click to enlarge

and wow!
I didn't know that she will post the same title in her blog


and yup we will prepare for the promising lovey next year *___* floating....

Trumpex 2005

Trumpeter scale model Exhibit in Megamall Cyberzone, I was surprised to see this exhibit organized by the IPMS, I went to Mega to go shopping for some laptop peripherals when I saw the exhibit.

i love submarines!! they are the coolest armed vehicle

I was about to join the club last February when I was doing some editorial work for the cancelled hobby magazine and they invited me at their monthly meetings in U.P. Diliman, I was so upset when I failed to attend their meetings and they even contacted me tru email and told me why I didnt arrived, I just told them that the magazine's publishing company failed to send me some money and support to interview and visit them.

but im glad that the group is still here to promote our pinoy talents in plastic modelling. I met one of the member back 2003, during the Star Wars convention I organized with Star Wars Philippines. that was the first time I discovered about IPMS, coz they told me If I'm interested to invite them to host some exhibits. But I got the card and told them last Feb 2005 about the magazine and the Toycon.

check out the photo album of my exhibit coverage for Trumpex 2005
view and click the link -

to know more about the group you can check out their website here

The Ultimate Gregorio Sightings

all photos were from the Beerkada booksigning in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta. The venue was occupied by artists, fans, comic readers, and also coffee lovers. Lyndon did a week long appearance and art show featuring his book comic title Beerkada.

His loyal fans called "the Beerkadets" went there to support his work and also took a peak at Syeri Baet's comic Carpool ehheh, we joked around in Beerkada's forum board posting Lyndon Sightings, topic is about when you see Lyndon you should post pics of him when you see him in other place, stolen shots of him is a good points to all readers aahhaa and the master mind of this thread was ME! haaahahah.

while on the other side I was with Mark on the corner with other friends reading Mark's new magazine, it was like a small artists reunion and I' happy to see them all.

this coming friday catch Syeri Baet's Carpool booksigning and also it will be her birthday celebration. The booksigning will have a live band performance.
it will be more fun when we gather together at Gloria Jeans Coffee Shopwise Araneta.

view and check out the photos here

my USB flash drive ran out of space
i'll upload more photos tomorrow! but for now just enjoy some pics I uploaded today

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Harry Potter lecture @ UP ACLE

friends from the Pinoy Harry Potter club will conduct a lecture and talk in U.P. Diliman Alternative Class Learning Experience tomorrow Aug 25. check out the poster for details. Ms. Meann Ortiz, Gary Mayoralgo, Prof. Frances and Edwin will host the lecture together with other club members in their Hogwarts student outfit hahaha. visit Meann's blog here for details the lecture is presented by Pinoy Harry Potter and the International Club of University of the Philippines.

check out some of this poster designs that are posted in all over U.P.

just click the image to view the large version

Blogging Back!
waahaha Im back from the land of no post and I'l post some updates here before my midterm exam starts this thursday and and on monday next week will be the start of my final term, So I have to burn lots of brain cells in order to pass all my subjects..sniff sniff.. my math subjects are getting difficult.

Last week was a project week and submission of group work for my Natsci class and it was a funny experiment here at my home, and also lots of load of programming projects for my computer class, my hands are getting tired already I just felt it one time that my hands are still sleeping and I think its like a keyboard burn (opps new term), I mean hands and fingers got tired and stressed because of the frequent use of it with a keyboard, and also there's a mouse burn, black markings located at the side of your wrist, it forms a black band on the side.

Image hosted by
another sleepless night last week as I helped Lace and her groupmates in their thesis and I did lots of layouting stuff and also some flash presentation, I was disappointed in my work, coz Im using the old version of Swish v.2 , and I'm not good using the old version and it has only few effects for flash animations.
but the thing is... Its done and everyone is happy that their oral defense is over and minor revisions had to be done this week.

and its nice to stay overnight at Lace place, means more fun and I can see Anya more, ahhhah cutie! awwwww

I've been doing some freelance job, and thanks to Ms. Irene Mendoza, President of Vianet Webdesigns of Seattle, USA for trusting me to join their team in making web based flash and flash presentation. its a good paying gig and now I'm waiting for a new project that is to be composed using flash. and its sad that the other project that I want was turned over to other developers.but its okay I can still grab some more projects. and yes! I love the job!

Komikon na kayo!

Image hosted by
(unofficial) poster draft design, but never made it as the official poster coz we need ask pa sa mga comic creators for using their orig characters for he Komikon poster. layout by Jon of

Komikon is nearly coming and the event needs sponsors so if you people know some company who might be interested in sponsoring an event just tell us and we will send out a sponsorship letter, The Artists Den are organizing the event in full super power and helping them is greatly appreciated. and for me i haven't finished the Komikon website, and I used as the website interface for running the Komikon website. My template is still dead, but I dont want to rush things and I want my web template be good and hmm simplier.

The Guild Wars event

click photo to enlarge

I was informed by Henry one of my avatar in the community, that Guild Wars local is using the Toycon's cosplay rules for their cosplay contest, I was alarmed on that incident and I emailed the organizers of AMDG, the distributor for Guild Wars, and i told them about the incident, I told them to change and remove the cosplay rules coz it is copyrighted and it can only be used for the Toycon event, coz they forgot to delete this one rule in their draft "8.Live Action Figure Cosplayer winners will be", something like that, so it looks pretty obvious and its a 99% copy of our rules that was formulated by me and Henry way back of Toycon 2004.

its nice that they replied to my email and now we arranged a good agreement and relationship and what I did was to pass on the duties to Henry, so we gave now our permission to use the rules, coz changing it might cause some troubles from the participants, coz the rules were already posted in all online boards. and now the other cosplay judges for their event will be me or Henry.
thanks to them for inviting me to atttend their event.

** plugging **
Guild Wars Cosplay Competition

Rules for Cosplay Contest

1.We have 1 category - the Individual cosplay
Teens/Adults - 13 yrs old above

2.Registration for Cosplay will start at 10:00 AM, August 28, 2005 and end of registration will be at 2:00 PM.

** real live weapons and harmful props are not allowed **

At the Registration, contest participants must fill up a form with their name, and character portrayed in their costume and later they will be given their entry number.

3. Cosplayers who signed up before 2:00 PM will be the official contest participants.

4. Cosplay CatWalk presentation and judging will start at 6pm. Cosplayer who are not present at the Cosplay Catwalk will be disqualified.

5.At the Cosplay Catwalk, each cosplayer contest participants can present their costume to the judges and to the public for only 1 minute on stage.

6.Judges will select 5 semi finalist and later will be presented at the finals at 8pm for the grand winner.

7. Criteria for Judging are
50% = Accuracy and Craftsmanship
40% = Projection and Stage Performance
10% = Audience Impact

8. Costume Play Contest winners will be:

Best GUID WARS Costume Player
People's Choice Award

Online Pre-registration for Individual Cosplay

To give convenience to the cosplay participants, we would like to encourage to pre-register their cosplay entries. Pre-registration will not guarantee a slot to the official list of cosplay participants and one still needs to verify their entries during the registration but however one doesn't need to fill-up a form if he/she has already pre-registered.

Please fill out one form per costume.

* Full Real Name:
* Stage Name (Optional):
* Age:
* Contact Number(s):
* Your Costume Play Character:
* Optional - You can attach a picture of your costume to check for entry eligibility.

send your Online Pre-registration via email to

Pristontale Grand EB Party

Image hosted by
yup yup, our party goer online game will have their own grand eb party and it will be one big happy grand eb party, I was informed about this by Netplay, and they proposed a cosplay event that I will managed, but after the phone talk and IM's they never called me about getting it managed coz I didnt declare an amount of talent fee for my managing services ahahaa..
It happens already the 2nd time , when the Fete Dela Musique was intimidated to my amount of talent fee, but I haven't declared it yet, but everytime when someone like to proposed an event, I always tell them that they can talk to me for negotiations or talk to my manager which is very strict hahhahaha...

so lets stop the long chat and visit the party!!!

Image hosted by

** plugging **


Event Full Details:

This costume competition is open to all Filipinos, player or non-player of PristonTale Philippines.

A. Mechanics

No registration fees required.
All participants should register in the PTP registration booth during the event proper starting 10am.
Please call 230-8755 loc.157 for pre-registration. Look for Christy or Gale. Pre-registration starts from August 22-September 2.
All costumes must be relevant only to PristonTale (characters, NPCs, monsters, etc.).
The Board of Judges shall resolve any administrative or technical problem that may arise during the contest and judging process. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and unappealable.
B. Prizes

In addition to the Certificates of Appreciation that all participants will receive, The following prizes will be awarded:

1st Place - Php3,000
2nd Place - Php2,000
3rd Place - Php1,000
* For participants who have PTP accounts.

C. Criteria for Judging

30% - Craftsmanship
20% - Visual Presentation
20% - Stage Presence
20% - Relevance to PristonTale
10% - Audience Impact
100% - Total

ls repeat after me!

an email was sent to me a while ago and I answered it and its cool that the UNIBERSO CD is one hot tamales for all poetry lovers. he asked me where did I bought the CD album, I know that the CD is already out of circulation, coz I bought the cd 2 years ago during its launching party in Millenia cafe,. so for those who want a copy of the UNIBERSO.

just read the contact info below :

Saturday, August 20, 2005

back home!
Im back home! and its time for me to work again!
lots of stuff needs to do and some freelance gig!.

i missed the Rochestra last night, and my friend Therese texted me and said that she will give me free tickets again. and poor me i was so busy and i can't attend the concert.

ok guys see later!

and some commercial!

Carpool Coffee Trip
@ Gloria Jeans Coffee

check out and visit Syeri Baet's Carpool Comic book signing inside Gloria Jeans Coffee located in Shopwise Araneta Cubao.

read poster for more info!

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 18, 2005

case closed!
re: my last entry, everything is fine and ok. Im at their HQ and Il spend the night here and will go home before the sunrise comes up.

The Roasted Calf mystery
and for the latest komikon update:

the Artists' Den explain briefly on whats the idea for having a weird theme for the independent comic competition. Many people are confused and got lots of questions about the theme.
read below and find out why.

Submit 3 copies of your entry to:
132 A Narra Street, Project 3,
Quezon City, Philippines

Criteria for Judging:

• 40% Visual narrative
- Knowledge and application of the visual language of comics.

• 30% Story
- Concept and integration of the given theme in a cohesive and entertaining tale.

• 20% Presentation
- Expertise in comic book production. This includes legibility, quality of reproduction, and overall tech savvy.

• 10% Overall impact
- This refers to how all of the elements unite to form a solid comic book.

Regarding the theme for this year's Indie Komiks Theme:

This is a scanned image of the rules and regulations the administrators of UP Diliman's Bahay Ng Alumni gave us. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY knows the real reason for it being banned (including their students).
That's where you guys and girls come in to try and supply the "urban legend" explanation for rule #6!

It could be funny, it could be serious, it could be horrifying, it could be romantic, it could be a tear-jerker, it could be one that borders on sci-fi or fantasy.

Just tell us why! The more you convince us or the wilder it is, the better!

For more info just send your inquiries to

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i was accused of something that i didnt do

im not a fucking cheater!

I'm so hot headed yesterday and its like im a walking volcanodamn. i didn't enjoy watching the movie.
I wish I ate more pastaI wish I went to Timezone to play Sonic blastman
i wish I stayed in school
I wish I didnt enrolled in my earth science class so that i can avoid the school project and avoid the rant of the other one who doesn't think
i wish Im married so that this stuff can stop
I wish I'm dead so that i can no longer feel bad again.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

3G the Technology Party :
Gears, Gizmo and Gadget

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I was wrong about the event and by attending it, all my questions were answered. the event was FUN ! I was with Marc "the barbarian" Cerbo, we talked about this online that we attend and check it out. we went there at 8pm and the gate was open at 4pm, so we were there in a perfect time coz Mojofly was about to start to perform live.

Image hosted by
also they got lots of cool and hi tech stuff, I was amazed to see the Jansport booth featuring their new bags, shoe line and that cool laptop jansport!
also MSI displays some stuff like the wireless internet router and the walking cinema, its a portable DVD player. lots of tech stuff was on display and demo, also cars, internet subcriptions.

Image hosted by
while we watch the band Mojofly, me and Mark went amok using our digicams as we shoot everything that we see and spot the nice shot for our own fun. and also they got this electronic raffle and I dragged us down there to submit and complete the stampped passport ticket to all booth attendees so that we can join the raffle.

and as my calculations are correct, few people will participate and theres a big chance of winning that - prizes are - walking cinema, wireless routers, and some gift packs and etc.

after Mojofly, MYMP played last and after that the exciting part was announcing the wnners of the electonic raffle..

and vavavooom !!!

Image hosted by

my name came too early for the walking cinema,
so I won the Linksys Wireless internet router.
and I'm so happy when I got home !
its a perfect match for my laptop and soon plan of DSL connection,.

thanks 3G and to the organizers

Friday, August 12, 2005

meet the parents

Image hosted by
last week I met Lace's Mom and also her family, even that all of them already knows me and I met them already before, her mom is the only on who haven't seen me or met me. So the meet up was great and its nice to be with her family, Its cool coz I join them during lunch and dinner, and its seems like Im part of her family hahhahah (that will be soon).

Been working lately and I just finished the layouting of a 60 page comic for kids and its to act as a one man layout artist, I learned something from doing that gig and its fun to see colorful pages and right now Im starving for colors green, light blue and pink. Its a marathon for me to do that layout and sorry that I can't share you what I did coz the company wants it to b confidential, and its not the official pages but still only a sample for its upcoming release maybe this year or next year.

Daddy Az and baby Anya

I've been visiting Lace to her home in Cavite to help her to finish the thesis, and during that time I'm always there to see baby Anya, she's so cute and always have this high energy to smile and greet people around, I'm so happy to see her to say "Az!", even that I met her twice and this is the very first close encounter with baby Anya. hehehe

Smile to Mommy Lace :)

mind you people, that Anya is girl! ahaha..yup, she had under gone a new hair do last month and as you can see her cuteness when smiling ahhaahha. I know she likes camera too, like us.

Where's my Swishmax huhuhu
Im going to finish one website layout and still Im sad for losing that Swishmax installer and the crack code to disable its trial run. If you know some crack code website for Swishmax ver. 2003 pls email me or message me here, Its very important and I need it for school and some side jobs.

ok one more website design for Lace coming up...

Komikon buzz
hmm..this sunday Website of Komikon will be uploaded, Im working on the layout already (in my mind) and will upload it on sunday, have to upload it before the month ends and the event needs sponsors to make it succesful, the Artists' Den people are now working on their brains and hearts to make the event happen. and it will be first ever pinoy comic event, Im glad that our pinoy artist are very cooperative and their participation for the event is very important, Ariel and the gang did a very good job in handling the event from scratch and I know this event will be the baby project for Artists' Den ever year.

Image hosted by
Artists' Den already finished the members I.D. and the I.D. holder will have 10% discount in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta.
And also the I.D. serves a proof that you are a member of Artists' Den. Thanks to Ariel and his team for putting up the logo and the design of the I.D. and at last for almost 6 years, Artists' Den is now walking like hurricane.

Komikon will be the big break to al pinoy artist.

Azrael Lecture in Far Eastern University

Image hosted by
Az sleeping during Numerical Equation class

My Math teacher in FEU invited me to do a 3 hour lecture in our university on September 20, 2005. The lecture is for the Institute of Arts and Science, I did a 2 hour lecture couple of months ago in an I.T. class discussing about the history of animation, kinds of animation and the introduction of flash animation, 50 4th year students were there to listen and attended.I signed their certificate of attendance for a proof of attending my lecture.

next month will be a busy day for me and right now Im going to start warming up, just to be ready and prepared for my upcoming lecture.

BEERKADA tour in
Gloria Jeans Araneta

Artists' Den starts its events in Gloria Jeans Coffe, Shopwise Araneta Center Cubao.
GJ is now the new venue of Artists' Den, and the meet up of the group is always on Friday evenings starting 7pm onwards.

here Lyndon Gregorio starts the blessing of Gloria Jeans Coffee by hosting a booksigning and art event with the theme of his creation - Beerkada.

The BEERKADA book signing in Gloria Jeans Araneta pushes through! Visit GJ Shopwise Araneta from August 13-19, 1pm onwards and participate in the following activities:

GO-BEERKADA launch and book signing
Saturday, August 13, 2005, 1-6pm

Caricature (Pen and Ink) Session with Lyndon Gregorio
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Aug. 15, 17, and 19, 3-6pm,
with every GJ Araneta Shopwise single purchase receipt of P500

Gallery Exhibit of Works
August 13-19

Wear your Beerkadashirts and meet other Beerkadets!See you there!
For more details, visit the Beerkada Blog.

next Book Launch will "Syeri Baet's CARPOOL"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

from G2 to 3G

August 12 at the Fort Plaza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
Gates open at 4PM. Admission is free.

There's this new event coming this week and I thought it was organized by the MMOG Philippines, this event was informed to me by the organizers of G2 Games and Gadget Show, I was surprised that this event is not their show. If you look at it, its like a semi clone of the event G2 Games and Gadget Show, the only thing here is that they named it 3G Gears, Gadget and Gizmo, hahaha...its funny that people are now cloning some other events.

Im not sure on what's the real story here, but the feeling is not good when your idea and name of your event being copied and I dont like the system of copying, maybe we can call it a reference. 3G might be the next successful event after G2, and I know that everyone will be going here (me too) and to check out the latest gizmo stuff. and for that...G2 might get a good reference for 3G for their next G2 Games and Gadget Show 2006, which I heard that they'll be getting the 3 halls of Megatradehall, more games, gizmo, cosplay, and also they included comics and toys exhibition and display as added attraction to all convention goers.

read 3G Gears Gadget and Gizmo article here

3some spammer

some guy emailed me and damn! its too disturbing to see his email.
Im scared to reply, it might be some sort of email virus that might infect my inbox so I delete it and never reply to it.

Im so mad so here what I do.
here's the photo of this guy ahhahahaa.
Image hosted by

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the launching of
L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Fans Club!

it's AUGUST 28, 2005!
Crisanta Towers, Pasig City

trivia games, karaoke,
acoustic performance by BOTTLED FRAME,
film viewing of "SMILE TOUR" plus among others,
and a whole lots more!!!
plus sale of pre-owned original jrock cds...

see yah there!
P50 entrance fee

Organized by;

//** event posted by request from our friends in the jmusic community.
this event is open to all, esp. to all Laruku fans, be the first to sign up and attend the party, lots of gimiks and games to all, to my sis Joisu, hehehe..punta ka na at sali ka na eheeh *//


Image hosted by
Sugar Free(photos by: Az)

Image hosted by
Cambio (photos by: Az)


Silent Sanctuary
Sugar Free
Twisted Halo

live at the Folk Arts Theater on August 19, 2005
8:00 PM.

Ticket Prices: P975; P630; P350; P175; P75.

//* I heard this ad on the radio, and thanks to my friend Therese for posting it in Friendster. Im so interested to watch this live rock show blended with symphonic music. It will be a very different music and sound tripping to all, I must stay good and super behave in order to attend this once in a lifetime amalgam of music *//

still a headache

Image hosted by
my flash software is gone and im still upgrading the drivers of my laptop, and now im here chatting with the people of for they help me on how to log in my account

too bad that i still dont know what's wrong that i can't log in

i think the requirements is that i have to use a browser IE ver.6 or 7 and Firefox.
but i tried it already and still, I cant logged in.

now im here in school..still lack of sleep.

i cant sleep last night, because of another ghost attack and this time its a female ghost, i dont know what she wants from me..and gettting sick and tired playing as The I See Dead people guy, argh.

but for the bright side, im using my new TV as my new alarm clock. ehehhheh.
it opens up with the alarm time that i want.

Image hosted by
Azrael stars in Total Recall 2

im now wearing my glasses, and sometimes i forgot to wear them.
its hard to live a life with glasses.
but some people say that im still cute..and more cuter than ever...and younger.and sexier and ... and.... ok ok ok..too much compliment ahhahah.

but the thing is..i got rid of my migraine and headaches, but now i still have this minor ones..and i want to get rid of it all.
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