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Saturday, August 20, 2005

back home!
Im back home! and its time for me to work again!
lots of stuff needs to do and some freelance gig!.

i missed the Rochestra last night, and my friend Therese texted me and said that she will give me free tickets again. and poor me i was so busy and i can't attend the concert.

ok guys see later!

and some commercial!

Carpool Coffee Trip
@ Gloria Jeans Coffee

check out and visit Syeri Baet's Carpool Comic book signing inside Gloria Jeans Coffee located in Shopwise Araneta Cubao.

read poster for more info!

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 18, 2005

case closed!
re: my last entry, everything is fine and ok. Im at their HQ and Il spend the night here and will go home before the sunrise comes up.

The Roasted Calf mystery
and for the latest komikon update:

the Artists' Den explain briefly on whats the idea for having a weird theme for the independent comic competition. Many people are confused and got lots of questions about the theme.
read below and find out why.

Submit 3 copies of your entry to:
132 A Narra Street, Project 3,
Quezon City, Philippines

Criteria for Judging:

• 40% Visual narrative
- Knowledge and application of the visual language of comics.

• 30% Story
- Concept and integration of the given theme in a cohesive and entertaining tale.

• 20% Presentation
- Expertise in comic book production. This includes legibility, quality of reproduction, and overall tech savvy.

• 10% Overall impact
- This refers to how all of the elements unite to form a solid comic book.

Regarding the theme for this year's Indie Komiks Theme:

This is a scanned image of the rules and regulations the administrators of UP Diliman's Bahay Ng Alumni gave us. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY knows the real reason for it being banned (including their students).
That's where you guys and girls come in to try and supply the "urban legend" explanation for rule #6!

It could be funny, it could be serious, it could be horrifying, it could be romantic, it could be a tear-jerker, it could be one that borders on sci-fi or fantasy.

Just tell us why! The more you convince us or the wilder it is, the better!

For more info just send your inquiries to

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i was accused of something that i didnt do

im not a fucking cheater!

I'm so hot headed yesterday and its like im a walking volcanodamn. i didn't enjoy watching the movie.
I wish I ate more pastaI wish I went to Timezone to play Sonic blastman
i wish I stayed in school
I wish I didnt enrolled in my earth science class so that i can avoid the school project and avoid the rant of the other one who doesn't think
i wish Im married so that this stuff can stop
I wish I'm dead so that i can no longer feel bad again.

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