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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pinoy Top Blog

whoa! i didnt expected that I'll reach this. Gigi YM'd me and she said that Im already at the top 7 of Pinoy Top Blog, but then when I view the ratings I'm down to number 11..and this is the highest ranking I received in Top Blog. whooaa.

check out

now my mission of reaching to top 1 is getting hotsa! eheeheeh

thanks to all for viewing and reading my blog !!
I'l prepare soon something in return just for all my readers ^___^

Hairy story 2 and
the Philippine Book Fair 2005

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wahh!! I was fooled again by Lace, her hair is not that short, she only gave a trim treatment on her hair and argh!! I was laughing after I saw her awhile ago after my class. and Because of that my new hair do is delayed. coz after that we went to Philippine Book Fair.

Its a super short notice to me, Lace told me on the phone that it was the 1st day of Philippine Book Fair, and too bad that I dont have much cash, coz Im trying my luck if ever I got my money, will buy those super discounted books.

and talk about discounts.. I was right!

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view and look for this book at the Fullybooked area, one cool photo magazine I want to grab eheeh Price: Php1600

the entrance fee is very cheap at Php10 to adults and Php7 for students, just present your school ID. and I think the book fair today is much more good and organized, they got lots of seminars and lectures happening every hour and every day. I think the event will up to Sept 3, so guys and girls prepare and bring your money and check out the latest books and reading material at the book fair.

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talk about discounts here,. I just saw familiar booth names and people at the event, PSICOM Pubslishing booth is one scary booth, coz they have this scary white lady standee floating outside their booth with a theme of a horror booth. Php 20 tag priced items of comics and drawing manuals are for sale. I just bought Cherry Blossom High and Maharlika, and that toilet reading book for Lace. I only got few Pesos to release so I decided that I take those Php 20 items.

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I met Arnel, the publisher of PSICOM, we exchanged again jokes and talkies while I started filling up my bag with my comics haul, and then he gave me a JLA biggie size poster. It was cool to have that talk and freebies ahhahha... also we discussed some short topics about Komikon and I think PSICOM will be there too. and also thanks to Arnel for the warm welcome to their booth and thanks for the super sale comic info he told me the location of the ALL DC COMICS SUPER SALE STORE. ehehe which will be my next mission to haul again more currect comic titles in super discount.

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next discount story is Central Comic Headquarters or called CCHQ, they have a booth there and slashing tag price of --- discount of 50% off in all comics, anime manga, and artbooks. and again ,. I dont have that money to buy, and I expect to have good stock on my next return at the book fair, wishing that those Trade Paper Backs are still available.

Lace grabbed her next book to read "Citizen Girl", with a 20% discount off from Fullybooked, and she's happy to have that, and I think she will return at the fair. and we talk not only books but taking photos also.

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here's another photo of our favorite segment..
photo ops with the mascot.
me and Lace can fill up and start a big album of photos of us with Mascots ahhahahahah. those mascots are so cute ahhahaha.

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Go! honey Lace! pay my FHM magazine hahaha.tnx muah!

and then my cool haul from the fair is a copy of the September issue of FHM wohoo! thanks to my super lady love Lace for the purchase and for that we got a free back issue of Preview magazine.
all magazines purchased inside the Summit booth has a free back issue of any magazines, well except WITCH and FHM. wrap up my post...It was a good day for the two of us after that magical trip to the milky way.. our adventure ended at Lace's home we checked and read our book fair hauls and after that Im here now at home using my PC...

aww.w...too bad that I wasn't allowed to attend Bianca King's autograph signing tomorrow... but its okay... I'l just wait for Lace's autograph soon if she joined the FHM GIRLS NEXT DOOR hehe yup she wants to join so here now I must practice to photo shoot her in a sexy way wearing her bikini...and hmm..

click to enlarge

here's a page of Bianca King in September 2005 issue of FHM
(I'm a good boy and I dont want to scan all those pages ahhahah)
heres a teaser only! go buy now a copy! dont end up reading the stuff in all Powerbooks branch aahahh (points to.*tooot*)

for more easy interpretation of my story of the Philippine Book Fair. check out my photo album here

and also check out Lace's own takes about the Book Fair at her blog

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hairy Story
tomorrow will be my hair cut day and I waited for this since Sunday and at last I will have my hair cut. Lace also has her own new hair cut style. And she cut her hair awhile ago and she went to the salon coz she got lots of time to waste, so she went there to kill time. so sad that we agreed to go to the salon together..
and Im shocked when she told me her hair result.


so I guess this pic below will be the last long hair of my lady love.
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Liquid TV

another blog site for all those who likes to watch anything...

the link is

view and download the latest photos and videos

coming up soon!
il be trying to upload some of my short films, news, and other naughty graphic material that will keep you entertained.

pay per view coming up soon also..
im still thinking what to upload for the pay for download section


FHM September 2005

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Her reign's upon us!

In this issue, the queen of our Bikini Heaven special, Bianca King, is holding court!

Get a chance to chat with her live on our FHM Web Chat tomorrow, August 31, 2005. Just log on to at 5PM. See you guys online!

Plus! Don't miss her autograph signing this coming Friday, 8PM, September 2, 2005 at Eastwood, Libis.

//* yes! yes! I'm going to grab my copy! wahahhah!!!
and ohhh...and I will try to go to her autograph signing!

I'll buy one copy tomorrow!

but wait!! there's an online chat with her tomorrow!! oh my! *//

Monday, August 29, 2005

First Trip

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its Syeri Baet's CarPool First Trip booksigning in Gloria Jeans Coffee and also an extension of her birthday celebration. Friends and fans of her book enjoyed th 3 day event inside the cafe.

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I went there at the last day of the event to support my fellow Artists' Den-mate, and also to see my friends who hangs out at the venue, its funny coz I started to play some Simpsons animation episodes in my laptop and then after some minutes Gloria Jeans was infested by laughing and giggling Simpson viewers ahaahhah.

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thanks to the Beerkadets for supporting the book event, they supported not only Beerkada but also Carpool, I saw some of them bought Lico's Fifty Peso Ninja comics.

The starving Artists Den, fed generously by Beerkadet Jinky and Kai (thanks!)
photos from :

Also thanks to Jinky and the Beerkadets for treating us KFC bucket meals! and whoa...during that night we ate the chicken, rice, mashed potatoes with our hands ahhahaa. we massacred the chicken infront of GJ.

During the book event every 8pm-11pm there's a live band performance and the venue was filled with artist, musician, and fans of the comic book. Also some new readers tries out the comicbook compilation Carpool.

thanks to GJ for the venue and Artists' Den for organizing the event. maybe soon my FAN's day will be held in Merryland Fan's Day ahhahaha.

check out the photo event album here
click click click -->

and Syeri Baet's website
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