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Friday, November 11, 2005

more superman returns photos!

the big boy blue is back!!
and now more photos are in line in its official website

the coming months will be exciting, and the Trailer will be played front with the Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire movie.

and the fun begins! as we started for a Superman Returns: Focus in this blog.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

the different dimension

Im here in school enjoying my free usage of internet,and I forgot that I already had the privelege to use it last semester and last summer class, so that time I already wasted 40 hours of free internet usage, and now I only got 20 hours free usage for this semester.

The internet lab is cold and neat, I like it here, its a best place where I can think, write and research, but too bad that I only had a limit of 20 hours per semester.

no YM, no chikka and no chats here. but opening and reading my mail is one of primary use in this facility.

and now!!!

Enter the Library
Im happy! because I finally used the University Main Library! wohohohooh!!!
i did it!! ahahhaha.
its funny coz I never used the library for almost 8 years already and this will be one the biggest achievements I made ahhahhahaa.entering and using the library!

well..except that I did use the DLS- St. Benilde Library (and it is I think of the best library ehehe)

right now! I made a resolution that I will use the library every time I need to.
and yeah! I scanned it and they had comics and novel books! hoohoh..
read read all about it!

My lunch

yup that's my lunch, and its so hot and spicy ahhahaha..I saw one can of SPAM under our canned goods cabinet and I'm so happy to see one and with the Palm Corn Beef and Campbells soup, they sat there for already a month waiting for a good boy like me to pick it up, open it, cook and digest it. This is one packed lunch I will never forget wohooh..

Ang Panday TV

the old Panday movie of FPJ

I missed the start of the tv series of Ang Panday last night, coz i slept early and I only catch a few glimpse of the 1st episode, and actor Philip Salvador play as Flavio the Panday, inserts the sword into the church's top bell and then later he went to heaven, and then short cameo of Tristan, the new panday played by Jericho Rosales.. I read some good reviews of this on the net and the series is promising.... hope it beats DARNA.

I'm a super fan of Panday, and during my elementary days I already watch all the movie of FPJ and also I watched the "Dugo ng Panday", a follow up movie that contains the new holder of the Panday sword, that is more likely to happen in the Tv series.

know more about the pinoy hero Ang Panday
visit here -

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the attack of the tag spammer monkey!
Funky Monkey kumain ng saging!
Funky Monkey sumabit sa bagi!

and now...we dont like ugly punkee monkeys like that person who posted some below the belt messages about me and my gf, and what a poor person, I hope that that person finds he's way out of his jungle.

for the moment people! I disable the tag board for safety purposes and to all your messages you can email me or txt me.

and to that person.. with out a name, fantasizes that she/he from the past ( that didn't really happend)
what a born loser you are dude!!!
hope ya get a life and continue to plant more coconuts in order to get money to use the internet hahahahah

that monkey! one big COWARD for not revealing his name in my website.!
i got already some short info about that person, but the investigation still continues.. hahahaha

we dont know you yet.

but crime does not pay ...

and also...Lace said that "hindi daw sya pumapatol sa mga jologs na katulad mo hahhaha..kaya stop day dreaming na naging gf mo sya or what. " in other words." kas kas mo na lang yan sa pader"

hahahahah.. i love killing people online!! hohohoh!!!

ang jologs mo!! ahahhahaa Posted by Picasa

Spider-Man 3 villain 1st photo

Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko aka SANDMAN

ok! we saw 1 photo already and that means 2 more photos of the other 2 Spider-Man 3 villains, namely Venom and Hobgoblin. Juicy info came from now we are on the monitor mode for this movie that will be release on May 2007 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yahoo! Mail WORM Alert !

this thing circulates in all yahoo mail account holders, so dont dare open and click any link of unknown sender or known sender that contains "MAIL DELIVERY FAILURE". just delete it and dont open the links or download the .zip attachments.. its a worm !! or we can say its a virus!

for example :

From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert <---from known senders
Subject: Mail Delivery (failure
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 15:46:39 +0800
If the message will not displayed automatically,
follow the link to read the delivered message.

Received message is available at: <-----DONT CLICK THIS LINK !!

Important Virus Information Recently, there have been reports of theW32.Beagle.J@mm/W32/Bagle.j@mm worm viruses spreading quickly across email networks.

Infected attachments may come in the form of the following files: .zip or .pif. The .zip file contains a password-protected .exe file with the 5-digit password mentioned in the email. In addition, the email that is sent out by the worm will contain a forged email address in the "From:" field of the email header beginning with one of the following:

  • management@
  • administration@
  • staff@
  • noreply@
  • support@

Therefore, email users may receive an infected message and it may appear to have come from a familiar domain, when in fact, it came from a totally different source. (Note: The forging of the email header may also result in users receiving "Failure Delivery" messages for messages they never sent out. If you receive such a message, we encourage you to just delete it.)


Toy Fest award for TransFormers Philippines

Presented by Kidz Station to TransFans Philippines for the support of Toy Fest 2005

This trophy is awarded to Transfans Philippines for supporting and promoting Kidz Station's very first Toy Fest 2005 held on September 24 & 25, 2005 at the Rockwell Tent.

**congratulations for the mighty team up of all members for managing the booth last Toy Fest.
and I know people are waiting for the group show and gimik for the upcoming Toycon 2006 Posted by Picasa

Food Monsters Trip to the Manila Zoo

welcome ya' all, me and Lace went to Manila Zoo last saturday and it will mark the end of our vacation and the start of my 2nd semester has already started, enjoying the trip seeing our animal friends and hang out with zoo visitors had filled our last vacation a superb! hahahaha.

The plan was to go swimming, but Lace wanted to go to the Zoo, and then here we are! too bad that the Manila Zoo is not maintain well, lot of animals like Lions, Giraffee, Bears are already gone, some of them maybe dead or sick, the last time I saw the giraffee was 2 years ago and the Lion too, maybe the manila officials should have to do something fixing and maintaining the zoo, coz the area are old and the cages are rusty and dirty. how sad to see some of them all alone in their cages. with noises all over the area, radios in high volume, the ice cream seller music in every place, food vendors and

hope they put up a zoo guide in every place. some zoo visitors are still throwng garbages in the animals den, while others feed the animals which is prohibited. hay... we enjoyed seeing the animals and taking photos
but I hope on our next return we expect to see some changes, so that our future childrens will enjoy too the clean and fun Manila Zoo.. what's the next visit ??
Malabon Zoo?
Avilon Zoo?
hmmmm? hahahaha
Lace said that theres a zoo in Tagaytay....ehhehe wow! i want to go there!!

so here now we plan to go out again this saturday,
The Orchidarium in Luneta and maybe that Floating Resto, i dunno the name but I know its a floating vessel that has restaurants and casino..weeee.

till next post people!!

THANKS FOR THE 100,000 hits!! whoohohohoh Posted by Picasa

weeeee !!!
for an entrance fee of P40 you can enter this new attraction
the Kinder Zoo, you can pet the animals and play with them
birds and small animals are free to roam the small area
kids and adults can take this short tour to be in contact with animals
and also being guided and educated by a zoo guide person Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm back!!

Image hosted by
awwwww happy family daw ahahahaha

and i feel great after that vacation trip and stay at my gf's house. it seems that in an instant i got transformed into a ala pinoy big brother housemate hahahaha.
it was fun staying there all we did is eat, rest, watch tv and play.

Image hosted by
two mammals do the ritual way of saying " i love you"

the 1st day of vacation was so exciting, no need to stay up early and all we need is to recharge our energy and reserve it for the upcoming work days. on the other day we started to clean their house, and I almost got an accident after that running the floor polisher, coz its my first time to use it, and learn the way on how to floor wax and move a giant rug. after that tiring day we treated our selves fof jollibee yum yum foods, thanks to Tita Sally for the grub all energies are restored.

the following day was our body rest day but we can't waste the time of vacation so Liza pop out from upstairs and set up a playstation with dance pad. Dance Dance Revolution!!!!, we danced all day and play until we get flooded by sweat, too bad for me that I have to wear socks coz the dance pad always sticks to my foot when ever I jump ahahaha, Lace says that I look like Jollibee mascot when dancing...ahhahah... (while her is like a jumping duck ahahh kidding honey~~~)

then the body punishment hasn't ended, Liza invited us to play badminton outside their house. I can't say no, coz we want to play that day , so we play...
I hit so hard on that shuttlecock also i call it a "pato or pamato" in tagalog hahahah. and again I hit it so hard that I already felt all my bones in my body are beginning to stretch, also a good exercise for me, my body havn't experience any major physical exercise for the past year. so this is a good time to stretch.

and that leaves me and Lace to play until 6pm, while her sister Liza, stayed indoors to rest and eat, after that game it was the best bathe that I have, the cold shower washes away my body heat and I feel the hot water below my fingers drops. oohhh wow.

it was a good vacation and fun, watching tv, playing games, eating, telling ghost stories and etc...from waking up to good night sleep, all I had to keep is a smiling face. hahahahha..

Image hosted by
"a buchikik ek ek ek"

baby Anyanka Mae arrived last saturday, so everyone is excited to see her and we didnt waste any minute, so we went to her and play with her toys ahhaha..its funny that I play Sponge Bob Square Pants voice while playing with Anya, I can't laugh at my self but all my focus is to keep the baby happy and enjoy playing ahahahah..

whew! lots of stories to tell, but to note it my sembreak was fun and thanks to my lady love honey Lace for letting me stay to their place.
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