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Friday, November 18, 2005

first task complete!
We just watched the movie Goblet of Fire and its one of the best Harry Potter film after Prisoner of Azkabhan, and whoa! more great actions on the upcoming film,
and by watching it last wednesday we got a free HP:GOF pocket calendar, a collectible print by SM Cinemas and too bad that they only give one copy for ticket holder of 3.

I'm not a good reviewer of Harry Potter movies, but all I can say is that if you are a book lover etc.etc.same treatment as it goes like in the Lord of the Rings "dont expect it all to happened in the film", but if you are a movie goer you will definitely enjoy the movie, just dont forget to watch the previous trilogy of HP.
as for me.. failed to complete the half of the movie of Prisoners of Azkabhan, so here I am looking for videos to watch this coming weekend.

Speaking of weekend, it means no classes and work for us food monsters. Plan for going out is tentative so we might stay indoors playing or watching TV.

I've been reading all this comic previews in the internet and damn! where I have been, coz there's this chaos happening in the DC and MArvel Universe. in DC the hot saga of the Infinite Crisis, which was labeled to be the sequel of Crisis on Infinite Earth and the new series is so hot that some of the superheroes are dying and a revealation of something that will change the whole DCU for the coming year, and in MArvel its the Decimation series and House M or whatever it was called, short stuff - death of half of the mutant population and some of them had ran out of mutant powers.. and one more..rise of the sentinels.

and its a kaboom...!!!!
and now I'm having a hardtime searching for story summaries of this two sagas.
and the price of comics now are expensive compare to the era that I buy comics every week and the comic back then was cheap.

oh well... just buzz me on what happened on the comic universe.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pinoy Harry Potter Promotes "HP&GOF"
at Edsa Shangrila Mall

from Mistress Farrah Mistress Farrah

photo from

Members of Pinoy Harry Potter will be at the Shangri-la EDSA Plaza Mall this weekend, November
19-20. We'll be in our costumes and we'll help promote "Goblet of Fire" at the Shang Cineplex.
We'll set-up a recruitment table at the Cineplex level, but you'll most likely see costumed members
roaming around the mall.

Newbies and lurkers are invited to come and mingle with us and meet your local fellow Potterfans!
See you there! :)

my first task

"harry! I am your father!!"

ooppss!!! thats not a lightsaber!!

yup! we will troop down tonight to the movie theater to watch Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire
I know that movie is much better than the 3 previous movies of HP, and I kept my book and haven't started to read it last year, got lazy in reading the book coz I know there will be a movie coming this year.
so the long wait is over.... my first task for today the movie ahhhahahaa

creature features!!!
lots of it in this movie!!

and all of them had grown up
lalalalalalala.........Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Swimming in Divi

we went to Divisoria last saturday and its like a warzone in there!
people are everwhere shopping to the last minute and still never leave the area empty handed, we do shop around and Lace with her Aunt Yeyey and household Ana enjoyed the trip to Divisoria and we went home tired and won the war. I think it was Lace's first time to be in Divisoria, I accompanied them to 168 Mall, were they shopped for new bags, shirt and shoes. I found this really cheap item for only P30, its a portable massager, it comes with 4 different kinds of pins or needles that used to massage the different parts of the body, its pretty obvious that a 2nd meaning for the use of that massager. which for I know costs around P700 (with a smiley face)

The plan last saturday is that we go swimming in Cavite, but a big change of plan and then we tour the whole day in Divisoria. and darn!! its the monstrous traffic I ever encountered in Divi since High School ahhahha.

still we dream of going to Fisherman's Farm resort.
another target place for our weekened hang out.

so..maybe another plan to go next sat is the mall of St. Francis Square, thats the new tianggee mall at the back of Megamall. I haven't been there yet and we saw it on TV that the place is good and near, just like in Podium.
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