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Friday, December 02, 2005

X-men 3 movie Screenshot!

Source: Superhero Hype! November 28, 2005Superhero Hype! got an early peek at the Fantastic Four DVD and we've taken a few screenshots of the X-Men 3 sneak preview that is included.Marvel Studios' Avi Arad mentions that Wolverine will have to do what he dislikes the most... become a leader. We also see Wolverine/Mystique being injected with something in the storyboards, Magneto breaking prisoners out of cells, and the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed and being redirected towards Alcatraz.20th Century Fox will release the anticipated third film, directed by Brett Ratner, on May 26, 2006.The Fantastic Four DVD will be available on December 6

/* ehehehe exciting na yung movie di ba? now I wait for other photos to be released. and also waiting for some spidey 3 scoop! */

A Perfect Liar is a Perfect Spy

Recruited by the U.S. government for their unique ability to lie, cheat and fight, Amy, Max, Janet and Dominique join an underground academy of secret agents known only as D.E.B.S. These crime fighting hotties set out to save the world and keep their lipstick perfectly applied while doing so. Now the girls must combine their skills for their most important mission- to capture vexing vixen Lucy Diamond, the deadliest criminal the world has ever known. When D.E.B.S. star player, Amy, falls for Lucy, chaos erupts and the D.E.B.S. loyalty is put to the test.

/* I bought this DVD movie and we watched it last night, I bought coz Lace wants to see Devon Aoki again, and I never heard about this movie and it says on the net that it was shown in theaters last March, so here I am still got a hang over after watching the movie D.E.B.S.

and now it will be resting in my movie collection!, the movie is funny and too sassy, girls in school uniform are working as spies and undercover agents and their attitude as rich and kikay never fades, the content of the movie is good. what we see is the real world and to everyone that it sometimes ends up with a happy ending.
yup! as a happy happy me!! .hahhaha...damn!!! this is the hottest lesbian movie I ever watched since Boy's Dont Cry. and whoa!! Jordana Bewster is one hot lezzz!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

a ghost in class

example pic.....

its was an exciting day today in class it was 12nn that we started our political science class then suddenly, our classroom door went opened and closed and my professor noticed it and told us that we have a visitor, she began to chill and got weakened while she discuss us the subject and later on I look around to see if theres any unseen visitor again.

at first I didnt see it, but then I removed my eye glasses, touched and push my forehead, well its like a habit for me if I like to activate my so called 3rd eye,
and then I look around again and there it go......... I saw a mist in the middle of the clas, two rows after me. (if you imagine can see an invisible a watery air...parang ganun!)

then my prof. discuss us what she sees, and then I told her that I sense it too, and also two of my classmates felt it.

its a ghost sucking energy of some sort.
coz my prof said that she felt weak after she see's it.

its a one chilling experience

and I told them that the 5th floor of the Science Building of FEU is once a morgue for medical students during the old times.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Date in the middle of the garden

it was friday that we celebrated our 11th month and almost got tired of searching a perfect place to do the happy rituals of a loving couples. so Lace got the idea to that we do it in Orchidarium.

The place is quiet and we like it, coz we are the only people eating there at night and the breeze of the plants are cold. A pianist playing soft music ask us if we like to make a request. we joked that what if we requested a "Panday theme song" ahhahaha. Pasta is the best.. the food recharges me, coz I loved pasta!!

the real plan was to dine at the roof deck of CSB Hotel. and once we got there early, the manager told us that the place is reserved at the last minute., we walk out with disappointment, then we went down to the Orchidarium to continue our evening romance heheheheh... (now we like to try it out again in CSB Hotel rood deck this weekend, me cross fingers!) Posted by Picasa

St. Francis Square Mall

its shopping time!!!
we planned well this moment and glad that we made it. there are lots of obstacles came in our way last sunday.
its like a video game, you'll journey on the way and there are situations that will block your road and will slow you down going to the place you want to go.

we stand while riding the bus, long mrt line for the ticket, hot weather and more.
but it didnt ruined our day coz we made it going to the mall. I almost cried when we arrived in Megamall.
never been to Mega after a month or more i think, so we went there to juiced up and headed to St. Francis Square mall.

The tv feature of the mall really convince us to go, good reviews and tsismis about the shopping tiangge.
after stepping inside, was surprise to see the whole place. its like Greenhills and Starmall hahahahhaa.
but compare the price in 168 Mall and St. Francis, you can tell that its a lot more cheaper in St. Francis.
Lace scored a P100 shoes, and buy one take one shirts worth P170,.

we spotted a Pinoy Big Brother shirt, P300 for female size and P350 for the male size, too bad it is expensive for us to buy so we let it pass. then again saw some boxer shorts at P100 each, will get that back soon after I got my money from Santa Clause.

The place is not fully occupied by booth sellers, maybe on mid December it will be full. and expect a jam packed of people buying for their xmas gifts. RTW section already reached the 3 floor, while the top floor is like a ghost town coz, cellphones and computers are sold in that area. for about 5-8 stalls only present.

so went home happy.
for the rise of that tiangge shopping haven at the back of Megamall A. Posted by Picasa

Into the Wardrobe: A Narnia Event

Lucy. Aslan. Caspian. Tirian. Shasta. Aravis. You've met them all. You've been to Calormen, to Archenland, to Dragon Island, the Professor Kirke's house, to Cair Paravel, to Charn. Now join us on December 10 and 17 at Fully Booked in Power Plant mall as we all see our friends from C.S. Lewis' imagination again.

The Philippine Order of Narnians and Fully Booked invite you to Into the Wardrobe, a celebration of all things Narnian and of all things C.S. Lewis. Relive the wonder and the magic with centaurs, nymphs, kings and queens, and other Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve who love the stories and the man who wrote them. Aslan is on the move!

Saturday, December 10: Further Up and Further In

If the hows and whys are more your cup of tea, then this is for you! The Philippine Order of Narnians hosts a series of lectures that expound on The Chronicles of Narnia, and the life, times and influences of C.S. Lewis.

11:00 - 12NN - Emil Flores, Theology in the Wardrobe
12:00 – 1:30 – membership campaign, video screenings
1:30 - 2:30 - Butch Conde, The Significance of CS Lewis' Stories for Today's Filipino
2:30 – 3:30 - Lorena Santos-Cruz – Visitors of Narnia
3:30 - 4:00 - membership campaign, video screenings
4:00 - 4:30 or 5:00 - Edwin Madera – Costume-making

Join us, and celebrate the power of one lion, and the man behind Aslan's magic.

Saturday, December 17: Into the Wardrobe

Join us as we provide fun for the whole family! Children and the young at heart can join all sorts of games and activities held all over the Fully Booked premises in the Power Plant Mall.

Listen to the tale as if for the first time during the storytelling session. Best others as you prove just how well you know the world created by C.S. Lewis.

11:00 – 1:00 - Registration for activities
1:00 - 2:00 - Storytelling
2:00 - 2:30 - Pin the Tail on the Lion
2:30 - 3:00 - Giveaways
1:00 - 3:00 – Art Contest
3:00 - 4:00 - Trivia contest
3:00 - Announcement of Essay Contest winners
4:00 - 5:00 – Q and A with the cast of the TRUMPETS musical, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

blackout in bacoor

yup its moving now, and the online thing is slow but other work is now moving.
We spent our weekend finising the job for our client and Lace was beside me figuring our that intro for the AVP of a hotel, the deadline for a initial sample is today, Tuesday, the last workload for us was yesterday Monday, everything is ready and 3 more frames and the AVP is done.

at 2pm we took a break and watch a DVD "the 40 year old virgin", I rest and relax for a moment to breath for the nearly finished AVP, but we have to watch the DVD while relaxing, in the middle of the movie, a power failure occured in Cavite, paralyzing all electrical connections on the other side of the town.

our workstation was included. got worried and then later on got lucky that the power came back at 11pm.

then we finished the AVP and now....I wait for revisions for the final touch.

(doing this gig is fun! hahahaahaha)

while amusing our self during the black out.
I spoofed a voice over movie called "black out in bacoor"
and telling stories about alamat ng pinya, tahong, asin and there playing hide and seek with baby Anya (I almost slipped on the floor while running)

Mega Expo prod. diary 1

Im back again! and fresh from Cavite, now I'm here in school doing my assignments
and research for my literature and physics 4 class, and I just found the experience and the understanding (well a little) about that E=mc squared, God bless that this will be ever soon...thanks to you Einstein.

Mega Expo is near and take note thats on Dec 9-11, 2005 inside Megamall, Megatradehall. its not really my event, I didn't organized it but our Toycon organizer group 'Collectibles Unlimited' was invited to be part of the event, so we will be there promoting the hobby and presenting to the public what's cool in the world of collectibles.

The event is organized by Exlink, one of the tradeshow organizers in Megamall, and this year the event will be filled with booth bazaars, pet shows, gift items, and now the newly section called Toys and Hobbies. Toycon exhibitors will be there, I dont know how many booths, but according to our last meeting, last month, that there will be more than 10 booths for the Toycon section.

I was told to help in composing the program for the Toycon segment, Its really hard to accept it, coz the space and ambiance does not belong for the program, but its okay, coz new people will be the audience and will be surprise for the show.

The 501st Legion will be there again and hope that MR. Darth Vader with his troopers won't dance again wearing tights and sandos ahhahahah...oh I think I remember that part of the show....where the hell are the STORMBALLS> but mind you, the 501st Legion is the real thing.. the same thing that you see in the Star Wars movie.

I invited people from the gaming industry to have a short talk about the latest consoles and upcoming consoles, and also games! hoping that we can have a short demo or short game play tourney on sundays.

also I'm working on the exhibit for Guhit Pinoy, those comic artist from UAE, hoping also that I would get in touch asap with Kathang Isip re: the exhibit.

Deviant Art people will be there, I'm having problems on who will be incharge of doing the talk about comics and art. Still I'm thinking of who will be the guest lecturer.

and of course, the most in demand of the show...gulp!!! .... cosplay
I was told by Exlink if it is possible for a cosplay show, so I told them
its easy to manage, but hard to contain them, cosplay community is rapidly growing here so the numbers are getting big when it comes to a certain event that has cosplay. So i got the idea of making a cosplay fashion show, featuring the craft and showmanship of the costumes and the wearer. its a no contest and Im glad that Henry De Dios aggreed to help to produce this event.

so there ya go. vic Yap txted me while ago about a exhibitors meeting at 3pm in Megamall Conference Hall, so if you need more info, you can try to comment here or try to drop at the meeting later this afternoon, I won't be there at the meeing coz I got classess till 6pm so we rescheduled our privy meeting tomorrow to discuss the programs and module for toycon. I wont be exhibiting or selling for the event, school is the first priority, maybe you'll see me all on Dec. 11, 2005 main show of the event.

I'll be posting the schedules of event on my next post.
I;m itching to see that Pet show on Dec 9 at the Mega Expo

Mega Expo
Dec.9-11, 2005
SM Megamall Megatradehall 1-2

entrance fee of the event is Php10.

:) az
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