The Banquet

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i wasn't aware about the story of this movie, all I know that it is a Zhang Ziyi movie and Its a must see movie and I know it is good, we've been waiting for this movie last month. I think my advice is that you should research first about the backside of the story in the internet, I experience a lot of brain twisting puzzle, trying to read the english subtitles clearly and focus more on the visuals. Heres a hint, if you know the story of Hamlet, you'll get the idea, but it is not more like Hamlet, its another story that gives a similarity but when you watch this, you will forget the origin of the backside of it.

I was expecting too much Crouching Tiger and that Daggers-something movie. But this is more different, yes, there are some action scenes, but the setting is more like in the dynasty era, so Im very excited to see how they rule and how they used to live in that era, it was a great cultural exchange for me, Im not sure if they do the same as the old culture, but here in the movie, my popcorn got empty and my big ice tea ran out, and i didnt noticed that my hands are full of cheese powder.

its a good one!
they got me there and the visuals and costumes are great !
everything is impressive. now I get it why they want this movie to be one of the official entry for the Oscar Awards.

Im good, Im pogi and I kick more ass than Jet Li

ok! Im excited for a premiere night treat on Monday.
we will be watching "The Prestige" whoohoh.. Wolverine Vs. Batman Vs. Alfred Vs. Gobling King Vs.Gollum Vs. The Island

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Unknown said…
hala, di ko napansin yon sa "The Prestige" ah. Sino kaya ang mananalo?...Wolverine pa rin ako pero...dami kc gadgets si Batman. AH! Wolverine Wolverine na.