Japanese Bazaar 2006

Lace just saw this ad in a newspaper and I had this interest in japanese items, so we decided that we plan this the day before and head there early in order to get some good buys, I remember that 8 years ago I was invited to a school fair in Manila Japanese School in BF 2 Paranaque and there It was my first time to be exposed in a japanese community, in there I used my knowledge for the first time having a short conversation with real japanese, it seems a little bit difficult coz they talk so fast. im glad that they are nice and hospitable.
also its my first time to see a japanese inide rock band playing on stage. in there I just bought a box of manga comics priced at P1.00 each :)

ok for the present japanese bazaar 2006. I was very disappointed and I expected too much in their bazaar.
no mangas, no comics, posters, no anime, no japanese tshirts, shoes and everything that we like to see that it is not so common here in Manila. i found only are japanese toilet bowls, cars, jars, condominium and tiangee items.

when we saw that, we decided to eat our lunch at Teriyaki boy.

then we pose a pic with a bridge and standees.

funny,, the ad has no contact numbers and also time of the bazaar.
but i guess they might have some cool items on the other day.
but I wont go back there to check it out.

you can view some of our photos here

Sakura Lace

Az beats E.Honda and Yokozuna

meal lunch for the day.....japanese style

booths and booths and booths... misyel and lace

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