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Friday, January 06, 2006

Narnia event

Narnian Costume Contest
The Philippine Order of Narnians invites you to join the Narnian Costume Contest at Shangri-la Plaza Level 5, at 4:00 PM on Sunday, 8 January 2006. This contest is open to the general public. To register, send an email to Rej Layug at with your name, age, phone number, and the name and the picture of the character you are portraying. All contestants must register in order to participate in the contest. Registration will end at 3:00 PM on Sunday, 8 January 2006, at The Philippine Order of Narnians booth in Shangri-La Plaza Level 5. The contest rules will be emailed to registered participants.

There will be two categories for the contest: Kids - 12 years old and below, and Adults- 13 years old and above. For more information about the costume contest, email Francis Pasion at, or send an SMS to 0922-6776590. Aslan is on the move!

This event is brought to you by The Philippine Order of Narnians, together with the British Council and Mellow Touch 94.7.

For cosplay rules, see the mailing list.

Narnia premiere

The Philippine Order of Narnians, together with the British Council and Mellow Touch 94.7, invite you to the opening night of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” at Shangri-la Plaza Cinema 2, on Sunday, 8 January 2006.

Join us as we celebrate the opening of this much-awaited literary favorite with the TPON Lion Party at the fifth level of Shangri-la Plaza. Join the costume contest and meet fellow Narnians such as yourself!

For more information about the Lion Party and the movie screening, email Regina Layug at, or send an SMS to 0922-8024735. You can also contact Francis Pasion at, or at 0922-6776590. Aslan is on the move!

Food monsters attack!!

eat at HAO restaurant in Blue Wave
specialty is the awesomw Shabu Shabu, its not an illegal drug.
you have to cook the food and boil it in your soup or fry it.

we ate here during our day 2 Pyro Olympics.

Komoro Soba in Megamall
getting ready for our day 5 at the pyro olympics, after hanging out and shopping in Megamall, we crashed for a moment here in Komoro Soba, too bad that my Oyakodon is always out of stock everytime I order it.

Krua Thai in Blue Wave
for our day 4 pyro stuff, we got our dinner here and its a yummy taste Thai style.
its a new taste in my tongue, i loved that spicy squid,
also theres a new branch located in megamall megastrip B.

Kimono Ken in Blue Wave
our last dine in Blue Wave after watching the last day of the pyro event.
at last after i failed to order my Oyakodon at Komoro Soba, I just finally filled my stomach here and got my Oyakodon, tnx to Kimono Ken,. the service is smooth and fast

Hot Shots in Blue Wave
(no pic of us eating)
I got pissed off in this burger house coz we waited 30 min. just to get our orders.
well, some of the orders behind my back got entertained first...yeah
talk about first come first serve.
pic above is the stampede of people storming out of Blue wave just to watch the day 3 of pyro event.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

movie day goes crazy
me and my sister went out to watch a movie during the reign of the all Filipino movies this week and it will end this weekend, and thanks to God that the foreign films will be back on screen.

first we watched Exodus! hahahah
yeah right!, we were supposed to watch Enteng Kabisote that day and then we saw again the trailer of Exodus movie, and my sis said that the comment of her friend quoted that the movie is a good one and can line up with other Hollywood movies.

so there we go we watch it and then after the movie, we got this major disappointment, the movie all in out SUCKS! in other words..its a trash
hahahahaah...sorry guys but I just can't say that this movie is not recommended.
I was pissed off, coz the trailer of the movie fools me, and then Bong revilla said that the movie has the biggest budget and CGI effects compare to Lord of the Rings.

oh hell yeah! hollywood my foot bong!hahahah, its better to see the CGI of Shaider and Ultraman compare to Exodus.

note for Exodus.
They researched well on the names of the characters of the movie like Lin-ay is a word meaning " beautiful", Taiho is tikbalang, Silab is fire, Bangkilay is for Fang, its good that theres a pinoy content on this..(thanks to my Fil 1 Prof for the explanation) but Exodus is so foreign hahahahah

the set and production design is so poor..
you can see clearly the unpainted set and cardboard environment.
and also..what a poor stoty line!!


so it didnt make me smile..and I felt that I was robbed of our own money.

to make our day happy. we went out and watched Enteng Kabisote: the leged continues.
and for me....the movie still hits me and a good one to watch coz it contains actions, slapstick comedy, magic, adventure and family issues that surely everyone are familiar with.

so there you go..
dont dare to watch Exodus..coz its not a good movie for this year.

baka nga mas ok pa yung movie na Terrorist Hunter

hope that Erik Matti makes a 3rd movie for Spirtis Warriors.
and please no more Gagamboy and Exodus.

i just received this movie email flyer from a friend and I know he's involved in making this film. just read the notes below :)

Ang pinakanakatatawang Indie pelikula ng 2005 lalabas na!

Big Time opens January 25 at selected SM Cinemas

Megamall, North Edsa, Manila, Southmall, Sta.
Mesa, Fariview, Cebu, Davao, and Pampanga

Handa ka na bang umiyak sa katatawa?

Big Time na!
Starring Michael de Mesa, Jamie Wilson, Winston Elizalde, Nor Domingo and Joanne Miller

Press Screening Jan 12
Invitational Premiere Jan 17
Regular screening Jan 25

Everybody wants to make it BIG.

World Pyro Olympics day 2

Federal Republic of Germany

we dubbed it as Hydro Olympics ahahaa, because we got wet after that super rain came by during the event.
we went out and decided to go home when Germany started its fire display, but it lasted only for a few minutes coz of techinical difficulties. Then we went to Blue Wave to dry ourselves and ate our dinner in Hao, then Germany continue its fire displays during our meal and then later on after an hour, Korea started its fire show. Posted by Picasa

World Pyro Olympics day 3

Russian Federation

First time to watch it in Blue Wave, hehehhe the experience was fun, coz there are lot of people who are watching in the parking lot area, the venue was full and got a hard time getting our dinner, expect a long in Jollibee. the fire display is great! we save smileys, a figure kissing, and one of my favorite is the spiral flares. Posted by Picasa

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K.)

while we are resting and eating in Hot Shots, people walk out of Blue Wave after hearing the big boom sound of the fire displays, the parking lot was filled by people watching the pyro displays. it was a good show that night, and less traffic. Posted by Picasa

World Pyro Olympics day 4

United States of America (U.S.A.)

another Blue Wave stand by, doing a free ride experience and viewing the day 4 of the pyro displays
one of the best view while dining in Krua Thai. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

World Pyro Olympics day 5

United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

its our successful journey to get inside the Esplanade and we are surprise to see the number of people watching outside and also inside the venue. Lots of energy came out during the fire display and we can't stay quiet and we joined the screaming and cheering seeing the fireworks near the bay.

and also this shot is one of my closes with no use of zoom camera power :) Posted by Picasa

Republic of the Philippines + All Participants
(La Mancha Fellowship of Fire)

the last one to display the fire in the sky, our very own country with the participants and this was the grand
finale of the event and after that they announced that Australia wins the 1st World Pyro Olympics 2005.
People shouted joy and wowed after they saw the multi colored fire flares slowly coming down and some of them under estimated the Philippines fireworks exhibition., but they brought back all the words they say after they saw the exhibition.

we found a good spot in the middle of the field and we enjoyed watching the last show.
during the break I enjoyed listening to Itchyworms band, its been ages for me to hear them again after my no band live experience in some of the music bars.

after that we trooped down on our feet and headed to Blue Wave to rest and dine in at Kimono Ken,
then while going home we encountered a 1 1/2 hour traffic jam, glad that we got a ride in a Bus, sitting at the floor stairs of the bus. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

King Kong can talk!

"Everything the light touches, is our kingdom"

oh yeah! and it happened only in my dream last night, because of the excitement to watch the movie King Kong I got this dream of watching the movie in my dream, the scene I saw was the same as I saw it in the trailer, it turns out that the other part is that King Kong can talk and his father Kong is there with him and they came from another planet..

and whoa!!! talk about Planet of the Kong!

well to describe Daddy Kong, imagine a big ape, with some white fur and wearing a helmet and an armor, yeah! make the Planet of the Ape a supersize version.

and also in the movie story of my dream, the characters are animal poachers and they are searching the lady that was kidnapped by the tribesmen, that will be used to offer as a sacrifice to Kong. then the poachers captured some weird animals during their way to Kong's lair, actually its a big mountain that has a holographic entrance disguising as a mountain. heheheheh

well..the animals are like, cutey hamtaros, smiling and one of them nearly dies coz its heartbeat fails and no one notices it at first, but then they gave food in order to survive. and one I remember is this bull frog that spits fireballs.

oh yeah! sounds like a fan fiction, but this is the King Kong movie in my dream hehheh

and then....the lady that was captured was inside Kongs lair, then she understand why Kong is so lonely after she heard the story from Kong's dad.
then the animal poachers are ready to rescue the lady, they have found an ally on their way,they are like bat people, who have this weird armor and can fly, and they are enemies of the tribesmen the one who offers sacrifice to Kong.

and then the poachers, bat people and the tribesmen clashed into battle.

and after that... Kong wakes up and when he opened his eyes, the mountain opened and he comes down and started to shout a big roar.

and then suddenly,. the light shines so bright and then a big tap in my face came and saw Lace waking me up and telling me to take a bath and get ready for school.
and then....crap!!! I want to watch KING KONG !!!!

damn you Manila film festival! please bring back the foreign movies!!

*** commercial break ***
I heard that there this pinoy guy in who will be giving out ten limited and exclusive King Kong goodies to all Kong reviewers. and got that info from Lei in her hehehhee. tnx Lei.

and for that.......damn you MMFF !! I want my movie back on screen!

Police warns students and parents about the dangers of weblog

Free Image Hosting at

my mom sent this newspaper scan from Chicago, so there you go, click and just read the image. and to all blog newbies, remember all the notes there

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