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Saturday, February 04, 2006

//* and for the good news!!!! , we will be in baywalk tonight! for me and my lady love Lace will be having a nice baywalk date! hahaha...kidding!, we will be accompanying her sister's JS prom on the way to their hotel, while we wait.. might party on with and hooked in this event!!!! *//

Meet the celebrity housemates this Saturday in Manila!

All roads lead to Manila this Saturday as the much-awaited Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition premieres through a grand launch in Baywalk, Roxas. Blvd, where the 14 celebrity housemates will be presented to the public for the very first time!

The premiere telecast of PBB Celebrity edition is expected to be another momentous event in Philippine TV! It will be aired live on ABS-CBN on February 4 starting at 9PM. During the show, Bituin Escalante, Grace Nono, Geneva Cruz, KC Montero, Search for a Star in a Million, Season 2 Grand Champion Chris Lorenz and other stars will be joining PBB fans to cheer for the 14 Celebrity Housemates as they face a new exciting life in Pinoy Big Brother.

After their presentatoin in Baywalk, the housemates will be brought to Big Brother's house through a motorcade.

As early as 3PM, a kick-off activity will also be held in Roxas Blvd., where the former 13 housemates together with Mayor Lito Atienza will be giving away 500 pairs of shoes to less fortunate kids in Manila.

Regular updates will be aired on ABS-CBN on Saturday before the show unfolds at 9PM.

The 14 Celebrities

As early as last weekend, ABS-CBN shows such as Enterntainment Konek ang PBB Buzz have started revealing clues pertaining to the identities of the 14 celebrity housemates.

Aside from well-known TV personalities, two athletes and a radio personality are among the lucky 14 individuals who will have the rare opportunity to live inside Kuya's house for eight weeks.

The staff of the show started the audition process in December 2005. "Dumaan pa rin tayo sa proceso para sa mga gustong mag-audition at meron din tayo na inimbitahan para na mag-audition," PBB's business unit head Laurenti Dyogi explained in an interview with PBB Buzz.

Aside from nerve-wracking panel interviews, the new housemates also had to go through physical, medical and psychological exams.

Ed Sharples, South East Asia Managing Director of Endemol, even flew to Manila to be part of the panel that picked the final celebrity housemates.

Wowowee Anniversary party tragic incident

61 killed in ULTRA stampede

Sixty-one people were killed in a stampede at ULTRA stadium in Pasig City on Saturday as they lined up to get tickets for the popular gameshow "Wowowee," police and local officials said.

They said the crush at the stadium came when organizers of the first anniversary celebration of the gameshow began handing out tickets to people, many of whom had been camping outside for days.

Some witnesses said chaos erupted when someone in the crowd shouted "bomb," but others said that people surged forward when guards began giving out tickets at around dawn.

Most of the victims were elderly and were crushed against a steel fence at one gate into the stadium.

"We were happy. We only wanted to have fun and then this thing happened," Nimfa Santos said on local radio, adding she had been waiting with a group of women. "I don't know what happened to the others."

Bodies of the victims were lined up on the street outside the stadium, their faces covered with sheets and blankets.

"My mum died," Alberto Herrera said on radio. "Please help me. I don't know what to do."

Dozens of people were hurt. But Pasig Mayor Vicente Eusebio said he did not expect the death toll to rise.

The noontime show "Wowowee" is one of the most-watched in the Philippines, offering large prizes of cash and merchandise.

DZMM also reported that a total of 145 people were hurt during the stampede and are currently confined at the Rizal Medical Center (RMC) in Pasig City.

According to Dr. Tito Marcial of RMC, a total of 10 people are confirmed dead from the stampede in the hospital.

Rescue groups like the Philippine Red Cross have already deployed teams to the area.

A Phillipine Army truck arrived to transport the fatalities to the Arlington Funeral Homes in Pasig City and to the Medical City also in Pasig.

A separate DZMM report said that one of the fatalities was identified as one Belen Comia of Sampaloc, Manila. She was identified through her postal ID.

The Wowowee entertainment group called on all those who have tickets to the show Saturday afternoon and are still at their residences to forego their plans to watch the show, which will be aired as scheduled in the afternoon but as a public service program to help the victims.

Vice-President Noli de Castro arrived at ULTRA around 10:20 a.m. He declined to grant interviews.

De Castro was in his morning show over DZMM when the news of the stampede was first reported in the station.

The ABS-CBN management had announced it will shoulder the medical and funeral cost of the victims of the stampede.

//* we were shocked when we heard this on the AM radio at around 8am, while I was taking my breakfast a sudden newsflash was break the radio silence during the radio comemntary of Vice Pres. Noli de Castro, then after hearing the news, we waited for a TV advisory/ update and then at around 10am, ABS CBN shows were blocked and on stand by for the live update on this tragic accident.

i already felt that incident during attending some concerts and were glad that we were'nt hurt that much, but on what happened to ULTRA, the organizing of the event is bad and well not prepared. I hope this serves us a lesson and lets avoid this incident on future events. *//

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yamaha Recital Contest

its my first time to watch a recital competition and i was amazed in seeing those kids
play the piano,guitar, electone and drums. Yamaha conducted a recital contest and the contestants
were students of Yamaha in different branches. this event was prepared and also Liza, Lace sister, prepared this since last year and its cool that she is part of the final performance. Posted by Picasa

Congratulations to you Liza Castronuevo!
she got 2nd place at the Yamaha recital contest
she played Mambo no.5 (not that pop music okay?)
funny thing is that the 1st place played Colors of the wind. Posted by Picasa

@ sugi

smileys embeded in our faces meaning that it will be a feast for us again
food food food!
we ate at Sugi after the Yamaha recital contest, and it was the best selection of resto by Lace's mom.
its my first time to eat there, and the price was soooo... yummy! hhahahaha
if youre going to date here, better bring P1000 bucks for your single meal.
but I assure you.. the food was great and a true authentic japanese food Posted by Picasa

also called japanese pizza, it took me 5 years to eat this food again and the price is also the same like in the other resto like Fukuya and Little Tokyo. P250 and it will teleport you to Japan right away after you tasted it.
They only have one selection of kind of Okonomiyaki, coz in Fukuya (that was located in SM Southmall, i dont know if it is still there) they have 2 kinds of Okonomiyaki, the Okonomiyaki Tokyo and the Okinomiyai Osaka,
the Tokyo version is beef and veggies while Osaka is chiken and lots of veggies..

after tasting this..pwede na talaga ako mamatay ahahhhhaa. (joke lang) Posted by Picasa

I was busy chomping and forgot already to taste this juicy Gindara.
tnx to Lace's mom for the lunch treat, and it lets me sleep on the way home, coz my stomach got
stuffed again, also my Lace was stuffed and she forced me to eat her Sukiyaki.
we went home happy with a take home Tonkatsu and Okonomiyaki.
Sugi was the best japanese resto located in Greenbelt 3. Posted by Picasa

3rd animated seminar

whew! I was nervous for this 3rd seminar coz I have to maximized my presentation and lecture and also upgrade it. I got no sleep 2 days before that day coz I have to finished my animation sample that will be presented and finished my org's website for its launching on that day, I got hooked on the Manny Pacquiao fight and b'coz of that, my production was slow'd down. funny thing is that I finished my new slide presentation on the morning of the seminar day.

ehhehehehe...i survived it again. Posted by Picasa

Mazinger Z inbetweens
I got this sample during that 1st Toei Animation seminar on the year 1999.
one of the japanese animator, Koichi Tsunoda was there heading the seminar.
Im glad that I got a chance to have this and lucky me that I preserved it well.

too bad that my mazinger z original sketch by Tsunoda is missing here at home.
I think I've misplaced it again for the nth time.
that day I was only have the chance to ask mr. Tsunoda a sketch.
heheheh.. and thanks to my little brother for making pa-cute to the animator and the translator. Posted by Picasa

some of my exhibited materials for the students get familiarized on what I talked about.
brought with me are animated cells, production cells, dvds, inbetweens, and character sketches and
on photo: the tikbalang character, was designed by Whilce Portacio for a statue figure plan during the 90's
cross section of the character is also included. got a copy during that year when an old friend named Noli tried out for a custom made statue.

Kurama cell art, made by an old friend who used to work in an animation company, too bad that I lost his contact, coz he sells some unique and neat animation cells and art.

also Dexter's Lab animation art and Adventures of Superman cell that was used in one of its series. Posted by Picasa

my students that day, 3rd year students of BS math I.T.
some of them already attended my seminar last year.
still they requested to view the flash series of Ninjai. but i refused to play it and instead showed them
some new downloads shorts that involves CGI. Posted by Picasa

*sniff sniff.. im glad that they appreciated my short animated that I made for this seminar
and they demanded for a series of it, finally that time I got the energy to do some more this Feb.
next seminar will be on Feb 16. and this time i'l be bringing a microphone, coz its so hard to talk inside a big classroom, hehehehe..i have to upgrade my seminar coz this will be the last for thi semester.
and thinking of an activity to all of them. but activity for a short animation seminar?? hmmm

what will it be? any suggestions????? Posted by Picasa

last university week!
this is my last university week and i didnt enjoyed it so much, coz I didnt attend in any activities in the school grounds, well except for my seminar. at first students got confused of wheter there is a class or not. well, some of them attended and we the-always-present-student attend and waited for the announcement.

less adventure in this school event, coz for the past 10 years studying here, I havent experience a concert gig happening in our grounds. lucky me that I reached its generation. eeheheeheh Posted by Picasa

me with my architecture classmates.
they dragged me to their tambayan as I passess by going to our science building.
I told them that I'll go home early and wont watch the band concert. (yihee good boy!) Posted by Picasa

i was about to go up to my next class, which is physics 4. i visited the concert venue in the middle of the quadrangle. lots of students await the BAMBOO concert, glad that the rain stopped.

also on pic was 2 girls drying their henna printed in their backs. Posted by Picasa

top shot, i was at the 4th floor with my classmates and prof. we observed some small activities during the school fair, and we are still waiting for the other classmates if they will attend or not our math 30 class.
my prof said if theres no one attended, she will automatically cancelled our class.
but too bad. some of my classmates came and we started the subject class with 8 students

bah! hahahahah... Posted by Picasa

Henna Tattoo for only P20 up, school girls feasted the low priced henna service
some of them put henna on their nape, ankle, wrist, leg, arms and also theres this girl who have a henna
in her chest... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

washing hands machine

i have to document this and its the only way that it will give me time to relax and rest.

I almost called every demon and badmouthed every names in the world, coz I washed my clothes using my hands and dammit! it damages my hands and skin, PRIDE powder that is so strong and it is used only for washing machine, and b'coz of that my hands are reddish and painful, I applied a Soft Shimmer Skin radiance Moisturer after my laundry and now it recovers and I felt that my hands got abused.

I just washed 1 and half basket of dirty clothes and all of my undewear are there also and thanks I wont be living in a week without wearing an underwear, coz all of them are now cleaned.

our washing machine is already 3 months busted and my mom wont buy us a new one, coz we dont have a space here at home and now I starting to hate doing laundries. damn damn damn.. time is up and i have to clean up my mess here and take a bath
for I'll be living again on my other home. hoping for a big pasta that will ease my burn out body..
oh lalalallaallalalalalaa..

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I were Alanis party

fudge magazine invites you to the spectacular IF I WERE ALANIS: An Iconic Tribute featuring interpretations by:

BENG CALMA (of Drip)
ARMI MILLARE (of Up Dharma Down)
PINAY (of Milk & Money)
MICH DULCE (of Death By Tampons)
WAWI NAVARROZA (of The Late Isabel)
LOUGEE ( of Mojofly)
with spoken word performance by KOOKY TUAZON

thursday. 2 february 2006
9 pm onwards
shangri-la plaza streetscape
edsa corner shaw boulevard


//** tee hee hee hee.tnx to annie for the VIP ticket!~ ohoohhohohohoohohoh
its party time at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &**//

Disney buys Pixar for $7.4 billion

In a move that can only strengthen Disney's hold on the animation sphere the media conglomerate has announced that it will acquire Pixar for $7.4 billion.
As part of the deal Disney's own animation studio will be merged with Pixar. In the past Pixar and Disney made hits like A Bug's Life, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. However there had been disagreements betwen former Disney chief Michael Eisner and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs. That had left the distribution of Pixar's future films after the release Cars in doubt. However Robert Iger who took over from Eisner had been making serious efforts at mending the fences.

Pixar president Ed Catmull will serve as president of the new Pixar and Disney animation studios. Pixar's creative lead, John Lasseter will be chief creative officer of the animation studios, and will also be an adviser in the design of new attractions for Disney theme parks around the world. Lasseter will report directly to Iger. Jobs becomes Disney's largest shareholder in the company with a seven per cent stake worth a reported $ 3.5 billion.
Iger says, "With this transaction, we welcome and embrace Pixar's unique culture, which for two decades has fostered some of the most innovative and successful films in history".
Jobs says, "Disney and Pixar can now collaborate without the barriers that come from two different companies with two different sets of shareholders. Now, everyone can focus on what is most important, creating innovative stories, characters and films that delight millions of people around the world."
Jobs and Iger spent a lot of time discussing how to preserve Pixar's free-wheeling creative culture, which both described as the key to its unbroken box office success.

downloading @ youtube

there are lots of cool stuff at and its a video converted into flash
so yesterday, i sat in Netopia and studied on how to download it and convert it mpg format. and after 30 minutes of trial, i finally did it and now il be reserving my usb drive for cool downloads of fun stuffs, av idols, music videos and even sick and bastardly videos that was never before seen here.

if you wanna learn how to.
post a comment here or mail me

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