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Friday, February 10, 2006

Rally at 12:30

@ morayta, manila
i was walking from school going to the bus stop and then i just saw the clash of two groups.
protesters and anti riot police clashed in the middle of the street of morayta.
im glad that this is a peaceful one.

i just post some here, coz its 2am and im having a hard time again sleeping, lots of things running through my head and it wont stop. bugging me awhile ago, my mind retires and sleep at 6pm and woke up at 9pm and then 2am.

its my midterm exam today and thanks that it will end this friday, but the problem is that im not infocus to my subjects, have to kill this parasite in my head and hope that it leaves before 10am.

this morning got trouble in taking my exams coz some insect bite me in two arms, its soooo reddish and itchy,
all the way I scratch it and try to overcome the itchynesss, but it beats me and ended me asking for a treatment in our school clinic, they applied a Caladryl lotion to my arms and gave me a medicine, which was so small that it fell on the ground, i dont have a choice but to take it before the attending nurse saw me and she might scold me.

all the way to Ortigas...
i failed to claim my King Kong freebies, Ginny, my contact at was taking a work leave that day, so not to waste my time I just visited Edgar Tadeo in his condo, after that he treated me in Yoshinoya!

then on the way home...
the parasite in my head attacks!! arghhhh !!
glad that mr.sandman puts me to sleep early but the ....... =(transmission broken)= Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Living with lifesize dolls

Image: Masa with doll

Japan's 'nerd culture' almost mainstream
Subculture of comic books, life-sized dolls takes over Tokyo neighborhood

YOKOHAMA, Japan - Masa puts his arm affectionately around Konoha’s sloping shoulders on the couch in his apartment and gently brushes her hair from her bright blue eyes. Iris stands behind them, decked out in a frilly dress.

Masa speaks warmly to Konoha and Iris, greeting them brightly each morning and when he returns home from work, but they never answer. His companions are life-sized dolls.

“She doesn’t have to talk, because I enjoy her as a doll, not as a substitute for a person,” Masa, a 32-year-old computer engineer who asked to be identified only by a shortening of his first name, said of Konoha, his favorite.

read more here

//** for a collector and a hobbyist, this will look like to be normal, and it is a hobby, theres nothing wrong to it, but to others it will look like that it is weird. well i'm glad that they have this hobby for the all geeks who havn't got a girlfriend, and im glad that I didnt ended like that. its good that I changed when I transfered in a different school back in high school hahhahah. **//

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

still awake

Free Image Hosting at

i'm still awake and not yet sleepy for I'm finishing a download file for my creative side and while I wait, I just found a bottle of Soju, a Korean distilled rice wine in our ref and It sits there for almost 2 month, so i scolded my sister for leaving that poor bootle so I opened it up and take a sip, just to taste the korean wine.

small amount of taste drinking plus I ate 2 packs of Eggnog cookies, and I just realize that japanese sake taste better than the Soju we had. The last taste of Sake I had was 4 years ago in Rai Rai Ken, Megamall for only P200 per small bottle and thats 3 shots of sake, hot or cold.

The soju is tasteless, but it smells alcohol, but when you drink it, you wont taste anything, but you can smell the alcohol aroma, and then it will left a warm surge in your throat down to your tummy. in other taste good.

i just taste it a small amout and after a nearly a half neck bottle, I stopped drinking it coz I can feel that I'm floating already.whoa.. my sister drank some but she stop too coz its her nth time to drink that she knows the back hang over after.

so after that..been surfing the web, searching and researching for the new scrooge.
got some good tips and software to test.

it seems that we are getting lucky this month.
my siter won 2 prizes and got some good freebies that adds to her collection
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
one is a autograph poster by the HALE band, she got it from a Seventeen magazine contest, and then an airmail package arrived containing goodies from China.
and she won again from a China Radio polling contest.

freebies everywhere here at home.
but behold! my mighty hand!!!
tomorrow I'll be claiming my limited ed. King Kong tshirt and caps from
coz I did a King Kong movie review and posted it in my, which was required to join in the contest, and they contacted me yesterday and I told them that i'l picked it up in their office in Strata 100.

now i hope for the WWE ticket and I curse that txt contest, coz their network is always busy, my txt entry wont come through the busy network. I guess WWE will be no more to me. uhuhuhuh

whew!!!!! Feb 14 valentines day is near....and my lady love's natal day is also next to that...I have to save some more moolah for the important event of my life..

i've been editing this..but i didnt notice that glitch on the upper left side
hahahaha...hope ya like this honey !!!!

Timothy and Titus Closed Beta
Game testers wanted

February 6 to 10, 2006

Anino Entertainment is looking for volunteers to play the Beta
version of *Timothy and Titus: Saints, Martyrs, and Heroes*. Timothy
and Titus is a 3D children's game for the PC, with a Christian theme
and non-violent gameplay.

Volunteers will play at home with their own beta CD of the game.


- Loves to play video games especially games for the PC

- Has regular access to the Internet

- Willing to post bugs in our bug forum

- Willing to pick up CD in Alabang

To apply, please visit . Thank you!

*Luna Cruz*
Project Manager / Game Developer

Timeless sleep
i have to post something here, coz its early here in school and im so sleepy and neet to post just to energize my body before my class starts. and i'm planning to go home early just to rest and fix my laundry at home.

I know slept early last night, but everytime and everyday, the time goes fast when I sleep, it seems that I only have 4 minute dream at 11pm and then after that its already 6am in the morning. what the hell is happening??? am I in a time warp or time space warp dream hole?

and now..for the latest..

I wasnt able to attend the Fudge event in Shang, I got sick at that night and i think it must be the cold smog that covers our entire state that makes me sick at night.

Arts and Music Festival 2006 prod. diary 1

hola !! I'm looking forward for the Arts and Music Festival 2006 in Megamall on Feb 24-26, its goodie coz I'm dreaming of this to be part of the event, and I heard that it was a big bang last year ,so now i'm making plans to participate there and promote the local art stuff.

and I found out that the organizer is the husband of my contact in megamall megatrade office, joan virina, she called on the phone and told me about it and was asking about Ariel's contact coz they will sell booth for the Artists' Den,. so after that It went good for my counter proposal then they invited me to help them put up a comic exhibit and lecture coz theres no comic related exhibit or booth last year, so they are excited for us to be there.

so my phase 1 and 2 plan are already cooking, im just waiting for the organizers buzz so that I can refer them my friends who are into the comic scene.

here's one of the photo from last year

and the press release

Arts and Music Festival challenges distinction among artists

Though we recognize and respect achievement, we believe that ultimately, all artists are equal."

This, Jav Virina of Backdoor Ventures states in underlining the idea behind their Arts & Music Festival undertaking. To be held early 2006 (exact dates and participating artists will be announced soon) at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall, Backdoor will be bringing together artists from different persuasions to celebrate their respective crafts "under the single umbrella of the arts."

"How do you compare a rock song to a painting? How do you compare Pepe Smith to Shirley Halili Cruz? You can’t—you don’t. Each has its own value; each, appraised differently. To say that one isn’t ‘greater’ than the other would be illogical," says Jav.

Most artists seem to agree. According to Jav, Backdoor did not have problems at all with convincing diverse artists as Kitchie Nadal, Ballet Philippines and Bayanihang Dulaang UP to participate in the first Arts & Music Festival held last February.

Many even waived off their talents fee and billing was nary a concern even for superstars that joined.

"Rightfully so because if you’re a real artist, you know that it all boils down to passion, not money or fame," says Jav. "Many parents that dissuade their children to not go into the arts by saying, ‘Walang pera dyan.’ But that’s not—shouldn’t be— the point at all."

Apart from the exhibits and performances of both known and unknown (at least to mainstream) artists, Arts & Festival is true mecca for the art lover that craves for a one-stop shop where stuffs as art supplies and musical instruments can be perused and purchased.

"Some might call it ‘tiangge’ but, really, the motivation is different," says Jav. "Flea markets is just about discounts and making sales whereas the aim of the festival is to make things available to those inclined to further their interests."

This thinking justifies the choice of venue since people regardless of social status go to the mall. "Malls, like death, is great equalizer," says Jav. "Besides, we want to break down barriers. We want people to realize that the arts is not elitist. With Arts & Music Festival, an art lover who is normally intimidated to go to, say, plush hotels or museums, now has no excuse."

To make the experience more wholistic, Backdoor has invited artists from provinces to participate, too. Also in the guest lists are key people from industries and embassies.

"If we could open doors for others, so much the better. If Arts & Music Festival becomes a platform for any artist, then it would’ve accomplished what it set out to do," says Jav.

What are future plans for the festival?

"That it be allowed to exhibit live nude sketching," says Jav. "Art flourishes when it is unhampered by taboos. And when art flourishes, so does culture."

The first three-day Arts & Music Festival drew about 10,000 people.

//** i was browsing the megatrade website and i found out the the toycon was booked on june 17-18 , and whoa !! its confirmed that we will be having a 2 day nonstop toycon!!

Collectibles Unlimited June 17, 2006 - June 18, 2006 Hall 2

with the biggest hall.......HALL 2 !!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

the bay walk bodies

and no.. we didnt take off our shirts
we call ourselves bay walk bodies coz we walk the whole place 2x from Century Park Hotel, coz her sister is having a prom that night

me and Liza @ Century Park Hotel
tnx Lace for blurring the images hahahahha...
the hotel lights blurred our cam.

we decided to go there to watch the Pinoy big brother celeb ed. but unfortunately the show was postponed due to the respect of the stampede victims.

after walking and seeing the over crowded area, we got a hard time to look for a place to eat

Lace checking out the Yakitori eat all you can @ P180

Bay walk Light post

Az after dark

Lami BBQ Chicken eat out

Az inuman

after Bay Walk, we went to the Rahaj Sulayman park and then we saw some crowd of people watching some acrobatic performers, it was the Luneta Boys doing the act that night and we were so amused and entertained coz they are good, we saw them last 2 weeks ago in GMA 7 Wish ko lang, and hurahh!! funny and amusing!

after that. we walked all the way to Malate, we dont have enough money to spend so we decided on a food resto hunt and there we saw the Ang Hang resto in Adriatico which we saw on Living Asia earlier in cable tv, so there we plan to eat there soon.

we walked again going to Nakpil and then make our stop at 7-11, we rest there for a minute and then my classmate Eric Go saw us and joined us for a short, we talk about the gaiman writing contest and my animation seminar, coz he is one of my students.

and then later on we saw the other Eric and Jerry Polence stormin the 7-11,
we chit chat that whole night and stayed in Mcdonalds, they accompanied us in waiting til 11:30pm coz we will be going back to Century Park to pick up Lace's sister.
they shared us on what happened at the AXN Anime Marathon in Glorietta, and was so funny that it was a live marathon that you will be watching anime for 24 hours, we saw pics of Henry and RG watching and joining the contest, but we didnt know who won the P25k money.. and after that... Jerry shared us some of her thoughts of her upcoming wedding on May 2006, it was a shocked but we gave her a big gambatte ne for that special event. after the chat Eric, Jerry's friend drove us to Century Park it was a very good offer that he wants to accompany us back to the hotel.

and then we went home with Liza, all of us tired, sleepy.......
but me and lace didnt ended the night there (grins%%%%) nuninuninu.....
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