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Thursday, April 06, 2006

5th Philippine Toy Con prod. note 2

Here' i am still stucked in the web development and design for the 5th Toy con website, and Im having a hard time redesigning the whole website, coz it will take more time to recover my old files in old web host, but Im glad that ideas are coming up so fast that leaves me mindless staring into a thin air.

So far we are in the hot tub for our marketing gimiks and courtship to sponsors, we have already talk to some and got some good deals with upcoming sponsors,. The event will be big as we expected every year, and for now we are preparing for the layout and positions of booths and stage for the event. But we had decided that the old format of the booths and stage will be the same as last year, so that people wont get puzzled when ever they got there at the event for the nth time,.

Last week was our last meeting and got our own reports for the event, it seems that we will be inviting lots of online games for Toy con, but the big problem is that we are avoiding or trying to prevent in having a product lock out, if they are co-presentors for our event, product lock out might occur and we might allow that, it depends on the aggrement, but the vision for this coming event is that we will try to ban product lock out, coz the event is for everyone and its a showcase of collectibles and hobbies, declaring a product lock out in an event means that you are aiming at one item only, so here in our event, we want people to view and decide what to entertain, choosing your hobby and collections in an event is fun, so hopefully we can fix this thing soon.

Right now, Im still stucked in preparing for the rules and mechanics of our contest. It seems that there are lot of interested people who like to join the Fan Film contest, and Battle of the Tribute Band. I already saw one entry during our meeting, when one friend came over and inquired some about Fan Film contest. Then he showed me his possible entry, upon seeing that, I began to make a study for the formulation of the mechanics.

Fan Films or either short films that is anime, comic, game, movie sci fi fantasy inspired are allowed to join.

well, thats the conclusion to my side.

in the other hand like Cosplay, my main guy in cosplay organizing is making now new ground rules for the contest. Im only concerned for the new comers coz some of them didnt understand we woudn't require to bring pictures or print out of their cosplayed characters, simple answer : we know the character, we are familiar to the character and we dont want the individual contest participants to shell out money in producing an evidence that the character exist, all we want is the name of the character, title of which it appeared, and yourself in costume.
plus..attitude and transformation of your self into that character.

Pinoy character cosplay will be one of the highlight for the event, I know that this wasn;t given enough attention during past event, so here we are focusing and featuring our very own characters. We want to see how creative and interested Pinoys to their character that came from their roots.

also for those who will come out as original characters, like cosplaying that didnt appeared in the mainstream scene, still original and its your character idea, or came from an indie material, still you are allowed to participate only under the Pinoy character cosplay.

still lots of ideas and contest to study..hahahaha
the customized action figure one hot topic
also..i'm thinking of a contest on customizing a LIFE SIZE ACTION FIGURE.

geez..whiz!!!... i might include this year...

We Belong vs. First Love
Toni Gonzaga vs. Utada Hikaru

its so freaky when I caught Toni Gonzaga's music video title " WE BELONG", at first it was okay , enjoying to see her in shorts, but then I was shocked to hear its chorus, it was the same tune, same beat , and also same lyric tune of Utada Hikaru's "FIRST LOVE" chorus line., I immediately took photos of her music video, too bad that I dont have a recorder with me, . what's happening to our song writers? are they starting to get lazy in creating their own tune for a song. anyway, If you saw the video , the one with Piolo Pascual and Toni, correct me if I'm wrong that its tune is a rip off from Hikaru's "First Love".

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

From the Ice Age

while waiting for the resume of office hours, I walked around and saw this big pre historic squirrel
blocking my path

Az posing with the lifesize figure of Scat

this figure stand in the cinema area of Robinson's Galeria. If you have seen this figure dont dare block its way,
Manny the Mammoth might be there and accidentally stepped on you ahhaahha.

freebies of the day, 1st pic is from Marie Claire magazine, Lace Llanora won a free workout and DVD work out music video of Rihanna, and me got a freebie from the booth of Accenture. heehehee.

just in time to visit this 4th Job fair 2006 in Robinson's Galeria, its a good chance to inquire about OJT, and Acceture's booth caught my attention, they will be having a examination for qualified applicants on May 8, i might give it a try there and hope that it will be on time on May the end of my OJT.

I'm inlove with Lace Llanora
hehheh must post this to cheer her up, ehehhehe

this is one sweet caricature she did in MS Paint, and believe me I loved this coz it It took me 5 sec. to figure out that thing in my head, hahaha, its a head phone.

also.after my enrolment here in school, I'll pick up her prize in Summit Media.
and cognrats to you my honey! you'll become a Nike Woman ROCKSTAR hehheh

so heads up! dear readers! I'll be having on the job training next week.
so busy mode will be here again ehhhehe.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ice Age 2 Baby

Sid the Sloth and Az the Homo Penis Erectus enjoyed the movie last sunday with baby Anya and family.

Its another ala-Land Before Time- that was an Ice Age adventure - for our favorite furry friends, still as one big family of herd journeys for survival during the melt down of the ice age. meeting new friends during the journey, and conquering everyone's fear projected to the movie. Its a big icy film! good for all ages.

"your nose smell like ants!"

Ice Age 2 tumbler, got it from Mini Stop, just add P20 when you order any Mini Stop hotdog meal.
I bought a hotdog meal for only P35, and added P20 to get the tumbler.
there are lots of items like keychains and photo frame, you get that free for a purchase of P60 Mini Stop grocery.

Monday, April 03, 2006

the black Spider-Man ??

the blog owner of Constipated Diva forwarded me the blog link that contains the photo of the unmasked Peter Park wearing the battle torn Black spidey costume, with evil eyes. hehhee

for me I think the photo is not original,coz i researched it and never found any official press about the photo.
and also... the black spiderman costume never torn in that way, coz its a symbiote and it can regenerate fast.
and the he's a lot more stronger and I know its impossible to have that wound if he had a symbiote costume.

advice me if I'm wrong, but what can you say about this photo release from : Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Big Fishy Sweet Candy at the Hed Kandi Party

it was like a one night stand at the Hed Kandi Party at the World Trade Center Tent. We arrived there at 9:30pm and expecting to be late at the event, but we noticed that we were one of the people who came too early, so we went outside for a while and did some freebie hunting near the gate.

Anton Ramos of the Chill Out Project killed us with raving and chill out music from 9pm to 12mid night, and then the party started at 11pm when people started to crawl the dance floor.

we drank that super over priced drinks, mineral water at P70. and yeah! I was prepared that night coz the last time I went to a rave party was last 3 years ago and taxi that time going to Edsa from NBC tent is priced at P300 flat.

Live at the Red Carpet :)

Lace Llanora ala Paris Hilton and Azrael Coladilla ala Peter North paparazzi shot

ala FHM pose Mark Cerbo and T3 mag ala pose RG Guanzon

first pic: The party boys are back again!
2nd pic: remembering the Jack Daniels party. hahhaha..
3rd pic: its looting time ! smiley faces after grabbing some freebies c/o Fudge and Chikka

Party boy Az and Lace dancing till the last sweat drop ( Mark standing at the back enjoying the dancers)

front row lovers! and photo inside the tent

Ledge Dancers for free :), Anton Ramos played the whole night, and Team Kandi blasted us with cool e-music

Lace taking my photo and this guy didnt know and accidentally blocked my way, and no! I'm not dancing with him! hahahaha, and then photo of the WTC tent., and lastly the projected logo of Hed Kandi

check out Lace and Mark's Hed Kandi take out in their blogs
Lace "the dancing diva stripper" Llanora
Mark "the stunticon" Cerbo

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