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Saturday, April 15, 2006

5th Toycon prod. note 4

Lenten season is one of the best season, coz it never stops me from organizing an event, no breaks for me. why? coz its the best day to organize one, and theres no distraction during my hours. So here I am once again sitting in front of my pc (sympre) typing and doing another episode of my production note. I do this, just to update all readers and also other event organizers to see and think why I have this weird mind when it comes of making an event. hehehheheh.

Last week was the Voltes V Evolution event at the ABS CBN compound, hosted by HERO TV. Cholo txted me and told me that we were invited to this contract signing event. I decided to attend it and I know that when we Collectibles Unlimited meet there, Toycon will be our primary topic when itcomes to chit chats. So then I arrived at the event saw some familiar people and old folks from the Industry.

toycon floor plan

After I arrive Cholo and her wife presented to us the tentative floor plan for the event. Vic and I debated about the cosplay containment area, I told them if theres not enough space , we can remove some meters from the containment area, we can do that just in case, so we might lessen the size if we ran out of booth space, because it eats a lot of space at the end of Megatradehall 2. I haven't checked the booth spaces, but it seems to me it looks like another hall of Toycon 2005, same style, same space, same stage, but different design and layout.

During our conversation, owner of Comic Alley, Teddy Sy, walk by in our side going to his table, I called him and gladly meet each other again, but can't complain about his comment on my big belly haaahahah, I too told him that he is in good shape too, and then I introduced him to my fellow Toycon organizers and then a closed chit chat for Toycon was brought up after that a quick spoiler of his Comic Alley branch that will open on May 18th ( I think that was the date) at the SM MALL OF ASIA. oh golly. Watching X-men 3 at the Imax theater came up on my mind.

After that saw Do ahou band fixing their instruments, I approached them and told them that i will give them a slot for the Toycon performance, it was a cool meet up, seeing Neil in make up, and Xley with a long curly hair, still their music has more energy just like the 1st time I saw them winning the anime battle of band of Anime Quest.

On the other table, Otakuzine Magazine was there covering the event, Brian and Dennis Uy, the big brothers of Anime magazine, as I approached them surprising them and noted both of our side of the upcoming events and soon for a meeting for the upcoming toycon.

The HERO TV event was a big success and also a great reunion as people from the same industry meet up in one place while we fill our stomach with pasta and seafood talk about anime and the industry.

screenshot of the old layout

new layout

Now, at last I have decided to semi-finish the 5th Toycon website ( )
last time I got problems in the alignment of the side table, coz in the future logos of sponsors will be pasted there and so the links of website that build the hobby here in our country, My vision for the website is to make it a portal of hobbyist and collectors. It is a website that has news and features of interesting topics that will relate to every hobbyist in the Philippines, not only here but also in other countries.

It took me a 2 days to figure out that floating images, I tried CSS style but it never works, coz Im thinking of something that its hard to explain, but then thanks to Dreamweaver , it finally answered my problems after waking up of a dream sequence of web designing and coding, yeah! I', dreaming of website making. also sometimes day dream, you know that ? I design and coding stuff in my mind or trying to build a flow chart on what will be the outcome of the website. sounds weird noh?

so then the website developing continues. I decided not to put a flash interface website, coz I know that some of us are still using dial up at home. (like me), so an image spilicing job was done using Adobe Image ready and then converting it to a html file linking all the images to create a web interface.

still got some problems and waiting for the dot com domain name, it should be, but the domain and host provider still haven't responded to my request. but then for the moment I removed the banner ads of from, now it loads a lot more faster and banner ad free, i removed it coz I encountered the same problems of users of Internet Expolorer that refuses to load a website containing pop up ads.

so now..the next step for the event website is....... post all the contest rules and mechanics for 5th Toycon.

whew! what an update! ahahahaha... so there you go! Im still sick here and can't breath properly coz of a cough and colds. till the next production note !

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Voltes V Evolution @ Hero TV

Voltes V life size figure

its a surprise event for me, and im glad that I opened my mobile phone last night while watching the Gospel of Judas in NGC, thanks to Cholo for a massive txt for all Toy con organizers, and HERO TV marks the resurrection of Voltes V in cable TV. At last..another generation of Voltes V fanatics will emerge soon.

The event is about the contract signing and also launching of Hero TV's Voltes V. Featuring celebirities of ABS CBN as dubbers for the Anime characters of Voltes V. The event was opened by a Anime-METAL Voltes V version opening song performed live by DO AHOU, a jrock and anime inspired rock band in the Philippines. The contract signing event was held at the 14th floor restaurant of EGLCC Bldg inside ABS CBN compound. Hero TV hosted the event.

Toy Con organizers, Azrael (me) and Vic Yap posing beside the life size figure of Voltes V

Cholo Mallilin of Toy Con

Voltes V Evolution AVP title
the AVP was played after the opening of the event, featuring some behind the scenes footages of the dubbing audition and dubbing recording for Voltes V.

It was like heaven for me!! there's a PASTA BAR and my plate and tummy are happy
to grub those freshy tomato sauce

Do Ahou band, Neil Alexander,vocalist of the band, jam with the audience rocking anime metal versions of Voltes V, Dragon Ball music.

Az and Neil, we are online buddies and then we got them to play for the upcoming Toy Con, last time they played was way back 2003, under the band Rotshreck.

I was surprised to see Snake, Morgul and Pablo fixing and doning the Voltes V costume,. hahaha.. the last time Snake wore that was last 2004 at the 626 Music MArathon in U.P., Im glad that suit is still in MINT CONDITION.

at the celebrities section, Sandara Park got the slot dubbing for "Jaime Robinson"

Dennis Trillio as Steve Armstrong, posing with Voltes V cosplayer

Joseph Bitangcol as Prince Zardoz, Igiboy FLores as Lil' John Armstrong

the V5 dubbers team, the anime will be dubbed in contemporary style, mixing english and filipino, and removing the old filipino words.
Bob Dela Cruz of PBB as Big Bert Armstrong
Blair Arellano as Mark Gordon
Michale De mesa as Dr.Hook (not in the pic)
Nikki Valdez as Princess Zandra
Jett Pangan as Draco
Ricci Chan as Zhul

hanging out outside the office of HERO, at last got Naruto's life size figure a picture for a 2nd time visit.

WATCH OUT for the Promo of Voltes V in HERO TV

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Halo Halo day Sunday at Digman

Az and Lace froze during the Halo Halo Break

it was a special treat for all of us, I know its hot and dry this summer, and everyone is kept inside the freezer of perhaps stayed the whole day hanging out in the malls, too bad we have to stay home coz we don't have money for today and the best time to spend the weekend is with oru family, (hehehe..even though that I dont have my own, I pretty made it as part, but I missed more my own )

so the frozen delight we got is a special Halo Halo in Digman, Bacoor Cavite City, and the Digman store in Baranggay Digman is the most talked of the town, it was featured in some morning show and after it was featured, the Halo Halo at Digman store is now a one sought frozen delight in Cavite.

we drove down there a few minutes and couple of road turns from Lace's house, me with her two sisters made a mission complete.

here are some photos I got at Digman.

the original Digman Halo Halo store
the store is jam packed with people

another Digman halo halo store, its an extension of the original store.


choose your frozen destiny

hahaha!!!! me waiting for the Halo Halo of the month

inside Digman

our Halo Halo take out (with ice cream on top)

Halo Az Halo Lace

(Halo means "mix" in english)
or we can call it Mix Mix eehehe

not Halo ( hey lo^ )

The Gospel of Judas

The start of the lenten season gave us another big explosion, when National Geographics will feature the long lost gospel of Judas. so if youre reading my blog, better watch it tonight at 10pm, this amazing featurette will bring lots of questions and issues about Judas's personality.

I've read lots of press release in the newspaper yesterday, and it was bombarded by Gospel of Judas launching at the TV program of NGC.

some notes I read say that Judas was the main good guy and most nearest to Jesus Christ.
and it says that from the Gospel of Judas., Jesus told Judas what will happened and what will be his mission for mankind and Judas's main role in the life of Chirst.

whew! I'll post my reviews and comments after I watched it tonight.

The Gospe of Judas
10pm Philippines time
National Geographic Channel

check your local listings and call your cable operator if you dont have that channel

this amazing revelation is more exciting and important than partying :)

Saturday Heartcore

The original plan for our saturday get away was to hang out in Glorietta her work and then go to the 4th year Anniversary of Star Wars Philippines, attend the Sponge Cola G4 Live, and attend the NU 107 Summer Shebang in Tiendesitas,... but all of it changed after we got tired of walking and hanging out. Lace got her shopping disease again hehehhe, she bought that yellow top in Landmark and then got tempted on that pinky twinklet Shades in People are People.

we enjoyed the mall day, coz we dont have time to spend our day during work and school days, and that day was the perfect day to have our revenge hahahahaa, after visiting G4, we saw a Life size figure of Manny the Mammoth from Ice Age 2, both of us got excited and never let go of it and we took pictures for our collection.

at 5pm we walked our way to the party, we bought cake at Red Ribbon for our potluck and then left super early from the party to catch that bus ride in Landmark bus terminal.
its nice to see again my geeky friends, and it was a mind blowing chat with Gary, Meann, Mark, Hec, Ricky, Reitch, Jerry, Rej. from Spiderman 3 spoilers to upcoming event to Batman Begins and movie criticisms, we dont stop talking there yet ahhahaha.

going home was a very uncomfy ...traffic was bad,.. big crowd of people wearing white garmets, marching in the middle of Coastal Mall, carrying leaves and palaspas..creep us out..coz its not a normal way to see them marching in the middle of the night and having a big obstruction in the highway...

so to speak..Saturday was a fun filled and teary day for the both of us..
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