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Friday, April 28, 2006

May 2006 FHM
its Zsa Zsa Zaturrnah!!!!!!
I just saw the preview cover in and

Lace Llanora - Oh my goodness! bow don to Ms. Eula Valdez. her pose rocks! no mammary gland exposure and all that whore crap. i love this! she's so hot and the shot is very nice.Go grab a copy now!!!

Azrael - wow!!!! must have!! must have!!!!!

Mark Cerbo - matanda na pero gaya ng alak sumasarap. bibili na ako mamaya!

Jaclyn Lim (alamat ml) - And boy, she never looked so GOOD! :D

Edgard Tadeo (alamat ml) - I'm sure Gerry will have a copy of this mag. Hehehehe! =P

thanks to Budj for the head ups!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

busy body strikes again
im a little bit busy here...

I already posted the Toycon Fan Film contest, battle of the tribute band contest
at the ToyCon website

before I leave this PC, let me share you our new pics last night
me and Lace in her college cosplay uniform, an AV IDOL in a making ahhaahahah.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

RX Summer Cook Out coverage 2
here are some RX summer cook out photos and blog posted by yours truly and friends from the blogosphere.

sleeping couple.....tulo hilik

my winning FHM sexiest body pose

Lace Llanora blog post
and our photo album... and here with lots of man boobs hahahhaha

Mark Cerbo blog post
and photo album

mark and geli.......yiheeeeee

oist....joe!!!!! wag mo titigan yan intern ..baka matunaw

Sunday, April 23, 2006

our First Summer
@ Golden Sunset Resort, Batangas

Lace holding the ticket for the RX Summer Sunset Cook out
with live act by Parokya ni Edgar, tnx to Joeshred and Mark for the RX party tix
and also to RX 93.1 the 4th time Golden Dove awardee for best fm station by the KBP

me testing the camera for a good shot in Golden Sunset

at last it was a dream come true for the both of us.. spending a good swim
and digging lots of freebies........ all expense paid by RX huuhuhuhuhuhuhu

RX Dj's prepares the obstacle game for the day
me and Lace were team mates RED for that game

Lace Llanora at the middle of the fish pond

with Mark and Joeshred, the morning we prepare in Strata 200 for our bus ride

Lace playing the obstacle race
wear the bandana and memorize the secret phrase and pass it to your team mates
who ever reach the goal with the complete and correct phrase. will win the contest

me, after running and jumping and crawling in the sand
passes the wrong phrase to my team mate hahahahaha
also during my crawl mode.. I accidentally swallow some beach sand.
that was stuck in my teeth and nose.

Az body model for Golden Sunset aahahaha

Lace image model for Golden Sunset

Mark, party boy ex-con air model

Joeshred, beer model

The Golden sunset

in a romantic moment..watching the sunset

watching Parokya ni Edgar

with a smile (meaning: we love freebies)

Lace with a fan girl smile and Chito, vocalist of Parokya

with Buhawi, bassist of the band

me also...

with Mama Ricky Reyes, owner of the resort

oh di ba?!!! ang ganda?! Shine na!!!!

Az and Lace inside the SECRET GARDEN

the cook out was fun!! it was like transforming us into highschool students having a good field trip at the beach.
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