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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Toycon prod. note 7

hello folks! time to update this production note of 5th Philippine Toy convention.

I like to announce that I didn't finishd the magazine ad, instead of finishing it, I decided to use the poster layout, the official one, for the magazine ad., and we are in hot water coz the deadline will be on Monday.

I already saw the poster design, its good and more colorful than last year posters.

We already removed the "5" logo and instead use a "V" logo for marking its 5th year of toy con.

Philippine Toy Con now starts to spread in International websites.
thanks to Adrian of for featuring our event for the 3rd time.
I promised that I will send the photos of last 2 years of Toy Con. this is a good material for the AF convention archive.

and for the good news!
I got some juicy notes that there will be a superstar guest coming this ToyCon.
and he is excited to meet us all and get to know the fan based here and the pinoy style of Collecting. I won't reveal who he is. But I already mentioned him here in my blog last year.

and here's my unfinished and not official poster ad for Toy Con 2006.

:) az

HERO TV Summer Splash

Thanks to HERO TV for making another successful Anime event this summer. And thanks to everyone who attended the summer splash event at Splash Island.

by the bay

Az and RG photo buds

I look wasted here, its so hot and I'm glad that theres an airconditioned tent near the stage.
I spent my time for the last minute here before I dive down the pool.

During the call time at 5am, I was late and arrived at 7am, I just found out that the two buses left already and I was there infront of EGL bldg. deciding If I'm going to commute or not. but thanks to my fellow interns for informing me that the van of ABS CBN is parked infront and will give a ride to me and TV crew. whew! it was a very relaxing ride and all of us in the van fell asleep ( except the driver hahhaahha)

HERO TV club members sign up and enters the event for FREE

Splash Island

the stage

Himitsu Seki first band act

River ride

Do Ahou band performs its best !!

JP of HERO TV serves the ball

Eric Go, Channel producer of HERO TV made a successfull ball spike
(and they are floating)

SCQ Pao Diaz, celebrity host

Sam of Little Big Star

fan of Sam taking pictures

with Carlo of HERO TV and the almighty interns and staff

TRANCE, one of the best female band signing theme songs of Rayearth, Sailormon and Isumo.

Mike and X, jrockers on stand by

Happy Birthday ERIC GO !

Anime Dubbers and Directors


COSPLAY in summer attire !

Hooray! for Filcosplay

New Fallen Snow performs Yakitate Japan theme song

Do Ahou performes anime medleys during the cosplay event


going home..thanks to FART for the carpool.
I got sunburn, stiff neck and achy feet and damn I missed the Saisaki dinner treat
but its okay, Lace's massage saved me from bone breaking ache

till next summer event !! hohohohohoh

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Voltes V Evolution premiere night

Last Tuesday was the most awated premiere night for the Voltes V Evolution.
The screening was held in Megamall Cinema 3, the event was hosted by HERO TV.

In my life I already watched the anime for 4 times. here are the timeline of my V5 mania.
around 1980s- My dad and I watched the English dubbed movie of Voltes V, that was titled The Mystery of Dr. Armstrong, it was like a 2 episode cropped into a one movie, I think.

mid 1980s - I got a free movie with my Dad again watching the giant robot in Trabaho Cinema, thats in Espana, they call the place Trabaho, coz of the wet and dry market there. The bad thing is that the movie is dubbed in Japanese.

1999 - I became a member of a fan group that petitioned Voltes V to air on TV after the Martial Law issue of banning Voltes V. The giant robot came back again and the 1st ever theaterical release of the last 4 episodes were shown in Megamall, in English dubbed of course. hehhe.. I won a Voltes V shirt and Calendar.

mid 1999 - The fan group launched its party and officially the group was called in public as Camp V5.

and now 2006 - HERO TV in association with Telesuccess Prod. they brought back once again the giant robot in the big screen and soon in Cable TV. they showed the 2-pilot episode of the anime and also the behind the scenes of the production dubbing, a new music theme, and a music video tribute for Voltes V.

It was a fun experience once again to be part of this mighty launching, and I never expected to be part of the HERO Team and organizing this event., and yeah it was part of my job inside (and no Im not yet officially part, but I loved helping around).

I will post soon my reviews of the new Filipino dubbed Voltes V Evolution.

congratulations to HERO TV for bringing back the Ultra Electro Magnetic Robot.

Handa na ba kayo TEAM !!! The Voltes V team lifesize figure.

The Hero TV Booth

The Line

the screen

HERO TV heads and the Voltes V dubbers in costumes

Hero Team and Staff

Azrael and Henry will pilot the new beast fighter for a quick Boazanian ass kick to V5!

TFPH's Egg-nergon event

Mark Cerbo's group TransFormers Fans Philippines on its 2nd event for an Egg-citing, Egg-nergon event.

Free Image Hosting at
Az with the new toy "Primus, the Cybertron planet that transform into a giant robot"

Free Image Hosting at
film screening....Beast Wars Marathon

at the egg-nergon hunt!
Free Image Hosting at
my catch! a Blue egg-nergon. contain inside are candies and a small TF toy.

Free Image Hosting at
Mark and Joeshred..hunt for the golden egg for a golden prize!

Free Image Hosting at
whoa!!! more eggs.....

Free Image Hosting at
Mark Santos got time out for searching the he uses a fog light for the hunt

Free Image Hosting at
Megatron heats his egg

Azrael will eat Cybertron!!!

more pics here

and here
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