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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Toycon prod. note 6

to the batmobile !...lets go!

May 2006 is near, and its about time to speed up our marketing butts for the convention, and its great that for now we got lots of progress, sponsors are already interested and some of them joined the toycon band wagon, everyone is so excited for the new 2 day event decision. Too bad that we never allowed already a product lock out for online gaming, coz this year, we are opening the band wagon for everyone., its hard to have a product lock out, as I explained last prod. note 5., we wooo weoooo weooo..

last Friday was our meeting, and i didnt attend it coz I have to concentrate and do some chores inside my bedroom cage, so I txted them all for some updates and now Im waiting for the latest progress of our team.

I was informed that day that the cosplay rules was copied from another event, I burst into flame after hearing that out, and I panic immediately and do some plans on how to take that out from the website, coz Im stucked in my OJT and no internet plugs available for me, so what I did is that I send out the task to my cosplay contest organizer to fix that out and fix their problem.

on that day I didnt know and wasn't aware of the so-called-plagiarism incident.
On the same day, I check it out and managed to removed the rules online, thanks to my cosplay team, then I analyzed and saw some not-so-similar mechanics of the contest. Although that my team used it as reference, or a guide, but they forgot that having an original contest is one of my priority. So i told them to removed it all and do another set of contest rules. They apologized and told that never to do that again.

whew! a short range fire, Im glad that everything is okay, coz the other event organizer are screaming already to take that out hahahahahah....
its funny, coz it happened already and this is the 2nd time (the last time, I was the one who complained to take the rules out, but after that told them that we will be allowing them to use our rules if we act as a judge in their contest)

right now.. a new set of rules will be uploaded.
take note, we were the first to include in the contest rules that real live weapons and harmful props are prohibited in the cosplay contest.

magazine ad plan

after that fire in the hole, comes another graveyard job.
I just found out the we haven't done any magazine ads. I was informed by our partner that the ads are needed before May 2006, for their May issue.

good thing that I got the PSD files of toycon and was assigned to the ad job, coz no one in our team can handle that fast so this coming monday, the magazine ads for Toycon is finished.
toink!!! deadline is on wednesday, so I expect that I must finished it by monday.

smiley !!!

hhohohoh.. check out this lil cutie toy.
I got this yesterday before watching Silent Hill in Glorietta 4, people from Yahoo Phil are having their marketing gimik, they were giving this toy smiley, that if you shake it you'l hear a laughing sound. hahhahhaaha..... its so cute!

I talked to them and gave my contacts coz I 've been thinking of getting Yahoo Phil. to be our partner or perhaps a sponsor for the event.

also..Im still waiting for to reply. coz I invited them also for the fan film contest. news that Im making a new logo for the event, we already discarded the "5" logo that spoofed the logo emblem of Superman.
reasons?? : the last son of Krypton told us to removed that and he said that he will visit us at the event ( did you get what I mean??!!!)

whew! till next production note!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

May 2006 FHM
its Zsa Zsa Zaturrnah!!!!!!
I just saw the preview cover in and

Lace Llanora - Oh my goodness! bow don to Ms. Eula Valdez. her pose rocks! no mammary gland exposure and all that whore crap. i love this! she's so hot and the shot is very nice.Go grab a copy now!!!

Azrael - wow!!!! must have!! must have!!!!!

Mark Cerbo - matanda na pero gaya ng alak sumasarap. bibili na ako mamaya!

Jaclyn Lim (alamat ml) - And boy, she never looked so GOOD! :D

Edgard Tadeo (alamat ml) - I'm sure Gerry will have a copy of this mag. Hehehehe! =P

thanks to Budj for the head ups!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

busy body strikes again
im a little bit busy here...

I already posted the Toycon Fan Film contest, battle of the tribute band contest
at the ToyCon website

before I leave this PC, let me share you our new pics last night
me and Lace in her college cosplay uniform, an AV IDOL in a making ahhaahahah.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

RX Summer Cook Out coverage 2
here are some RX summer cook out photos and blog posted by yours truly and friends from the blogosphere.

sleeping couple.....tulo hilik

my winning FHM sexiest body pose

Lace Llanora blog post
and our photo album... and here with lots of man boobs hahahhaha

Mark Cerbo blog post
and photo album

mark and geli.......yiheeeeee

oist....joe!!!!! wag mo titigan yan intern ..baka matunaw

Sunday, April 23, 2006

our First Summer
@ Golden Sunset Resort, Batangas

Lace holding the ticket for the RX Summer Sunset Cook out
with live act by Parokya ni Edgar, tnx to Joeshred and Mark for the RX party tix
and also to RX 93.1 the 4th time Golden Dove awardee for best fm station by the KBP

me testing the camera for a good shot in Golden Sunset

at last it was a dream come true for the both of us.. spending a good swim
and digging lots of freebies........ all expense paid by RX huuhuhuhuhuhuhu

RX Dj's prepares the obstacle game for the day
me and Lace were team mates RED for that game

Lace Llanora at the middle of the fish pond

with Mark and Joeshred, the morning we prepare in Strata 200 for our bus ride

Lace playing the obstacle race
wear the bandana and memorize the secret phrase and pass it to your team mates
who ever reach the goal with the complete and correct phrase. will win the contest

me, after running and jumping and crawling in the sand
passes the wrong phrase to my team mate hahahahaha
also during my crawl mode.. I accidentally swallow some beach sand.
that was stuck in my teeth and nose.

Az body model for Golden Sunset aahahaha

Lace image model for Golden Sunset

Mark, party boy ex-con air model

Joeshred, beer model

The Golden sunset

in a romantic moment..watching the sunset

watching Parokya ni Edgar

with a smile (meaning: we love freebies)

Lace with a fan girl smile and Chito, vocalist of Parokya

with Buhawi, bassist of the band

me also...

with Mama Ricky Reyes, owner of the resort

oh di ba?!!! ang ganda?! Shine na!!!!

Az and Lace inside the SECRET GARDEN

the cook out was fun!! it was like transforming us into highschool students having a good field trip at the beach.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

RX Radio Summer Sunset Cook Out today

its 330am here, and we are preparing for our 1st summer trip

thanks to Marc Cerbo for uploading this

NOW im hoping that me and lace wont get any sunburn this swimming beach!

tnx to RX, mark and joeshred! for the tix !!!
hehehehhe....we love freebies!!!

I heard that the Golden sunset resort is owned by Mama Ricky Reyes.
oh...di ba...ang ganda di ba?!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Toycon prod. note 5

I just found out that we need to adjust the floor layout for an incoming exhibitor. So we decided to put everything at the event, I'm expecting a big crowd this June coz everything is in there and all hobbyist, fans, and collectors will strom the entrance gate once again.

before the meeting I was hanging out with MC of TFPH for a Sitti Navarro mall tour in Megamall, I'm planning to talk to her manager and arrange some live acts for ToyCon, MC already sent out the invitation and it seems that they are interested. too bad the mall tour was postponed that night and was moved this friday.

Then MC treated me dinner in Rai Rai Ken, hehehe.. my choice, it was like floating in my seat after seeing my Gyudon smoking with beef and eggs. while MC here enjoys the walang kamatayang Tonkatsu, during our dinner Henry de Dios joined us and we discuss some parts for the cosplay and marshal duties, then after dinner we went all together for the meeting.

it seems that we need to boost more marketing power and everyone is already excited.
i haven't started my part yet coz Im still stucked in my OJT and been forbidden to use a computer at night at home in Cavite. so to complete all my task and job, I do this every morning and sometimes at my OJT.

Im now targeting a Mascot fest at the Toycon, kids and parents will love this. So today Im scouting some mascot groups and owners to participate this June.

also at the meeting I met Unleashed, moderators of the forums Pinoy Toy Kolektor. Its funny that he was there beside my seat and then we talked about some toy activity and he showed me some entries of the Pinoy Toy Kolektor banner contest.

we are studying and waiting for another cosplay contest. A sponsor might host a SUPER HEROES cosplay contest for MARVEL and DC characters only. Im not sure if it locks to DC sueperheroes but I know it has some relation to their products.

The Fan film rules are still in production, but got already the dropping point of entries.
also still waiting for Comic Alley's response in the involvement to our event,.

also I just heard that a customized Wonder Woman lifesize figure will be exhibited.
wow...thinking of a lifesize fig of a Justice League figure...

Media Fest
The Power of Radio and Print

i forgot to upload this event happening right now in Makati.
i might drop by later after my OJT before going to CSB.

I might learn something here so for those who will attend....see ya !!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Belong Vs. First Love
Toni Gonzaga vs. Utada Hikaru PART 2

ok here's another investigation and here we can now analyze by watching and listening to both music style and arrangements, minus the lyrics.

here is the music video of WE BELONG, performed by Toni Gonzaga
got it from

click here and watch

a comment by force99

Sigh, kinda disappointing that it HAD to be similar with Utada's First Love (listen to both choruses). We do have the ability to be original. Im sorry, but this song falls on the same category with Dice & K9's ITSUMO and Orange & Lemons' PINOY AKO. If this is the songwriter's fault (some singers have people write songs for them) then Toni's voice is wasted on a copycat tune.

and here's FIRST LOVE music video, performed by Utada Hikaru

click here and watch

what do you think ?

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We belong vs. First Love PART !

2nd Philippine Blogging Summit 2006
some photos

I took a 4 hour experience at the 2nd Blogging Summit, it was funy at first coz I landed in a wrong building and room, I mistakenly entered a Bar Exam review seminar and not the summit hahhaa. so i went downstairs and asked the guard where the venue of the summit and then they directed me to the other U.P. College of Law bldg.

at the Summit, Mike Abundo saw me standing at the back, he approached me and then we began our own summit at the back hahahaha, it was during the break time when we exchange some tidbits of info from the blogosphere, too bad that i missed his lecture. He told me some tips about that tag that you can see and monitor people who blogs about your site or your name.
He said that he will upload soon the hacked code in his blog . Running of side jokes like that PC magazine writer who earns 1 million bucks a month or is that a year? for writing, blogging and talks. Then on the other side AV Idol girls came into our topic.

Then he introduced me to people from Globe telecom, it was good approach coz they recognize the ToyCon and said that they were interested in joining the event. so callcards were exchanged. poor me I was so unprepared and never produced any copy of my callcards.

during that conversations I was asked by an old lady to tone down my voice coz we didn't noticed that Dean Alfar is already starting his lecture. I stopped and realized that I have to take my seat and go for a quick mental meal.

Dean Alfar, Write here, Write now: The Author as a Blogger

joking on a typo of his slide " Do note fear tomorrow" (supposed to be, Do not fear tomorrow)
also a good example on his keynote about avoiding editing too much on the blog entry. He said that minor typos is okay and better be confident on what will be readers comment in your blog.

it was a good learning experience that day and lots of youngling bloggers take note all what the lecturer said and displayed.

Jonas Diego, Comic Books and Blogging

A lot of people got curious on how to deal or to make comics in weblogs. Jonas showed and introduced to the summit attendees the use and advantage of becoming a comic blogger.
at the end of his talk, people asked lots of questions about the production of web comics.
by that time a blogger near me told me that they are making their own web comics. I told them that I know some people who can help them in creating one, but for a quick tour, Jonas showed them the steps for making a comic blog.

After their lecture, I immediately packed up and head straight home in order to catch a time table for my other activity that day

congrats to all attendees, lecturers and organizers of this event.
the learning experience is the best !!!!

lets all blog now !!!

i got few photos for this event.
I was disappointed in my battery that fails and was exhausted for a few shots.
I just found out that my cheap Php 70 battery charger is already grounded.

more photos here

The Last V Stand

its a long journey yesterday having 3 trtips just to make it my day busy.
but before I started my adventure, I dine first to Mcdo just to fill my empty stomach with junkfoods and to taste the pleasure of paid advertisement of my blog. its a wonderful experience and I just wish that more company and people advertise here so that we can lift each others chair for both success in the web.

Rewarding myself a Big Mac. papara-pakyaw !

thanks to for the advertisement link here in my blog, and for that I tasted a cool paid ads in my blog. and the last of it went to my Big Mac.

my first stop is at the PinoyExchance office in Makati, claiming my winning ticket of Ice Age 2, in there I met Ada and Ryan, both forum moderators of PinoyExchange. its nice to meet people behind the monitors. after claiming my prize.

we talk about some goodies that they gave away last contest.
one is the V for Vendetta Mask. I toy around wearing the mask, even that I didn't own or win one of the 30 limited mask in the Philippines. I got the chance to hold it and wear it for quick photo shoot.

so to close my V for Vendetta MANIA in my blog.

here's the last photo blog entry that will be the main epilogue of my V for Vendetta craze.

Azrael got a chance to be V for one minute.

oh hell yeah !!! Az as V of V for Vendetta.
check out my rosy checks hahahaha
i looked like a wrestler !

thanks to

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Internet Addict daw ako

my gf made this cartoon yesterday, immortalizing my internet addiction,. you can't just blame me for staying too long in the internet, coz I make websites and doing business online glues my ass on the monitor, coz i have to concentrate the online activities of the sites that I created.

anyway...check out her takes here ehhehhe

and also...another cartoon version of me, that she wishes to be printed on a t-shirt

Monday, April 17, 2006

The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit

The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit will be held on Tuesday, April 18 at the U.P. College of Law, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City from 9 am to 5 pm. Same as last year, this event is FREE!

Here’s our program for this year’s event:

9:00 to 10:00
Keynote Message
by Rebecca MacKinnon, Global Voices

Trends and Technology for Filipino Bloggers
By Emil Avancena, DotPH


Parallel Tracks: Breakout sessions (2 Rooms)
10:30 - 12:00

Track 1: Political Blogging Panel
Panel Moderator: Atty. Fred Pamaos

Blogs and the battle for ideas: personalities and issues
by Manuel L. Quezon III

Blogging and Participatory Governance
by Davao City Councilor Peter LaviƱa

Track 2: Personal Blogging Panel
Panel Moderator: Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

Blogging for mere mortals
By Joel Yuvienco

Making your blog funny and humorous
by Anton De Leon

Shameless Self-Promotion: How to Be Heard in a Referral World
by Mike Abundo

1: 00 Keynote

Blogging and Podcasting as Tools for Political Education
By Dr. Ronald Meinardus, Friedrich Naumann Foundation


Breakout Sessions
1:30 - 3:00

Track 3: Legal Blogging Panel
Panel Moderator: Atty. Noel Oliver Punzalan

Speak No Evil?: Libel for Bloggers
by Atty. Marvin Aceron

Look Before You Link: Avoiding Plagiarism, Copyright Infringement and Other Pitfalls
by Atty. Bong Dizon

Track 4: Art & Literary Blogging Panel
Panel Moderator: Lionel Gonzaga

Write here, Write now: The Author as a Blogger
by Dean Alfar

Comic Books and Blogging
by Jonas Diego

Blogs as Teaching Tools
By Zarah Gagatiga

3:30 - 5:00

Track 5: Professional Blogging Panel
Panel Moderator: Atty. Ma. Elena Cardinez

Problogging: Professional Blogging and Blog Monetization
by Abe Olandres

Blogging as a Profession: From Full-Time Employee to Full Time Blogger
by J Angelo Racoma

Putting Search Engines to Work for your Blog
by Marc Hil Macalua

Tracking Blog Performance
by Charo Nuguid

Track 6: Media Blogging & Podcasting Panel
Panel Moderator: Ernesto Sonido Jr.

Blogging from a journalist’s point of view
by Ellen Tordesillas

Blogs as source for story leads
by Erwin Oliva

How to create, promote, and monetize podcasts
by Manuel Viloria

Use of Podcasting in Promoting Advocacy and Products
by Pocholo Gonzales and Brian Ligsay

5:00 Closing remarks, raffle, group picture taking

All speakers are requested to refrain from product or service pitches.

See you folks at iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit!

- Janette Toral

//just read this in Analyn Jusay's article in TEch News (
and now i surfed in technorati for some juicy info about this summit //

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Long Lenten Week

Lenten week is finally over, and the hot sun still reigns this month, everyone is already heading to the beach, while others go to coldy areas.

I just spend the holiday here in Cavite, and with Lace we spend the boring hours watching TV, surfing the net, and planning to go swimming in our dreams haahaha.

so what did we do this crazy weekday?

The Lace hot Cake

She made hotcakes in the morning for our breakfast, I was surprised to see this cake pops up from my monitor. We cook every morning after spending a coldy sleep in an airconditioned room. whew! that was the best part...hugging each other to warm ourselves during the coldy night.....Cold summer night hahhahaha...

Ice Cream con saging.

Lace's mom got the idea of putting ice cream on top of a sweet banana, instead of ice, we just put some blocks of Coffee crumble ice cream. It was a sweet, chewy, cold meryenda.

while ago during our Easter Sunday mall and her derma visit.
we got a good taste of this takoyaki near the SM grocery. this time I learned to sliced the takoyaki before eating... the grub is extremely hot and it damages my taste buds the last time I accidentally ate that in hot mode.

scream....hrrrrrrr hrrrr hrrrrr

A wookie lollipop

I saw this in store and It was cute when I tried to press the button.
the lollipop candy rotates. while the hand moves pointing its gun.
hehehe... we snoop some cutey candies at the candy bar in SM.

At last! I have found it!
the lond lost sword of Clavio. hahhahaha
at last a very perfect sword toy replica of "PANDAY", i've dream of having this sword since I was in my elementary days. a true pinoy and fan of PANDAY must have this..before those kids ran sack the Toy Kingdom.

price : Php 200.

oh yeah! someome might cosplay PANDAY in a upcoming birthday party haahahah

just press the button and it will light the sword with a stinging sound.

yesterday during the Black Saturday.
The mall is finally opened after its two day vacation.
we got a chance to cool ourself down in a cool ventilated mall.
then we watched "EIGHT BELOW" movie. It was a very good film.
I never seen husky that's so smart and even survive the antartic.

now..I search for the real story of this true to life movie.

thats one Lenten weekday experience.
now everyone is back to work !!!!
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