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Saturday, May 13, 2006

the nokia soundtrip

We waited for this event for a week and here we are penniless and saving some cash for our trip home and the gloomy weather didn't stopped us in attending a free concert hosted by NOKIA.

After my school seminar I went to CSB to meet Lace and then we started to make plans for the concert, like where we will eat our dinner, where we will ride going home, nearest CR, nearest walkathon going to PICC. All of it are posted in our mental notes. Good thing that Lace borrowed the umbrella of her boss, because the weather might betray us and might go home again wet!

I was surprised to see my gf wearing her party clothes, coz I remember she wears white shirt when she go to the office, so I was surprised that she's prepared than I am, wearing a blue sleveless blouse, ready for party! hahahha.

while me wearing my freebie shirt of Voltes V from HERO TV.

we dine in Rai Rari Ken located in Harbour Square, we dreamed of eating our dinner there for the past few months and this is the first time we took our dinner together, first time in that place.

during our meal, we fool around sometimes and I was very curious on that nipple tape for female, they put those tape covering their nipple so that they wouldn't wear any bra for their blouses, so to make them more sexy and hot! hahahaahaha.

After our meal (and some liveshow of two lovers in front of us smooching inside the resto), we walked and went to PICC Plenary Hall, we got our ticket, umbrella, party shirts and some rock and roll attitude.....then we saw this longggggg lineeeeeee infront of the entrance.

its good thing that some of the audience are in CLASS A-C, coz Im so worried sometimes to the CLASS D, Lace didn't like sharing the same crowd with them, so this is the best concert night out for the two of us, (geez but i will sure miss the head slamming, pit smashing and stage diving during my punk rocking years hahahaha)

entering the venue, I just experienced for the first time that my bag was checked by an xray machine. and Here's a photo of us posing near the NOKIA logo light up installations.

and a few freebie of Nokia Bandana and Glow sticks.

The venue is fullybooked! we were lucky to have a seat infront of the stage and in the middle of the Hall, but the annoucer invited people to stay near the stage for some fun, Before the concert, NOKIA launches 3 big screen projecting a short comedy-horror film intro of the event and then Francis M performed on stage with the Hardware Syndrome band performing SUPER PROXY, and also wearing his SUPER PROXY labeled shirt.

Francis M


AFter Master Rapper, Rivermaya blasted to the front from the rotating NOKIA stage, and then Lace and I transfered near the stage! ahahahha.. It was a screaming Lace with a big I love you Rico blanco tainted on her face ahahaha, it was a good place for us, main performs walk near us and some people tried to take photos.

too bad! my camera ran out of batteries!!!!

Pinikpikan jammed with Rivermaya, then Kitchie Nadal played her hits, so unfortunate that her acoustic guitar didn't responded but she manages her performance well during "Same Ground" and "Wag mong sasabihin", and oh yeah! I got a chance to hold her hand! hahahahahah...

after that...Francis M rocked us with his "Cold Summer Night" song and he told us that Jay-R can't make it to the event coz he was stucked in DUBAI, and his flight was cancelled due to the bad weather.

Nina, the soul siren, took Jay-R's place, performing two songs, too bad for my Lace, she waited for her life to watch a live Jay-R in stage. so sorry. no Jay-R hugs for us hahahahahahhaa..

Then came up next rocking BAMBOO. everyone rocked the stage, then the male twins I know back in WAA Megamall, went up on stage rocking dancing and stage diving, i was surprised to see those two ahhahahaha..

Also Lace enjoyed watching those male dancers, half naked and displaying all their abs. It was like a Hed Kandi show coz we recognize one of the dancers who danced on stage during Hed Kandi.

it was a good show!! thanks to NOKIA and all pinoy performers!!!!!
hope we can get a free concert again!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

my yahoo! mail beta

i was surprised to the new look of Yahoo! Mail.
and for me it looks cool! hahhaahhahahaa

It's here: Email worth writing home about.

Staying in-touch is faster and simpler with the Yahoo! Mail Beta.
Welcome. Thanks for checking out our new beta. It's everything you love about Yahoo! Mail, plus lots more.

Features by the bucket-full.
Enjoy a fast, intuitive new interface that makes it so much easier to stay in touch and organize messages. You can drag & drop email here and there, and have lots of messages open at once. You also get email automatically (no need to keep checking), and it's easy to preview messages.

But you gotta see it to believe it.
Words don't begin to explain it all. Explore the Yahoo! Mail Beta by checking out our tutorial. Or forgo the theatrics and jump into our Mail Beta FAQ.

Feeling separation anxiety?
Relax –– all your messages, preferences, and contacts go with you to the Yahoo! Mail Beta. And you can easily switch back to original Yahoo! Mail anytime.

// I am not yet sure if this feature will load easily in my dial up PC and laptop !!! from the looks of it it uses a lot of memory and lots of java stuffs. //

Thursday, May 11, 2006

become your own AV IDOL

japanese stuff for SALE c/o my GF Lace LLanora.

Knee Length BootsPrice: P 2350*it might take you two-three weeks before receiving it

Long CardiganPrice: P1500

Cute Japanese EarringsPrice: P 350

Shoe and Bag Earrings! very cute i want one for myself haha.
Price: Php 350

Email her at

Toycon 2006 prod. note 8

the layout design for the magazine layout has been released by our artist, this is a rush job so its okay to say that the ad is not that good. well, someone in the net gave a comment that he didn't like the ad, but i accepted his critique and also his suggestion. Hm.. we have to do something on that anime charater with a skimpy outfit and spread legs. the Autobot with the body cut in almost in half and the not so good pose of Superman. these are some images I noticed and was given a bad critique from a guy in the net. But to hell with it, its a toy convention and its about toys! -one of the netizens reply.

and then after that I joked and told the netizen, a joke about Toys for the big boys??
is the word very obscene? Toys for the big boys????? after that he started complaining and if ever he's in the Philippines, he will make sure that Toycon will be out of his sight. And if he's a father to his son, they will be surely offended by the poster. note, he immediately apologizes and stop replying.....
until he posted that my biases are showing..


so...the poster ad has made an issue, a very small deal eh ?
so my conclusion is....the magazine ad is a big success and it already attracted many readers
hahahahahaha.. stop now!

on the real official poster, Brandon Routh as Superman wont appear on it.. as Warner Bros. Phil. requested to replace it a new picture.

today, is our deadline and 4 meetings with sponsors.
too bad that i won't be joining them. I m glad that we had mobile communications.

till next sucky prod. note!!

para akong lasing ngayon ahhahaha

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hi! Blood....

photo from:

this is bad news! Im having my first pre-hypertension and this is not good, so right now its diet time and no more meat to digest, veggies, fish and low fat food will be my friend today.

here are some notes I read in the net about high blood pressure.

Managing Your High Blood Pressure

Your doctor has told you that you have hypertension, or high blood pressure. Fortunately, while potentially serious over the long term, high blood pressure can be successfully managed using a variety of measures, which include diet, exercise, and the medication your doctor has prescribed for you.

A combination of diet, exercise and medication can help lower your blood pressure; each is important. Remember to take your medication every day, and follow your doctor's instructions exactly.

Medication used to treat high blood pressure usually must be taken over a long period of time.

As you continue to take this medication every day as your doctor has instructed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your feet or ankles swell even though you're not on your feet often?
  • Are you coughing even though you don't have a cold?
  • Do you have headaches more often?
  • Do you feel more tired?
  • Are you constipated even though you haven't changed the way you eat?
  • Do you feel flushed more often even though you're not embarrassed?
  • Do you sometimes feel dizzy when you stand up quickly?
  • Do you notice changes in your sexual desire or performance even though your lifestyle and relationships haven't changed?

These conditions may or may not be related to your high blood pressure medicine. If you experience any of these or any other problems while taking your blood pressure medication, please call your doctor, nurse, or physician's assistant.

// I began to experience severe headache and nape ache 3 days ago, and I was so sleepy and never got any energy to stand up or sit up. then yesterday I started to have my BP test in school and there they found out that I got 180/80 on the first test and after a minute they tested me again and got 140/80, means that Im on a stage of pre hypertension. so I cursed eating meat and oily, salty foods then I will stay eating the good foods, and labeled the meat as my bad food.. geez...that more beer for me during happy hours :(

when the nurse found out that my blood pressure is not normal they asked me if I still feel some aches, I told them I began to feel some and then they called on the doctor to give me an emergency drug and before taking the drug, they tested my BP again and then found out that my blood is fluctuating like electricity ahhaha.

I guess the heat outside makes my blood pressure rises too.

So eat healthy food and start your diet !!!! //

some notes i got..

// Individuals with so-called pre-hypertension (defined as a blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89) may benefit from lowering of blood pressure by life style modification and possibly medication especially if there are other risk factors for end-organ damage such as diabetes or kidney disease //

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Survived!

a rogue wave was summoned by a vibrating cellphone thrown into the sea

it was a very scary ride watching Poseidon I almost squeezed my gf hands while watching and I almost forgot to drink all my softdrinks during the first 30minutes of the movie. Expect a theme of massive chaos and its like an End of the World inside the Poseidon. I saw already the classic film The Poseidon Adventure, as I watched this remake I began to think who will be the main guy who will sacrifice the most and who will be the bad guy that will save himself from death. But everything in the 2006 version changed it and I was very happy coz all my expectations are incorrect.

It was big happy ride after the movie. The ending of the classic film and the 2006 film is different. In the 1972 film the survivors were rescued on top of the capsized ship, rescuers cutted the metal bottom of the ship to save the survivors, they were noticed by rescuers by tapping the ceiling of the bottom ship. While in the 2006 version, the ending is different.

Poseidon free ship ride

Passenger seat number
Im glad that we stayed the same seat, Lace was horrified and promised never to ride a boat or ship again.

while me still dreaming of getting out of Luzon for the first time.

claiming our Nokia SoundTrip ticket.
to all those who will claim your ticket, make sure you print a copy of an email notification of your verification code, coz we experienced a 30min. delay in Greenbelt 1 Nokia store in claiming our ticket, their list of winners are not that updated.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nokia Sound Trip

we love freebies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry to Lace, Yael Yuzon wont be there to perform, but check it out, Jay-R will be there.
so its a race against time for the both of us who will hug Jay-R first. hahhahahaah

concert oh yeah this May 12. tnx to Nokia Sound Trip

We Won a free ride to the Poseidon

yup, and thanks to PeX for giving us a chance to ride this big boat to adventure.

I already saw the classic film during my early High School years and I really enjoyed the film expecially the sequel, and I never knew that the film is made in 1972.

2006 movie remake

and this time, we will take a big gay boat ride tomorrow night.
and If I'm not back after 24 hours. consider us dead. or get Aquaman to save us.
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